Monday, April 7, 2014

So this week....

Ya for fun P-Day's @ the Dunes
Wow can I just start off by saying I have been out for over 5 months now! is that crazy or what!?!?!
I just Love it so much more and more everyday. Yes there are days I really don't want to get out of bed or talk to people, but the second I pray and get up and go do it, my day is a hundred times better. I really am amazed with how much I have grown to love the people here. That's awesome that everyone has been in contact with you guys I am sure it eases Mom's mind.
Well lets see this week was long!!! Monday we had P-day It was also Elder Howard's birthday so we had a birthday party of sorts, lots of superhero stuff. We then went to the Sand dunes here. Adam would of loved it so much! we took sleds out and surfed down the dunes it was a blast.
Tuesday was crazy. the day went really well. We met with Lisa and talked to her about baptism and why it is so important, she doesn't think she needs to be baptized because she already was but she did say she knows there is a reason for us being there and her letting us in. She told us she was a devote Catholic and she never does stuff like this. That was really amazing experience for me because it truly lets me know that there are people on the other side preparing the hearts here. We also met with the Spencer's on Tuesday night. Seriously they totally remind me of home they are hilarious and very sarcastic which is awesome! We taught them lesson one and invited them to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and the Church. They said they would and we are so excited to go back this week because they watched conference and we are going to talk to them about it. 
Wednesday was crazy a lot of appointments and cancelled appointments.
Thursday we had weekly planning which took forever and a lesson with Teresa which went really well. We also had a lesson with Brandon who has a baptismal date it went well and He is just an amazing kid and has so much Christ-like love for everyone he is so excited about his baptism.
Friday we had Zone meeting in Gooding. It took forever and a day!! we did get something out of it though. Really good lunch. we found a really good sandwich shop and it was delicious. We didn't have a lot of time when we got back so all we really did was go to dinner at the Baxter's. Teresa came over there and we talk to her for a little while. She is doing amazing right now and its really listening to God and wanting to know what He wants her to do.
Saturday was Conference and It was amazing we really felt like we needed to be at the stake center for the morning session at least so we went and we found out why. One of Lisa's friends was there and we were kind of talking about Lisa and she asked us how she was doing, well after conference she came up to us and gave us this beautiful letter to give to Lisa it was amazing. Small and simple things! We went back to the stake center for 2nd session and then we had dinner at the Freers .Willow their daughter had a friend who is interested in the gospel and they invited her over she has already been reading the Book of Mormon and has some really great questions for us. It was an awesome experience. Afterwards we went over to Courtney's and talked with her and her Sister in law. The miracle is that her Sister in law always leaves whenever we come over but this time she stayed and asked us a ton of questions it was awesome we went back Sunday night to Courtney's she invited us over for dessert and her sister in law stayed again and asked us more questions. It has truly been a miracle and Courtney has seen that also and it has increased her faith.
Sunday was awesome, We went to the Baxter's for Conference and she made us breakfast and everything! Just like home... but no bingo :( It was great they have a theater room on there basement and we got to watch conference in there... and I didn't fall asleep! Really conference though was amazing and I got so much out of it. some of my favorite quotes were; "when you are wrapped up in yourself it makes for a really small package" haha that one was funny and the other favorites were "we are made of the stuff of eternity" and "its worth it!" I really cant wait to go back a reread the talks. its funny how excited I am for that!
 Its amazing how much happiness you can find when you serve others. Everyone says it but when you get up and do it, it becomes addictive and I love it so much! 
Really serving with all your heart, might and and strength and being totally immersed in this work and not worry about anything else is amazing!
 I love you all and hope you know the Lord loves you even more than I do. ( and I love you a lot! haha)
hope you week is amazing!

Sister Owsley

p.s. LOVE Sarahs package!!
P.s.s the ristines sent me a great package with an awesome cd! also Hannah K. sent me a letter which just made my day and made me smile! LOVE THAT GIRL!

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  1. Emily,
    Keep on keeping on! Love that you are serving and growing and giving. You're an amazing and wondrous child of God.