Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Parables and Promises

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Sisters Conference May 2014
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Well let me start off by saying how awesome it was to Skype yesterday! It was really awesome and it was a perfect end to a perfect week.
Well lets see....
   Monday: We didn't do much Monday shopping, cleaning, monopoly.. ahah we had F.H.E with our Ward mission leader in 4th ward Brother Criddle. We had Brandon's new-member lessons and his whole family was there it was way cool!
   Tuesday: We had district meeting on Tuesday and our Zone Leaders and APs were both there. It ended up being really great. We talked a lot about how the Book of Mormon answers all of our questions and how we can find help through it! We went to Wingers for lunch and watched 8 elders eat endless wings it was .....interesting! ha-ha We went by and met a new family in the ward the Proffits they just moved here from Japan and still haven't gotten the stuff a month and a half later! I( I know that would drive Mom crazy!) But they are really awesome and have offered to let us teach investigators at there house which is such a huge help. We also went over to Madison's, She was busy but we did get to invite her to a baptismal service on Saturday and her Aunt said they would try to make it. Although we didn't get to talk to Madison we did get to Talk to sister Smiths husband who isn't a member and he was really interested we shared a message with him and he was really nice about it. In all the 5 months that we have been going over there I don't think I have had more than a 5 minute conversation with him, but he ended up staying and talking to us! Its amazing how the Lord is softening peoples hearts here. We also went by Jerry O'Tooles house he was a former investigator who we went by and talked to his wife and set up an appointment with him.. ha-ha
   Wednesday: Wednesday we went to Laurie's she is a lady who owns a barber shop like a block away from us we found her through a member. She couldn't meet for too long so we had to set an appointment for the following day.We also went up to an elderly lady's house in the mountains and helped one of our members clean her hose. Man! it was really beautiful up there too!
   Thursday: this was our day of parables! We went back to Laurie's and talked to her and it ended up being really good and she said she would read the Book of Mormon. But it was a little weird there for a while.. we were talking and she stopped us and said she wanted to show us something so she ran inside and grabbed a bucket of water she then proceeded to tell us to take off our shoes and socks and put our feet in the water. We were thinking it was going to turn into feet washing!!!! ha-ha but I stuck my foot in the water and after much hesitancy so did Sister Bautista. She proceeded to tell us a parable about how the water is wet but the world makes us think its dry. It ended up being really cool! We also went back to Jerry's to meet with him and her opened the door and asked if he could be baptized on June 21st! crazy right! we talked to him about all the things her needs to do but he was bound determined to be baptized! We also went and contacted a referral that might urn into an investigator this week! The best part was Thursday night we had F.H.E. with the WHOLE Foster family and they all participated. We did Lesson 1: The Restoration and we had dessert and played a game! it was amazing the best part is though that we asked Gabe if he wanted to be baptized and he said yes! HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON MAY 24TH!!! ahh I am so excited for them we also committed them to come to church together as a family on Sunday and to start praying together and they said they would! The funniest part was at the end of the lesson Gabe who is definitely an 11 year old boy told us another parable about how life is like a hot dog... you make it what you want when you put different things on it! ha-ha he had us on the ground laughing do hard!
   Friday: We had the sisters meeting on Friday it ended up being really good. We had to be in Twin at 8:15 so we had to leave pretty early :/ but we had fun and it was really great having all the sisters together, and seeing everyone! Friday night we went to a baptism for the other sister and it was really amazing! Baptisms are always amazing!
   Saturday: We had so much to do on Saturday and I was pretty impressed that we stayed so on top of things! We had to go around to lots of peoples houses and talked about business stuff. We went over to the Mountain Home emergency preparedness fair which dad would have loved! We also met up with the elders later and they introduced us to a new investigator they had met who ended up being in our area! He is funny. He is totally a hippie and is way cool! he had met with the Elders before when he live in New Mexico and he loves the church which is a plus! Saturday night we The sisters had another baptism for a favorite investigator of all of ours Lindell he. It was cool because ewe have all seen him come so far! Madison and her aunt and sister all come to the baptism too! which was way cool! Madison even asked is she could be baptized!!! (Ahh so many people this week it was awesome)
  Sunday: We had church.. The best part was ALL of the Fosters came!!!! It has been years since they have all come to church together and they were all there! I felt so blessed to have been a small part of that and the fact that heavenly father has blessed me with that experience! Also all of the Spencer's came to church too! We ended up going over to the Fosters afterwards and we taught the Plan of Salvation to them and it went amazing.

This past week has been rough mentally but the Lord has really blessed us to be so busy! If it wasn't for that I think I could have struggled a lot more. We have been finding and teaching so may people. the Lords work is really going forward and nothing is going to be able to stop it so you might as well join in the fun! ha-ha Really we have been having so much fun and doing so much work. I love it here days go by like months but weeks go by like hours its crazy! I love you all and hope that this week is just as amazing for you! I am slowly learning that turning outward is the best medicine for anything. Its a hard thing to do but it guarantees lasting happiness! Love you all lots!


Sister Owsley


P.s. hope this has better grammar Mom

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crazy! Madness!

This week has been anything but normal....
I has been fun and trying and weird and just about everything! So Monday all the missionaries here got together for P-day since 3 of them were leaving it was really sad. We have all been here for 3 months together and it was sad to see some them leave but I know everyone is going to do great things where they are. We had dinner with the Watsons on Monday and they were so kind to take us out. I have really grown to love them and they are doing amazing. Brother Watsons is really coming around to the whole idea of religion and Sister Watsons is just so excited that she is coming back to church it has been a huge blessing! Tuesday we visited so many people so Sister T could say bye she was so sad to go but I know Jerome is right where the Lord wants her she is already doing amazing things there. Wednesday was Transfers and we had to be in Jerome by 8:30 so that meant we had to be up really early to get there. we dropped off Sister T and picked up my new companion Sister Bautista and headed off to Twin Falls for transfer Meeting. Sister Bautista is Awesome she is from Colorado Springs and she is pint sized, and she can work. She came from Jerome where she has served for about 8 months. She Is amazing and has such and amazing testimony. I am really excited to 1. still be here and 2. get to work with her. We got home Wednesday and went straight to Dinner then to mutual so not a lot of time to breathe. Thursday I had my appointment in Boise and we had to be there at 8:30 as well so it was another early morning. We got there at 8 and spent 8 hours in the same waiting room waiting for the appointments for the other missionaries. It was a LONG day and we had so much fun. We were all tired and hungry and it made for quite and interesting day, We didn't get home till later and we had to do some planning so we locked ourselves in our apartment! haha Friday we had Zone meeting in Jerome so we were up yet again to get there on time, we spent half the day there and then came home again to finish planning. I think I ran off of 10 hours of sleep for those 3 days. The Lord was really watching out for me. Saturday was finally Sister Bautista's first full day in Mountain Home. Poor girl hadn't even been here a full day yet. We went to some people houses for Sister B to meet and what not. not super exciting or anything. Same with Sunday nothing too exciting. I am just ready start a new week and get going! The Lord has truly blessed me here in Mountain Home and I am so excited for this next transfer and all of the amazing opportunities. Love you all and I hope everything is going well! Miss you lots and cant wait to talk to you on Sunday!


Sister Owsley