Wednesday, April 30, 2014


On the way to the Temple....She is on the right
Seriously there is something about Holidays that as a missionary you aren't to fond of them. Easter is supposed to be about remembering Christ and what he did for us and I loved it so much being a missionary. But super bowl, Christmas, Spring Break, Easter... Everyone is out of town or cancels because of Family in town! Ughh! Needless to say we had a lot of Cancelled appointments this week. We had more cancelled appointments than lesson..Combined! We did however have a baptism this week and that was awesome as always!

Monday was Sister T's birthday an we celebrated true missionary style with Spaghetti and Scatterball at the stake center. Tuesday we had a district meeting and we were supposed to meet with Lisa afterwards but she cancelled again and so we went over to Courtney's. She is doing awesome however but she did just tell us on Saturday that she is leaving for 8 weeks to go to Indiana for Treatment so I probably wont see her till after my mission which makes me REALLY sad! We also me with he Spencer's on Tuesday night. they cooked us amazing BBQ and dad could have been impressed it was so good! We didn't teach a whole lesson because 2 of the Kids were out of town and they wanted to wait for them. But both Bobbie and Jason were at church on Sunday! Wednesday was rather boring lots of planning because we had to move it up a day We had a lesson with the Elders at Tereas' and it went well she really is taking steps in the right direction and she is growing closer to her Savior which is so amazing to see. Thursday we got to go to the temple which is always awesome it makes me really miss working in the temple and being there every week it really was such a huge blessing in my life and I see that now. We rode with a member from the Sisters area and she was so funny we had a blast and she was so kind to us. Friday was awesome! we got to do yard work in the morning at Sister Parsons, never thought I would say I missed doing it but it was so fun. I also got to go to Boise!!! whoohoo it was funny I went with Sister Baxter while sister T stayed here because we had an appointment. Sister Baxter had to stop at Costco and that was probably the weirdest thing ever to be there and be a missionary. lots of funny stares Hehe! Saturday we had Brandon's Baptism but the best part was on Sunday when his mom came up to us and told us that since Brandon's baptism the day prior that she had seen so many blessing since then. Her oldest son CJ told her that he wanted to start passing the sacrament! and that Brandon had been so nice to his siblings and all these other crazy things. It was so cool to see her see the blessing from being faithful and obedient. It was so amazing! Sunday we had dinner at Sister Parsons with her family and it was nice. There was a non-member there too which made it even better Really even though the week was hard and not the most busy it really made me reflect on why I am here and to look for all those little blessings. It reminds me of having that Attitude of Gratitude and it make me think of how grateful I am to be here and how my Testimony has grown so much and how I really know this is where I need to be right now. I love you all! sorry for the short letter this week, hopefully more next week (its transfers eeek!) LOVE YOU ALL!


Sister Owsley

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