Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oh the places you'll go...

Sister  Owsley and Sister T
This week has been madness... in a good way. We have been so busy and I just love it so much! haha are we shocked, not really :) We have been teaching so many people and have been getting so many lessons we are having a hard time keeping up. On the other hand though Satan is working really hard to stop people from progressing and really embracing the gospel but it only means that this is true and its the right thing to do!.
Monday: nothing really too exciting happened we played games down at the church building and what not.. we did get the car back for this past week which was fantastic! We also met with the Fosters and challenged Gabe to actually take the lessons and then decided on baptism he said he would and we were so excited! 
Tuesday consisted of a lot of changed plans which kind of stressed me out but the Savior knows what he is doing and it all worked out. We went over to Connie's house she is a non-member who we go over and do service for and she is so sweet to us. We talked with her about God's love for us and how much he really cares for her. She is a member of another church and she was really opposed to us talking about religion but after we have gotten to know her some more she has really opened up. Lisa unfortunately cancelled on us :( boo! and The spencer's had to as well, and Madison wasn't home when we went by darn it! Agency man what are you going to do? We did have dinner with the Clarks though they are a part member family that we have been trying to get to church the funniest thing was we had Deer stew and Sister Tiongson was a little ( a lot) weird out by it. It was really funny. We also got to meet with the Stinson's again it has been a long time since we have been over there and it was really awesome to go and talk with them.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference in Jerome so we were gone most of the day. it was a long day to say the least. We were gone from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m and we were inside all day! Uhgg but it was good we did get a lot out of it and we able to take a lot of new things home and ways to improve our work so it was worth it. The best part of the day though was we came home and went right to a lesson. We went to a members house and they set up an appointment to meet with one of there friends and her mom there names are Jackie and Jennie (her mom) and they are awesome  and she sat through the whole lesson Jackie had a lot of questions she really has been searching for a religion for a while and she feel like God has been leading her here. She is awesome and we committed them both to be baptized and they BOTH SAID YES!!! it was amazing!
The Highlight of Thursday was we went over to see Courtney Thursday evening and she Was really stressed out she had been having a lot of panic attacks because of her tumor and she was really stressed out. I was talking to her and telling her about my experience a few weeks ago and I brought up a priesthood blessing and she had gotten one a while back and she told us how she felt like she needed one everyday and so I told her that the blessing wasn't just for that one thing that it is for her life and it rally helped her. we did have the elders came over and give her a blessing of comfort and it truly did help her! she is awesome and it has been so amazing to see her turn to the Lord in such a critical time in her life and it has been a huge blessing to me to see it!
Friday was Perfect outside we did some service for sister Parsons and cleared out her whole front yard and It was awesome because we got to wear pants!! haha we also went to lunch with the Watsons and They told us at lunch that they were planning on coming to church this Sunday! and they did . Sister T and I had to keep out mouths from dropping on the floor! Best Feeling ever!
Saturday we had to finish some planning and lots of paperwork stuff not really fun but hey thats the work part of it right?
Sunday was truly amazing we has 3 investigators at church who had never been before! and We had 2 Less active families at church as well one of them there son got the Aaronic priesthood it was amazing!
Truly the Lord has blessed us here and he has given us so many of his children to bring the Gospel to and it has blessed my life even more! Love you all and hope you Easter week is beautiful!

This is a video that our Mission President Sent out to us: Watch and feel the Spirit of knowing that Christ is our Savior and that because of him we can live again!

Sister Owsley

Maybe she really likes this drink??

Ummm OK...heheh

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