Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Transfer Day

So I thought I would be kind and tell you about transfers first:

What?!?! I was pretty shocked when we got the call. Super excited but really shocked. I will have been here for 7 months and I am really okay with it :) I love it here and the people here are like family now. We came to the conclusion that it will stink to leave because it will be like leaving family all over again! haha I know there is still work for me to do here and people here that I need to find and I am so excited that I have the opportunity to do that for the Lord. I feel so blessed. Now the sad news is Sister T is leaving, she is going to Jerome, but she is going to be with a really sweet sister. Sister Bautista is my new companion. The funny thing is that her and I last time I saw here we were talking and she was like "Sister Owsley we are going to be companions" and I said " Ya we are because it would be amazing!" so the Lord really knows and apparently we were inspired! haha I am really excited and sad all at the same time Sister T and I have been through a lot and I have learned a lot from her and I am so happy that I have had her as a companion.
Well this week lets see....
Monday we met with the Watsons they have been coming to Church and It has been awesome. I love them so much and they have really opened up to us and its been really amazing to see them grown closer to each other and the Lord! I really is a testament that the Lord works miracles in peoples hearts.
Tuesday we met a Lady her name is Mary and she is so sweet her husband was a member of the Church and she has taken all the missionary lessons until her husband passed and she stopped. She said she was going to be baptized. we asked her if was something she still was interested in. She said she wasted to learn it again because it has been a few years. so we have started meeting with her and I am so excited for her she has such a big heart and is the kind of person to help people out regardless and it was really powerful to hear her story.
Wednesday night we met with Jackie she is one of our newer investigators. We talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was so amazing the spirit was really there touching her heart. She is another religion and so she was a little overwhelmed by everything she said it was weird because it went against everything she was taught but she kept saying she felt like she knew it was right! We invited her to baptism and she accepted!! She really has been growing so much it was funny because she told us that she researched for 3 hours on before coming because she wanted to be prepared! she also came to church on Sunday!! she sat behind us with a member and she kept saying how much she loved it! WHAT!?!?! The spirit has really prepared her and touched her life its amazing to be a part of her journey.
Thursday was a lot of planning nothing super exciting
Friday I went to Boise for my appointment and it dumped rain we almost didn't make it back in time for the 1st wards missionary activity! But we did and The activity went fantastic! We had an ice cream bar and we showed the restorations. there were some non-members there and we also got a lot of referrals so it was quite a success!
Saturday we met with Courtney and she told us she got accepted to the program in Indiana and she will be gone for 8 weeks!!!!!! AHHH I am so sad to see her go but I know it will be so good for her and that means so much that Heavenly Father has answered her prayers!
We had an awesome Sunday too! we had both the Watsons and Jackie at Church! we had dinner with the Gallup's and they made breakfast pizza and it was oddly Delicious! We have really been working with our wards better. The funny thing was I was talking about what we did as ward missionaries and they wanted to talk to Felicita to know what they should do. I was laughing It has made me so grateful for all the awesome examples I have had in my life. I am so happy to be on my mission its hard work but so worth it. I have learned so much and have grown and I would'nt have traded it for anything in the world! Love you all and I am so happy that everything is going well!

Love you lots


Sister Owsley

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