Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Crazy! Madness!

This week has been anything but normal....
I has been fun and trying and weird and just about everything! So Monday all the missionaries here got together for P-day since 3 of them were leaving it was really sad. We have all been here for 3 months together and it was sad to see some them leave but I know everyone is going to do great things where they are. We had dinner with the Watsons on Monday and they were so kind to take us out. I have really grown to love them and they are doing amazing. Brother Watsons is really coming around to the whole idea of religion and Sister Watsons is just so excited that she is coming back to church it has been a huge blessing! Tuesday we visited so many people so Sister T could say bye she was so sad to go but I know Jerome is right where the Lord wants her she is already doing amazing things there. Wednesday was Transfers and we had to be in Jerome by 8:30 so that meant we had to be up really early to get there. we dropped off Sister T and picked up my new companion Sister Bautista and headed off to Twin Falls for transfer Meeting. Sister Bautista is Awesome she is from Colorado Springs and she is pint sized, and she can work. She came from Jerome where she has served for about 8 months. She Is amazing and has such and amazing testimony. I am really excited to 1. still be here and 2. get to work with her. We got home Wednesday and went straight to Dinner then to mutual so not a lot of time to breathe. Thursday I had my appointment in Boise and we had to be there at 8:30 as well so it was another early morning. We got there at 8 and spent 8 hours in the same waiting room waiting for the appointments for the other missionaries. It was a LONG day and we had so much fun. We were all tired and hungry and it made for quite and interesting day, We didn't get home till later and we had to do some planning so we locked ourselves in our apartment! haha Friday we had Zone meeting in Jerome so we were up yet again to get there on time, we spent half the day there and then came home again to finish planning. I think I ran off of 10 hours of sleep for those 3 days. The Lord was really watching out for me. Saturday was finally Sister Bautista's first full day in Mountain Home. Poor girl hadn't even been here a full day yet. We went to some people houses for Sister B to meet and what not. not super exciting or anything. Same with Sunday nothing too exciting. I am just ready start a new week and get going! The Lord has truly blessed me here in Mountain Home and I am so excited for this next transfer and all of the amazing opportunities. Love you all and I hope everything is going well! Miss you lots and cant wait to talk to you on Sunday!


Sister Owsley

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