Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Who needs running water?? Dec 8th

So this week was ....interesting! I guess We had a good start to the week. We went and had a district activity last Monday and wee all just played board games and what not. That night we had FHE with the Herraras and we went to he Burley light parade #smalltown it was literally like 5 minutes haha I was dying #10,000population. Then we had dinner with the Dowdels. Tuesday we had district meeting It was actually really good we were able to talk about a lot the blessings that come to us because of the restoration of the gospel. Then the sisters came over and we were able to do some christmas lessons. I got to meet Taylor Little,She is awesome and she is so sweet! We had dinner with our ward mission leader that night then we went out with him and contacted some people in the are. Seriously this is like the best time of year to talk to people because they are so open to the gospel! Wednesday sister Ritchel wasn't feeling well so we staying in for a while Then we got to Contact a lady named who the sisters have been teaching and we talked to her forever about her job as a special ED teacher ( thanks to sister Bly I actually knew a little of what she was talking about) We went to the Whittacers and helped the decorate for Christmas! YAY! Then had dinner with the Bishop in 8th ward. Thursday was crazy,But it was sister Ritchels and my ONE YEAR mark! We had a district service project to help with the Festival of trees here, then the sister Macdonald and Patterson took us out to ice cream. Also Sister Mclaws (from Twin) came and took us out to lunch!! Ahh so Excited. After that we had to weekly plan, that night though sister Palmer an widowed lady in the ward took us out to dinner at Steve-o's which is so goo ... Im creating a detailed list of great places to eat here in Idaho! haha Then we went home and weekly planned more, then we went over to the Farfans who we live with and the indulged us and we got to burn Tights for our 1 year.. haha pictures to follow. The elders stopped by too and were super jealous so they burned stuff too. Friday was.... uh good. That morning we had an early breakfast with the stake president here President Loveland and it was so good and they are so nice!! We then went to a members house with the sister and worked out then we came home. Unfortunately though there was no running water at home because they had to dig up the back yard to look at plumbing so we had to wait to shower. Well while we were waiting sister ritchel came to see that her ankle had swollen up and so we had to go see a dr. She has a pretty bad sprained ankle and she also is having problems with her hip.. so to make a long story short we haven't been able to do much else this week the resat of our days consisted of dr. appt and what not so she can figure out whats going on because they said there was a bigger problem. So Keep her in your prayers hopefully well get some answers! Sorry this was so short nothing too exciting but it going good and we are figuring a lot out and the work here is amazing and growing seriously such a change from my last area. Love you all so much!! 



Sister owsley

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

One Burrrrrley!

yup it getting colder that for sure!! 

This week has been CRAZY! between transfers (so spending the first half of the week in Twin and the second half in Burley), Thanksgiving, and trying to remember names I have been wiped! anyways last Monday was good it was weird though because all of the departing missionaries were at the mission office while we were there.! It was good though we got to say bye to them! We had dinner with the Folkmans in the ward and then we went and picked up Sister Walker form the mission home. She was leaving to go home but not till Wednesday so they needed to stay with some missionaries in the mean time and so they asked sister Bly and I. So she came over and we had a sleepover in the front room. We pulled out the mattresses and crashed there.:) Tuesday we visited a ton of people so I could say bye to them.  We had Lunch with Judy Taylor who took us and we got Buffalo Wild Wings which I have never had so it was humorous to everyone else! haha then we had dinner with the Mclaws and Billings who took us to the really good Mongolian grill in Twin! So MUCH Fun I miss those families so much! so That whole night I packed and got everything together. Wednesday was transfer meeting to we had to get there early... I might have cried when I left ans sister Bly stayed :( so sad to leave that girl miss her a ton too!! Oh and I also got to see the Ogaurds from Mountain Home!!! AHH IT WAS SO COOL! Sister Ritchel my new companion is great though. She and I came out at the same time last year and she served int he same ward in Twin Falls right before I got there so we got catch up! She is awesome and we have been doing really well and she has already helped me a ton! Wednesday night we went out and met some people in the ward and It been great seriously I can complain I have been so blessed to have such great and welcoming wards! Thursday was thanksgiving so wow did we eat a lot of food. 2 full thanksgiving dinners and desserts and snacks. Wow I was FULL! it was fun though I got to know a lot more members of the ward and they were all so welcoming to me even though they had never met me! Thursday was fun  we played a lot of Board games and we were able to have a fun time. with everyone's family! Friday was again Just meeting a lot of people and same with Saturday. so nothing too exciting. We do get to help out with this festival of trees this week which is a big deal here so I am excited for that we are helping them set up for there big Gala which obviously is like my favorite thing in the world to do so I'm pretty stoked. Church here is great. We cover 2 wards so I'm getting back in that mind set right now. Really its been a good week. Just a lot of Adjusting! this transfer is really going to fly by because we have so much packed into it. Between Christmas and New years and thanksgiving we are living up the holiday spirit! But I am so grateful for it. Also I don't know if yo all know yet but the Church has come out with the He Is The Gift and it s a great video and seriously watch it tit is amazing its at and it is AMAZING! I love being a missionary at this time of year because people are so much more in tune with the spirit and searching for that spirit, and Miracles always happen this time of year. So I am really excited to be here and It just a new adventure!! love you all and really hope you Thanksgivings were great! 



Sister Owsley 

Monday, November 24, 2014


So big news this week transfers! I'm am leaving and going to Burley! It weird I'm kind of sad and kind of happy I haven't been able to get my head on straight yet but it stinks i'm really sad to leave sister Bly like REALLY sad! Im am gonna miss that girl like crazy! I am excited though sister Ritchel is my companion and we came out together and I know her pretty well so it will be fun! and Elder Howard my old district leader is there and our Zone Leader Elder Te'o will be there too so I know we will have tons of fun. I kind of had a feeling that this was going to happen but I know there are things that I need to do there. So sad to leave this ward though they are AMAZING!!! It weird we are coming up on a year crazy right cant believe this time last year we were getting ready to go to the MTC. Time fly's so fast! 

Well as for this week it wasn't anything super crazy... Wednesday we went to the YW in excellence here and it was so cute there theme was "your eternal best friend". We also have been helping sister Billings paint her sons room and sister Bly is doing a huge mural on it and it amazing! We got to finally have a lesson with Natasha and she is so sweet I am going to miss that girl like crazy! Also we did indexing with David. I seriously have never seen someone so excited for family history work! Other than that just the usual! I Love this ward so much and I am sad to leave but, they have helped me so much and So has sister Bly I am grateful for them! 
 I love yo all and hope your week is awesome (sorry this is so short!)


Sister Owsley

1. Natasha and I 

2. The mural thus far

No dayz like snow dayz

This week was a little crazy. Had an appointment in Idaho falls hence why this email is so late.
Really thins week was nothing too exciting we keep on working with the members and trying to get them all squared away... we don't know whats happening this next transfer ( which is next Wednesday) so we are just trying to make sure that the ward is ready for whatever happens. It was a pretty good week though. We got to go to the Family History center with David this week and let me just say that It was so neat to see him get excited about family history work. He went right home and told his non-member sister about ti and she spent that whole night finding family members. We are helping out this week and we plan on getting him addicted to indexing next Hehe! :) Lately we have been doing a lot of service for the members. It helps us a ton to get to know them and serve them. its a blast too..  on a mission service is seriously the best thing! 
Oh and other exciting news this week which Im sure everyone knows but it snowed here... and this San Diego sister drove in it and did NOT crash thank you very much! However my lovely Minnesotan companion might have been very worried that I was going to too. Haha Dang did it get cold quick here! it dropped pretty quick and snowed for about two days then we got an ice storm so it froze over YAY! but dont worry we broke out the hot chocolate and Christmas music! Another Highlight of this week and let be frank this year was the primary program . Its seriously like reality TV for missionaries. the sunbeams always shine and this year it might have been one in particular who started singing her part to a tune that sounded distinctively like frozen...hhhmmmm.. she got the favorite award! haha it was great thought and I love this ward so much. It sad I feel like we just survived transfers. We had interviews with president this week and he told us that Sister Bly and I will most likely not be together next transfer. WHICH IS NOT OK let me just say! I am going to be so sad! P.s. that means probably should send some letters to the mission office address just in case next week (421 Maurice street North) Anyways those are basically the hightlight pretty steady week we are just trying to find more people to teach which is a constant theme but we know its all in the Lords timing and He will lead us to the people who are ready if we are doing the best we can! I love you all and hope that you all have an amazing week! 



Sister Owsley

Service in Sweaters 11/10

So this week was pretty normal i guess. Normal in a relative missionary sense. Sorry if this letter is shorter. 
The temperatures are dropping and winter is coming. Not sure if I am excited or not.. still deciding . Monday though we had dinner with the Orotns a new family in the ward. It was so cute they have 3 little girls and a little boy and all they wanted to do was perform for us. Totally reminded me of all those time I am sure Sarah and I put on shows haha. We then went over to the Carrs a less active family in the ward and we were able to talk to sister Carr for a while and we just are trying to help her with the move and making sure she is doing okay. Tuesday we had district meeting and then we went to lunch at Daisy's probably the cutest place in the world its a little candy shop run by this older couple and they have a little diner attached to it. with soups and milkshakes. After that we went over to the older Thompsons in our ward and helped her rake up some leaves. Ya I learned to rake leave like a ton this week! We had dinner with Joan smith and her friend she took us to chilis for dinner YUM!! Had a lesson with David our new recent convert! We talked a lot about Family history work and he is really excited to take names to the temple soon. Wednesday We kind of had to run around in the morning to take care of some insurance stuff for sister Bly. We went with sister Christensen about ward missionary things and then we went and did service for these non-members. Anne and Van Petersen. Sister Manning in the ward told them we could help with some yard work. Van just had back surgery so he wasn't able to help so we cleaned out their gardens and raked.. again! we went back twice that week! Had dinner with the Perrons in the ward who they have 2 sons on a missions right now and then we went to contract a referral we have been trying to get a hold of forever. So we stopped by her mom opened the door, then she let us in and told us Kayla (the girl we were trying to contact) was sleeping but she asked if we wanted to sit down. We ended up talking to her for an hour and a half! She has so many people who are members of the church and she knows so much, in that short time she opened up about so much and I can honestly that it wasn't anything i said or did it was all the spirit. she invited us back and we are also going to help her paint! woot woot service! Thursday we had to run more errands.. :/ I had to pick up somethings from the hosptial and what not. We went over and helped sister manning finish painting her fence. had dinner at the Robinsons who we LOVE!! and weekly planned.. not so fun haha ;). Friday sister Bly had Physical therapy and then after we went and did more service!! helped sister Pertersen (different one than ann) who is a single sister in the ward we raked her leaves and then we mowed her lawn for her. Afterwards we sat and talked to her for a while. It amazes me how the members here are doing so much missionary work! She told us how she invited some people to do family history work so she was going to help them out! We had dinner that night at the Soloagas who is the less active family we have been helping. Oh My goodness I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! We had a blast over there and they are changing so much! since the first time we met them a month ago there has been such a change in there lives and there family. And they are ALL coming to church now! #BESTPARTOFMISSIONARYWORK! Saturday we Helped out Anne again and Mary Toft form another ward (she like JUST got home from her mission) Came and helped us, she was so much fun! We went over and helped out sister Adams, the primary president, get ready for the primary program. had Chinese dinner dropped off to us! GREAT!! and then we went to the elders baptism. After that we sat in the car for a while and sister Bly was struggling and so we talked and then we went and walked around the temple. It seriously is such a blessing to live so close to it! WOW! even though we cant go every week its still just a blessing being able to walk on the grounds it brought me so much peace and comfort that I cant even describe! Sunday we had church, we got to help sister Grimshaw in her lesson, had missionary meeting. Came home, lunch, weekly planned more since we didn't get to finish. Had dinner with the Spauldings who just moved in. He is our Gospel Essentials teacher and they are hilarious he reminds us so much of Caesar Flikerman from the hunger games!! Haha its there are seriously the sweetest people and we had such a good time with them! 
Well that's about all this week 2 new investigators and lots of service really cant complain Its great. Definitely bundling up here for winter its getting COLD! haha Love you all and hope the week is Warm :) 



Sister Owsley

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CRAZYY Busy!! 11/3

Happy Halloween

This week has been CRAZY! We have been out all day and haven't come home till late. Its great but man was it great to get an extra hour of sleep this weekend.
> Monday: We had a crazy p-day and sister Bly got her hair done so that was fun got mine cut for free :0 woot woot! We had a lesson with Kamryn and her family. They opened up to us a lot and April her mom talked to us about the struggles the ahve had getting to the temple so we mad some goals with them and we are so excited for them, We just love them so much! We had dinner with the Allens that night and they took us to Johnny Carinos for dinner and they are hilarious brother Allen totally reminds me of dad and it was so much fun to have FHE with them. Later than night we got home and finally looked at our phone right before i got into bed... and we had like 20 messages from the zone leaders.. we forgot to turn in some of our numbers opps ;) haha so right as i am about to start listening to then 20 voice-mails they left we hear the door bell ring and so i of course pushed sister Bly in front and made her open the door.. and the zone leaders were standing there with very serious faces on and we just started laughing and. and they told us to come stand in front of them and they totally silly stringed us! haha we were all laughing so hard! haha so funny.. (elders are so weird!)
> Tuesday: We didn't have district meeting this week because of zone meeting. so we got some stuff done in the morning for our baptism that weekend. Then we went out and sister Mclaws took us to lunch and it was so much fun. After we went and helped her with some socks (ya they are cool and own a sock business!)  We then went over and helped the billings with there party and finishing some stuff up. We had dinner at the Lynches and we had a lesson with David that night to go over somethings for his baptism. He is seriously amazing we just loved teaching him so much!
> Wednesday: Sister Bly had physical therapy that morning then we had lunch and we met with one of our ward missionaries to go over plans for the baptism on Saturday. Helped the billings again! haha Had our last lesson with the Kamryn before her baptism this weekend. Had dinner with Judy Taylor it was really cool though we have been helping her put in her mission papers and we had a really good conversation with her about everything missions and all!
> Thursday: We went over early since it was the day of the party and helped them. We had to leave though and go and help sister carr and new family that moved in about 2 months ago. She has been really stressed and so we went over and helped her clean and empty a lot of boxes. I love this ward though because we called up the relief society and sister Quast came as well as sister Mclaws just came and helped us. We went over to the billings and I did her makeup for the party. Had dinner with the Thompson's and we had thai food (common theme much?)Then we had the party that night! So much fun!
> Friday: HALLOWEEN! We had Zone meeting in the morning then we had Davids interview. It was amazing and he was so excited and ready! We had dinner with the Days later that night. and then we had to be in by 6 so we got to have a district party. We watched the RM and played apples to apples and it was great! so much candy and it was so much fun!
> Saturday: We got to go over to Kamryns and do her hair for the baptism. the we went to her baptism and it was so cool and we love her so much! We ran around all crazy and trying to get ready for the baptism. But Davids baptism was later that night and it was so amazing! He was so excited and I really couldn't complain it was the first baptism where nothing went wrong! AHHH! but we had dinner after with the Albrechts and we were able to help Sister Albrecht with some things she was struggling with. She is amazing and does so much good even just for the missionaries so I was glad we got to sit and talk to her.
> Sunday: David was confirmed in church and President and sister Curits came to our sacrament meeting . He was just beaming and I was so happy for him! All the lessons were just really inspired and exactly what I needed to hear. We had dinner with the Ames and we were able to go and watch part of the CES Devotional.
> This week was crazy but it was so good. Love being busy and it was what I really needed this week. I love you all and hope that you all had a good week!
> #itsnotgoodbyeitsc-yalater
> love,
> Sister Owsley

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Best Week Yet!

Ward Harvest party Hayride

Wow! I have no words for this week.. I will attempt to find some and do this week justice.
 We had such an amazing week and we are finding so much success in our small part of the vineyard.
Monday: we had an awesome P-day we went and played sand volleyball and ultimate Frisbee with our zone. Later that night we had dinner with Kay and Leslie. Kay is our investigator and Leslie is a Less active member who lives with her. We went over with Sister Albrecht in the ward who they love and we had lasagna. We were able to invite them to church and to the wards harvest party that weekend. Kay then took us over to her sisters house and we got to see this famous doll house that she made. It was neat though because we were able to talk to both of them about there families and about what are beliefs in families are. 
Tuesday:We had district meeting which was amazing . everyone was able to get up and talk about the Holy Ghost and the role that it plays in our missionary work individually. I was great because I was able to reflect on how the Spirit has guided me in my life and how it has help me to change, to help others, and to testify during my mission. It made me so much more grateful for the increase in the spirit that missionaries receive while they are serving . After lunch we went to physical Therapy for sister Bly. Her tech that was working with her though isn't a member of the church and She asked us a lot of questions about our missions and what we do. It turned into a great chance to plant a seed and she was to nice it was great just being able to talk about our missions. It makes me really thankful that I am serving and have a purpose when people ask. After we went over to the Billings and help her out with some signs for there party this coming week. We had a lesson with Kamryn who is 8 years old but her family just moved into the ward and they are Less active. We went over to meet them a few weeks ago and they asked if we could teach there daughter the lessons before she got baptized. (Which is this coming Saturday Nov. 1) obviously we said yes and we have been teaching her for a while now. She is amazing and we just love going over there she makes us feel like rock stars. The other day we came in and were talking to her mom and she came up to us and just " OH MY GOODNESS.. you are beautiful!" haha we laughed but it was the sweetest thing! After that we went back over to the Billings for dinner and we had lemon poppy seed pancakes. DELICIOUS! 
Wednesday: We had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I left our area and went with Sister Wright to hers. Spent the whole day in the college ward. It was good though and we had fun... always ready to go back to our area though.
Thursday: That Morning we went over to Judy Taylor's house in our ward to drop off somethings to her. We ended up staying for a while and talking to her about her mission. She is putting in her papers right now to serve a single sisters mission so she was asking us about something and we  had lunch with her. We had a lesson later that day with Natasha. She is doing so amazing and she is trying her hardest. I love that girl so much and she is am amazing young women! We had another lesson with Kamryn after that and we had dinner with the Robinson, They made us homemade Thai (thigh?) food. SO SO SO GOOD!! and no they are not oriental just really good cooks! 
Friday: We went over to the barn and Helped the Billing for a few hours. It looking so good and I cant wait to send pictures next week of the party!! Had dinner with the Tolleys.... brace yourself for soup season! 
Saturday: Crazy busy day! We went to the other sisters baptism that morning. David our investigator was supposed to come but he had gotten really sick. I think  I forgot to mention that David has a baptismal date... for THIS WEEKEND!!!AHAHA so excited for him! We had lunch and then we had to go practice our song for Sunday... yuppppp sang in church! That night though our ward had there harvest party. Which was so much fun Im talking Hayrides, chili cook-off, pumpkin carving, and geocaching! It was a blast and we had a lot of non-members show up! Miracles! 
Sunday: Best day ever! We had 3 non-members show up and 1 recent convert and 1 less active! I sang in church and it was actually pretty good. The lessons were all amazing too! David came to church and so did KAY!!! And leslie. We also got a new investigator Alvin He is a foreign exchange student from mainland China. It was so cool teaching him though! 
This week was amazing lot of hard things happened but it really never outweighs the good! LOve you all and hope you have a good week!



Sister Owsley

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best in the West

Such a good week! So excited that I get to stay here in Twin for another 6 weeks. We have been  having so much success. we had some ward missionaries called to help us out and we have been meeting and going out with them and getting to know a whole lot more people in the ward that way!
Monday: We had p-day and we played football... more like I watched people play football ( hand-eye coordination ZERO!) That night though we had a lesson with our investigator Kay she is amazing. Her friend Leslie was there and they invited us over for dinner so we are going tonight to have dinner with them. They are awesome though and we are really glad that we get to teach them. We had Family Home Evening with the Quinton's in our ward. there son is a senior and getting ready to go o a mission so we were able to talk a lot about mission prep! 
Tuesday: We were really busy helping some of the missionaries who were leaving and the new ones coming in. We were down at the mission office for a while helping get set up. We got to meet with sister Christensen who is now a ward missionary an go over some things with her and set a time to go out with her. Had dinner with the Smiths who invited some people to come for dinner WOOT WOOt! Proactive member missionaries! Stake meeting that night...
Wednesday: TRANSFERS! We had to go the office again and help out for a while then we had to go to the Computers so sister Bly could figure out schooling. and she had Physical therapy. We did have and amazing dinner and lesson with a new family in the ward that night. The Soloagas moved in about 3 months ago and they were less active and we finally got there address and figured out they were in our ward. so we stopped by last week and met them and they asked if we could teach there daughter all the lessons before she is baptized in November! Answer to prayers. They are amazing and they have started coming to church and the mom has gotten a calling! We are so excited and we love teaching them! We also had a lesson with David that night and eh is doing so well. He is getting closer to baptism. He met with Bishop Perry and he was able to calm a lot of his fears and help him. So we are excited top get a specific date for him to be baptized on!
Thursday: we went out with Sister Christensen and visited a ton of ladies in the ward inviting them to the activity that night. We were able to see some non-members to and invite them! We had dinner with the Kotters they just moved into the ward and she is very pregnant with her 3rd. they are so cute though and they both went to school in Rexburg so sister Bly and I had a lot to talk about with them. :) that night we had the Relief society activity and we had a lot of people come! They did a tips and tricks... so basically it was like live pintrest. which was great for missionaries without computers!
Friday: We had district meeting since the new missionaries had come in on Tuesday. After that we went and helped one of our members paint her backyard fence again since she just had a baby and they are getting ready to move possible. Crazy right?!?!? 
Saturday: We had a ton to do we went and cleaned the church building and then did some paperwork stuff for our Ward mission Leader. After Lunch we went and Helped out the Billings with there Halloween Party. Had dinner with our Bishop and was able to go over to the Albrechts. 
Sunday: We got to sing in church for the Choir (next week we have to do a duet.. don't think people believe me when I say I cant sing) Anyways we had dinner with the Hodges and they invited and Sister Taylor and her non-member cousin. we were able to have such a great conversation with her about missionary work. 
We have been having so much success and It been so much fun! Im am so glad that Sister Bly and I get to stay here. Love you all and hope that you week is amazing!



Sister Owsley

Monday, October 6, 2014


So this week has been pretty uneventful and so I apologize if this letter is short! Monday: we had P-day and we actually got a lot done and we were able to play lazer tag with our district... ya missionaries are actually really cool! ;) We had dinner with the Albrechts who are like my favorite people. They are like family like out here Tuesday: We had a pretty busy day. We helped some sisters move into a new house across town. We finally fixed our toilet seat! we helped sister Mclaws decorate for Halloween. (Which is my favorite!) We had a really good lesson with Natasha at one of our members houses which was amazing they totally welcomed her in and made her feel so at home! Wednesday: Sister Bly had physical therapy and then we delivered a lot of things to members. since sister Bly got injured we had been hoarding a lot of things that members had let us borrow so we visited a lot of members! Thursday: we had weekly planning. We also helped Judy Taylor take down so "hobo houses" in her backyard. haha well we called them that really all it was, was her trying to protect her tomatoes from the frost. (picture attached!) ahah it was hilarious! Later that day we visited a new family in the ward that is less active and we had such a great experience with them and they asked if we could come back and teach their daughter it was definitely a miracle! Friday: Was busy we had Zone meeting in the morning It was actually really good we talked about talking to everyone and building friendships with people. After that we cleaned the church building. That night we had a lesson with David who is doing so well. He is really excited and wants to be baptized! We are trying to find a good date that will work. He is so amazing and he was telling us he really wants to house the missionaries because he has a huge finished basement that he doesn't use! Ya we really couldn't ask for a better person! Saturday was awesome we went and watched conference at the stake center. I just love conference so much and I am so grateful that we have it . It is truly direction for our lives for the next 6 months. After the 2nd session we went and helped out sister Billings in our ward . they are throwing a HUGE Halloween party and its all circus themed and its in a really cool old barn. Mom and Sarah you would die its so cute! Sunday : we had breakfast and watched conference that morning at the Albrechts. It was just like home! Then for the afternoon we went to the Mclaws and watched it with them. They fed us dinner and we played some games with there family. the we had to go home and plan some things. LOVED CONFERENCE! It really amazed me this week how much conference means and how there is so much power that comes from hearing the inspiring messages! I love you all and hope you week was AMAZING! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater love, Sister Owsley

Monday, September 29, 2014


So this week was nothing really exciting. I was really sick at the beginning of the week which is NEVER fun on a mission! It been a week of learning experiences for me and I am so very thankful for that! 
Monday we went to Shoshone falls here and had a BBQ with everyone in our zone it was really fun. Shoshone is like the Niagara Falls of the west is what the call it! so we had a blast and the elders brought a grill and cooked for us and some people went hiking. I however did not due to my respiratory system killing me! :) So after that we went home and I rested and we didn't do much else!
Tuesday We had district meeting which was really good. We talked a lot about what it takes and what we need to do to be better missionaries. I was thankful that they decided on that topic because it was the best thing I could have heard. We had lunch and then we went home and I just about died, I was coughing so bad. so we basically stayed home that day. The other sisters come over and sled to us for a while and wee had a good time. I crashed most the time! 
Wednesday I started feeling a little better.Sister Bly had Physical Therapy in the morning so I sat a read a few talks that I have been needing to read and it was really good because it helped me to get some motivation under my belt.:) later that day I got a blessing that morning by one of the elders in our district. I was exactly what I needed to hear. especially the fact that I had my appointment at the nerve doctors after that! So as too my Dr. appointment. Worst thing!! basically what he did for a hour was shock my arms then they stuck needles in my arm and made me flex my arm so it was pretty painful! so We treated ourselves to ice cream afterwards! then i went home and crashed again because I started to get really sick! Later that night we went and helped out the Young women set up accounts for mutual and we helped them figure out family search, we always have fun with them and Natasha was there so it was good to see her!
Thursday morning started out really bad... I was getting in the shower that morning and so I turned it on for a minute then went and got something, when I came back there was a huge spider in the corner of the shower. So being the smart person I am I got up on the sedge of the tuba nd had one foot there and one on the toilet. I grabbed a shampoo bottle and leaned over to try yo kill the thing and my back foot slid out and i went head first into the shower that WAS ON! and got soaking wet. When I stood up I saw that i had completely broken off the toilet seat... so ya! I am really graceful sometimes. I came out and layed of the floor. Sister Bly started laughing and was like what the heck was that noise! So I told her and she about died laughing I brought in the toilet seat and she just kept laughing at me! So we had to take it down to the mission office to tell them, and everyone heard and started laughing at me it was great! haha Good thing Dad taught me to laugh at myself! haha we went over to the mission home after that and helped them clean. the mission home flooded last week and they had to completely gut the whole basement and so there house was disaster so a ton of us sisters went over and helped them clean it. We had dinner with the Manning and then we had a lesson with our investigator David. It ended up being really good. We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ... so Like Faith, and repentance and baptism. We asked him about baptism and he said he really wants to he just wants to make sure he knows enough. So we told him to pray about a date and he was really excited! it was great and we are so excited for him, he is truly one of Gods elect!
Friday was crazy We went and helped out sister Billing with her trailer that she is re doing. Then we went over to the Mclaws and made some treat, because you cant watch a movie without treats, and we we got to go and see Meet the Mormons! woot woot! It was such an amazing movie! Seriously go and see it it is so funny and it was so well done! After that we went over and made more treats with sister Albrecht to take over to some people the next day! I swear it is treat season!! haha Saturday was crazy as well I was feeling better so we had a lot to do. We had choir practice again and it was pouring that day! We went over to sister Albrechts and we went out to deliver some treats to people. No one was home and we were kind of disappointed. But we decided to go drop off a plate to Kay one of our investigators, and she was home! She invited us in and we talked to her for a while and sister Albrecht just became her best friend! As we were getting ready to leave sister Albrecht mentioned the women's meeting later that night and invited her to it and she said YES!!! We have been trying to get her to come to somethings for a while and we were over the moon excited! After that we went to a baptism and had dinner. The we went to the W omens meeting and Kay came. It was funny because the whole thing was about the temple and covenants and not going to lie we were kind of nervous at first but as I sat there I prayed that she could hear what she needed too. At the end we turned to her to see what she thought and she was so happy! she had a lot of questions but she was happy she came! MIRACLES!!! She even took a Family: A proclamation to the world home! It was just an amazing DAY!!
Sunday Was great too We had 2 investigators at church. Shyla a girl we just started teaching came and both her and David stayed for 2nd hour gospel essentials! she really listened and we had dinner with her at the Hamiltons and we were able to talk to her. She had a lot of really good questions and she really seemed like she got a lot out of church which is always the hope! We tried to contact a few people after they weren't home so we went and visited a few new families in the was because I am pretty sure we have had like 50 new people move into the ward! It was good though because they are both kind of less active families and so we were able to talk to them about meeting and helping them! 
I just love this work so much and the fact that although I wasn't feeling very good at the beginning of the week we were still able to do so much! Its really hard sometimes but I am learning to appreciate where I am at and be grateful for it! I know there is still a lot to improve and work on but I know its progress that counts to Heavenly Father NOT Perfection! Love you all and hope you week is good!!



Sister Owsley

AHHH...normalcy 9/22

So this week has been pretty normal... in missionary terms I guess. We have been keeping busy with service and tons of contacting that we have been able to do. Monday we hung out and we had dinner with the Stewart's. Our ward was doing this "treats on the street" thing. So each neighborhood was divided into areas and basically they did  block parties on Monday night for family home evening. It was good we had a blast and tons of non-members showed up. Tuesday we had exchanges with the sister training leaders. I went with Sister Ramsey into her area. It was great i learned a lot from her that day and we taught so many lessons which is always fun. It really motivated me to pick up and do more in our area! The fun thing was one of the girls that I taught in Mountain Home she was baptized and she moved out here into there ward so i got to see her and teach her again and it was so cool to see how far she has come! Wednesday we got back together and sister Bly had a physical therapy appointment and so we were there for a good 2 hours haha its really good for her though she has been needing it for her knee. After that we went and helped out one of the sisters in our ward with a party she was doing. We had dinner with the  Robinson in the ward and we finally got to talk to Bobbie and Gray who we have been trying to see again since I first got here! Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was really amazing though they talked a lot about teaching and different ways we can improve ourselves as missionaries. Definatley got a ,to out of it though. Tried to contact more people that night again. Friday we did a lot of weekly Planning to get ready for the coming week. I swear the weeks keep going by faster and faster and they keep getting more and more busy! Saturday was jammed packed with so much we have been practicing this choir piece for when Elder Golden comes. We had a lesson with Kay and Donna who are back in town and Sister Christensen came with us and she was a huge help and we were able to teach they more about the Plan of Salvation! This week was our stake conference here so we we went to the Saturday night session which was all about missionary work! WOOHOO it was really powerful. Sunday morning we had to be up for the Priesthood meeting that they wanted us at by 7am. EARLY!! it was really great though. We had general session at 10 which was amazing! I love all the conferences that we had this week and I am so grateful for inspired people and people who are willing and have the courage to follow the spirit.! It truly blesses the lives of those people around them. I am so Grateful this week for the spirit though and its guiding influence in my life and the live of the people I get to talk with. I love you all and hope that they week is going good!



Sister Owsley

I don't know music....Like at all!! 9/15

So this week has been crazy to say the least. Everyday was full and we had so much going on! Its so good though I love being busy and I love even more being busy with missionary things :) It was a really great week and its amazing to me how much the Savior lifts us up when we need it and how much joy comes from living like Him and close to Him! It been such a great week though:
Monday: CRAZY! we went and emailed at the library and then I got my hair colored... red yes! love it though! We then went and finished emailing... We went and played basketball at the church. Our Zone has this thing going for this really cheesy WWE belt that they got and whoever wins the basketball game that they play gets the belt so... it get pretty funny and we all have a good time :)After that we went to the college and played sand volleyball. Went shopping then we went over to Sister Petty and elderly widow in the ward and she has 2 peach trees in her backyard and so we went over and helped her pick some (there were so many!) we loved it though we got some peaches out of it though and they were so good! We had dinner at Cafe Rio ( yes I have gotten over the fact that I don't really like it because everyone here eats it) we ate with sister Lynch and we got to here all of her amazing stories of when she joined the church! We then helped out the other sisters for the rest of the night delivering stuff they needed help with!
Tuesday: We had district meeting that morning. It was fun as always and we did a get to know you activity since its the beginning of the transfer, After we left and us sisters picked up pizza and frosty's. healthy I know and we had lunch at the temple, Because we had a session at 1 that we had to get to. It was a blast though and we had fun! I always love going to the temple and the peace that is there. I was really just a great time and brought a lot of peace to my mind and helped me to focus on the eternal perspective! After that we went back to the temple with Natasha and had her new member lessons it was good we are planning on going with her this Saturday to do baptisms at the temple. It was good to see her though because we haven't seen her in a while she has been out of town and then all of our craziness happened with sister Bly. After that we had dinner and went back to the stake center behind the temple and had a meeting with the stake president and we went and tried to contact some people. We finally got a hold of Vicki who has been on our list for a while. She invited us in and we ended up talking to her for and hour and a half and she was so nice. Found out she has a daughter who is a really active member of the church, we invited her to come to church and she said she would try, she was so sweet and kind and really willing to listen to us!It was really like the best day!
Wednesday: Was a long day! We had a ton to do, we went over to Delsa's she is a Less Active member and we visited with her. She is 92 and she reminds me so much of Nana! haha she is a hoot though and we visited with her for a while and talked a lot about how Christ helps us over come our trials and she said she would try coming to church some time this month she just has to " get the courage" After that we went and got some sheet music for a conference in October for a general authority who is coming... somehow no one here got the memo that Owsley's don't sing, so we are working on that! We helped out Sister Billings in our ward she is redoing a trailer they bought and we were painting for her (mom I will have to send picture you and Sarah would Love It!)We helped pick more peaches that night, Then we had a lesson with David, we taught him the plan of Salvation. He understood it well but now we are just helping him understand that prayer is so important to knowing these things are true! but he is reading scriptures all the time and loves studying them so much! He motivates me to be better about studying! 
Thursday: Had another busy day we went over to the mission office early to get may bag that I had left there talk for a with the senior office couple who I love! (they are seriously like grandparents love it!) had lunch at Culvers! Went over to the Physical therapists so sister Bly could her her Knee thing figured out. (I think I told you she tore her ACL in February?) so that took a while We Weekly planned for a while then we got a little stir crazy and we went over to the Mclaws in our ward and helped her out. Had dinner with the travellers that night. I pretty sure they emailed you some pictures :) they were so excited to do that! :) but they served a mission in the Manhattan Temple so we heard all their really cool stories! Then we had choir practice for this conference we are having. Kind of of crazy getting a lot of missionaries to sing... never again will I volunteer to help with anything music related ( had no clue what the heck I was doing haha!) 
Friday: had Choir practice that morning again. Finished some more weekly planning The we helped out sister Petersen with the High priest social that night. We got to go and it was so funny reminded me of the felicita ward back home! :) Not too much that day though.
Saturday: Was crazy... Paperwork in the morning. The we had set up a time to do church tours during the day so people could bring there friends. Ya no one showed up for the 1st hour. went home for lunch and then went to Barb martin in the ward she signed us up to sing in church and she had a song she wanted us to sing ... still not sure how the heck I am getting roped into all this music stuff I think people assume that all missionaries can sin... NOT TRUE! We then went back to the church to be there for more church one showed up for the 2 hours... ya... Picked more peaches that night. had Dinner with the Albrechts who I love and I had Navajo Tacos for the 1st time and they are so so so good! Then we went to the Mclaws and mad cinnamon rolls for Ward Choir the next morning.
Sunday: Great day! it was the stakes "invite your friend to church day" and thy had the whole sacrament meeting based on Christ. It was great best part the youth sang the theme song for this year and it was beautiful. David came to church and we also had a few non-members and less actives there too! so it was good. Had dinner with the Hamilton and they has there friend Shyla over and so we taught her and we wants to take the lessons! #miracles. Went and tried to contact some people after that and we got a hold of Rosa's family who we also have been trying for! And they told us they want us to teach there daughter as well. So it was a good ending to the day! 
 It was such a busy and crazy week but so worth it! I love this work and its crazy to think I don't have a tone of time left. it all goes by so fast. I love the joy that comes though with this gospel yes its hard but its so worth it a the end of the day! love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Sister Owsley

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hump Day! 9/8

So this week was pretty normal and what not. Nothing too exciting happened which I guess in our case is a good thing. We were in desperate need of a normal week! haha Tuesday we went and we got caught up on a lot of things that needed to been caught up on since we had been gone for 2 weeks. We went down to the mission office and we talked and helped them out down there since all the new missionaries had just come in that morning. We had lunch at culvers (which they need to get one in CA). We went and helped out sister Pohahau and sister Bigelow and went on exchanges. Sister Pohahau and I went to a lesson with a family in there ward who invited this man to meet with the missionaries. He is 70 years old and he is a amazing. He had a stroke at 39 years old and had lost almost all his ability to speak, his son was killed when he was 44 and his wife died soon after that. It was so amazing though to hear that he had been struggling a lot and one day he went to church with some friends and they prayed that he would be able to speak and from that day on his speech kept getting better. Its amazing to hear so many stories of people faith and there experiences that they have and the miracles that they have all seen! Sister Bigelow is still sick so on Wednesday we did an exchange with them so that Sister Pohahau could got to some appointments that they had. It was great I got to go with her and Sister Bly stayed with Sister Bigelow so they could both rest. We went and taught Luke who is 19 years old, he is seriously dating this girl who is a sort of less active member of the church and they said that they both decided they wanted to raise a family with values which is amazing. We had met with him a week prior and committed him to read the intro to the Book of Mormon and we asked him about it,. he said he read it on his walk home and when he got home he prayed about it and he said he felt so much happiness that he knows this is the right thing! It was so cool he said that he kept reading and he was in 1 Nephi 5 when we met with him a week later! It so amazing top see the change that happens and when people find the happiness that the gospel brings So Thursday was my official half way mark! CRAZY! I cant believe I have been here for nine months! Thursday though was probably the longest day of my life. We did however get to see some of our favorite people. We went over to the Mclaws house and had dinner with them and they are always a hoot! and we got to help out with a wedding, which I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven when they asked us to help! haha But I was so much fun a beautiful! Friday we had Zone meeting and we talked about getting people to sacrament meeting and the blessing that come form attending sacrament meeting. We then had lunch with the sisters which we all have a blast all the time ( I swear missionary life is way too fun!) Went on exchanges again on Saturday sister Pohahau and I went and visited with a less active man who is trying to get to the temple he told us all of his war stories and what not (Dad would love him... so would Adam!) We found out that he is actually moving into our ward so it was inspiration that We were on exchanges! Sunday was good. I had been sick the whole night prior so I wasn't feeling well but I was good. David our investigator came to church and ended up staying for the 2nd hours which he hasn't done. I was really neat and he is such and awesome guy. We had dinner with the Hamilton's who always feed us well other that that I slept a lot because I still wasn't feeling good and we were able to make a lot of plans for this transfer too which will end up being great! I love this gospel so much and I have found such a great desire to share the gospel and I love this work so much! Love you all Hope you have an amazing week! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


So this week I think has been one of the longest weeks on my mission... I think I also have been doomed to break every companion I have! This week Sister Bigelow wasn't feeling super great. She has been having really bad headaches this week and it just kept getting worse and so the Dr. was prescribing stuff and it kept making it worse. So we are still at square 1 but the bright side is that she is sleeping better. But we are waiting to see what they will decide next to do. Also Sister Bly came back yesterday so we switched back and we are now back in our old apartment ( 650 Eastland) and We got transfer calls yesterday and SHOCKER! (not) We are both staying... and we have a car which is fantastic!But this week has been long sister Bigelow cant be out in sun or in bright lights so we hung out in the basement a lot..  but despite all that we saw a lot of miracles this week. We taught a 20 year old Luke. He has been coming to church with his girl friend and he wanted to be taught so we had the 1st lesson with him this week. It went really well and he really understood a lot and has such a sincere heat. We were talking to him though about how we all aren't perfect and we all make mistakes and he was like " ya we're not perfect and neither are platypuses..." we all died laughing it was so funny! But it was really a great lesson and he was really genuinely excited to learn more! We also taught a lesson to another lady, she was looking for a job and she applied at the D.I. so she had to meet with the bishop in her area and so when she did, he asked her if she wanted to learn more and she said she did. We have been trying to get in contact with her for a while and we finally did  (#miracle) and we set up an appointment with her. We went over there and met with her and asked her if she wanted to take the lessons and she said she did. She has a 6 year old son and she told us she really wants him to have good standards. She also told us that she had a friend who was a member of the church and when he came home from his mission would always talk about the church and he gave her a Book of Mormon and she remembers it and she remembered his example! Member Missionary Work!!!! But one of the Best lessons this week was with David. he has been a potential investigator in our ward for a while now. He thought he was baptized but we found out he wasn't. we finally were able to meet with him this week at a members house in our ward. I was really nervous to meet with him because he is a really intelligent man and I didn't know what to expect. So we prayed before going in and wow I could ask for a better lesson and a better person. He is the most humble prepared man I have ever met. He is recently divorced and he has a 13 year old son. But he is amazing he has read the Koran,the Bible 3 time and he is on the his 2nd time reading the Book of Mormon.He is a plastic surgeon and a Lawyer and he was in the military. It was crazy how much he knew yet he was so humble and he listened to us and wanted to study everything we gave to him! it was truly amazing to see the spirit work on him. He is truly one of God's elect! There were so many great things that happened this week despite the crazy sicknesses and the freak accident that have happened this transfer I have been so blessed to learn so much this transfer. I have been able to have 3 amazing companions who have taught me so much. It has really been a humbling transfer for me and a time to me to recommit myself once again to this work and to the Lord. I love my mission I am not a perfect persona and Heavenly father Knows that but what matters to him isn't that I am perfect its that I make progress. He expects us to take the mistakes we have made and not look back on them with nothing but to look at them and learn from them. I pretty sure it was Elder Holland who said that we need to take the embers of our past and not the ashes. The only way to make a fire is from the embers nothing will happen with ashes! I love that and I know that it is true. I love this work and this gospel and I am so grateful for the opportunities I have been given. Love you all!! 



Sister Owsley

Monday, August 25, 2014

Little bit of this.. Little bit of that..

Sister Owsley at EFY
So Update on Sister Bly... She is in SLC she had an appointment on Wednesday where they taught her how to redress her own wounds which is good she wont have to go back everyday. She has a follow up appointment this coming Wednesday where they will check some of the spots that were 3rd degree and see if she needs the skin grafts. There was some pink showing through (which is good) so keep praying that it heals and she wont need the grafts! 

So This week just flew by it keeps getting faster and faster. I cant believe I am almost half way done with my mission. Everyone keeps telling me that the 2nd half goes a whole lot quicker too. Yikes!! This week has been good and kept us busy. So on Monday President Curtis called the 4 of us sisters in our district to his house. We went over and he basically did an emergency transfer for the rest of transfer (2 weeks) and he combined our areas so now I have 2 companions! Sister Bigelow and Sister Pohahau. They are awesome and I already knew them because they are in our district and live right down the street. So I packed up some of my stuff and I am with them for the time being. We now cover 3 wards and a huge area. it's fun because there is never nothing to do which is like a missionaries dream! We did get a car because our area is so big now. #blessings! We have so much fun together. We laugh all the time and have a blast and they have really welcomed me in an made me feel at home. There was a lot of catching up this week. Trying to combine 2 areas is really hard to do especially when you know its not permanent. We have been making it work and the members here have been so understanding. This week has been so crazy. The weather has been insane. We got tornado warnings and the whole bit! It was scary there for a while and there has been thunder and lighting right out side our windows every night! Speaking of crazy weather.. heard there was a huge earthquake in CA?? Well other than that I can think of much else. We did set a date with Natasha to go to the temple( I promise I do have pictures from the baptism that one day i will get to you!) we are super excited for her and we have a lot of referrals to contact. Its been a huge blessing we are really seeing the work progress and Its been an interesting transfer but I know it all happens for a reason and I know I have been where I need to be to learn the lessons that I have learned! Love you all and Hope your week are amazing!


Sister Owsley

Friday, August 22, 2014

They say it's your Birthday shout HOORAY !

Happy 20th Birthday to our favorite missionary!

Burn Baby Burn! 8/18

So I feel like what I am writing is old news but to you all it wont be! haha It has been a LONG week. probably the longest on my mission! No joke! 
So the week started out pretty normal we had a great P-day it was one of the sisters birthdays so there was a lot of fun things going on. Tuesday we had district meeting and lunch and we had a great time! went around and ran a ton of errands and tried to get stuff settled for our baptism on Saturday. Wednesday we went and helped an widowed sister in our ward Sister Taylor and helped her deep clean her house she hasn't been able to since her husband passed a few months back and she was having a bunco party at her house the next day. We helped out there and had dinner with the Thompson's in the ward and then visited some of the families in the ward. Thursday! ENSUE ALL CRAZINESS! So we had weekly planning in the morning and what not and then we went back to Sister Taylor's because Sister Bly was going to teach her how to make gumbo for her bunco party so we went over and Natasha our investigator came with us so we were cooking and helping her out and sister Bly was making the Roux for the gumbo which is boiling flour and butter and so it was just about done so we put it in a bowl so it could cool. I had run upstairs to get something and her and sister Taylor were going to move it to the sink and put some cold water under it so it would cool faster so when I ran upstairs sister Bly grabbed the bowl and sister Taylor was clearing the sink and sister Bly felt the bowl start to drop and so she bent down and tried to catch it and it hit the ground and splattered all over her so the hot burning butter and flour got all over her face and arm and feet so she kind of started to say it was hurting then it started to burn her skin. I came running down stairs and I wet down a wash cloth and had sister Taylor start wiping it up then I told her to put her in the shower and I called 911 and they came. By that point her skin had started peeling off. So we got in the ambulance and they took her to the hospital. President and Sister Curtis showed up right away and President was ale to give her a blessing. So we were in the ER for 4 hours waiting to see if they had to life flight her to the Burn Center at U of U.  So they said they would right now and took her upstairs and got her in a room and they dressed and wrapped her up where she was burned. So we were there from 3 till 8 and then I went back and picked her up stuff at our apartment and some clothes for me and I stayed at the hospital with her that night because they wanted to make sure her air way didn't get burned and swell. the next day the Sister training Leaders came and sister Ramsey spent eh day with her she had a really hard time keeping food down so they kept her there another night so Sister Ramsey stayed with her and that day I went out with the other Sister Training Leader sister Wright and we were able to get stuff done for the baptism on Saturday. Saturday I was at the hospital till about noon and one of our members came and picked me up and helped us get ready for the baptism at 2 that day. Everything got crazy and the baptism before hand was crazy but it started and it was the most amazing baptism that i have ever been too! I was so sad that Sister Bly wasn't able to be there but everyone gave amazing talks and the Young Women int he ward sang "Come unto Christ" and it was beautiful and Natasha bore her testimony and it was so powerful. There wasn't a dry eye there! The Young women set up a beautiful reception thing after for her and so many people stepped in and helped out. I felt so blessed to be there! Natasha was so happy and she was glowing it was beautiful. (I will have to send pictures later) I went with the other sister in our district because they came to the baptism and I hung out with them. They discharged Sister Bly that night so we went back and hung out with her for a while at the Mission Home. Unfortunately the Dr. had written her pain meds wrong that night and so she was dealing with that until like 10:45 and we finally got them./ We crashed really hard that night! Sunday was good. The other sisters came and went to church with me so We could be there for Natasha's confirmation and then we went back. We went down tot he hospital because sister Bly has to go back everyday and get her wound redressed everyday there. So we did that then we hung out at the mission home all day (that's where we are staying for now) with the Curtis and there family that live in Twin. It was really nice and relaxing for sister Bly. So It has been a crazy week needless to say Sister Bly is doing good. She has a great attitude and keeps saying that things happen for a reason! She is such and example to me. It s amazing to see how well she is handling it and everyday gets better and better. She had 2nd degree burns on her face arms and feet. She has some 3rd degree burns and she is going to need a skin graft in a few places on her arm. But she is looking really good. She may still need to go to U of U but we wont know till later today! She really could use prayers right now so I all of you can pray for her that would be amazing! So nit has been crazy but The Lords had is in all things and he is watching out for each of us! Love you all and hope the 1st week of school will go well! Love you all! 



Sister Owsley

Here, There, Everywhere...again! 8/11

So this week has been interesting... in a good way though! We have 2 new investigators and we have a baptism this coming weekend! Ahhh We are so excited and I am so happy this ward though is amazing and we have so much fun. 

Monday: We went shopping at D.I. woohoo! haha found a few things but there was so many people there. we had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader brother Lynch and his wife they are so sweet and help us out so much!

Tuesday: We had exchanges and so I went with sister Wright and sister Bly stayed in our area with Sister Ramsey. I had a lot of fun it was rainy all day long. Luckily we were in a car that day. We saw so many miracles and we were able to talk to so many different people it was awesome! We went home that night to "The Villa" (that's what they call there house because they each have there own room and bathroom Luck right? and they both have huge queen sized beds!) so I got to stay there:) so fun and we had a blast! 

Wednesday: We headed back to switch back from exchanges and it was pouring rain! Apparently it had poured all night long because as we were driving back, the roads were completely flooded, car lots had flooded to up past the cars hoods and tons of houses had flooded! We got home and it was raining so hard. later that morning we got a text that there were 7 or so families in the ward whose basements flooded. So we did service all day and helped people out and then we help out sister Christensen with tons of stuff and we dug trenches in the pouring rain so it was a long day but so worth it!

Thursday: we had weekly planning. Sister Lynch invested us over for lunch so we went and had lunch with her. Luckily it started to warm up so peoples houses were doing better. We did more planning that day and it was worth it. We had dinner that night with Judy Taylor and Natasha came with us. We watched Finding Faith in Christ and she loved it! She is getting so excited for her baptism.

Friday: It was awesome. We got to go to EFY on Friday. they asked the missionaries here to come to and help out at EFY and we did. Most nerve racking thing was the Zone Leaders calling 20 minutes before we were leaving to ask me to speak in front of all the kids! Ahh freaked out a little but it went well and all they ended up wanting was me to bear my testimony. All the missionaries then sung  "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and "Called to Serve" it was awesome! We then got to help out some of the youth by answering there questions that they get asked regularly! We then finished planning and then went and visited some of the widows in the ward.

Saturday: We were really busy and had a lot to do. Natasha had her baptismal interview and it was amazing! You couldn't have asked for a better thing she was so happy when she came out she told us she just wanted to dance! It was so cute. Later that day we had dinner with the Clark's. Thee daughter leaves on her mission this week for the Chec Republic so we were giving her advice on everything it was so cool to talk to her! 

Sunday; Busy again as always we had choir and church that morning.... Then we had a lesson with Kay and Donna they are leaving for a month on a trip but they are still wanting to meet with us when they get back. They were so sweet and they are honestly seeking truth and so its really cool to see and watch they faith grow in small steps. We had dinner with the Grimshaws who I found out sister Grimshaw is April's ( Trisha's sister) Best friend and she Knows Matt and Trisha! They stayed with them I think a few times Crazy right! haha we were so excited! Later that night we visited a few families that have been participating in the 40-day fast and it had been so amazing to hear there experiences with it and feel of the spirit that comes with it! 

Its been amazing to see the hand of the Lord in this work. He it the one who is leading it and I am so grateful that He has allowed me to be here and used me to be the best tool for this work that I can be. I am so grateful for the Atonement that has allowed me to become better and had been such a huge part of my life. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!


Sister Owsley

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mountain woMEN! 8/4

So this week has been a blast! We did so much and it has all been so much fun! I have seen so many miracles this week and it has been such a blessing of the Lord. The work is amazing here and Sister Bly and I (aha that rhymes!) came to the conclusion that Idaho is the best kept mission secret! Seriously though we get fed amazing dinner every night, we live in a huge apartment, we always get food payed for when we go out, the members here are amazing you cant walk anywhere without people stopping you and asking about where you are from and about your family its so amazing. And we are so blessed to do so many things here! I just love it! Monday: We emailed... sorry I missed you sounds like the family reunion was really fun though! We all go together in our Zone and Played volleyball then all the sisters came over to our apartment and we ate pizza and had a blast together! We had FHE with a amazing family in our ward and there 10 year old daughter planned it all out for us! it was so cute and it was so amazing to see how simply kids teach. It defiantly helped me learn some things! Tuesday: We came down to the mission office to talk to sister Curtis, but on our way here sister Bly's chain fell off ( this is the 4th time!) so we fixed it and made it here and after we talked with here Elder Burton took us over to the bike shop and fixed it up for her! yay for working bikes! Then Natasha (our investigator) texted us and asked us if we could come by and talk with er grandma and get the permission for her to be baptized. So we were kind of nervous because in the past when Natasha has asked to be baptized her grandma didn't really support her and isnt like the missionaries so we were really worried. We prayed and both just felt like we needed to be open and honest with her and not be afraid. So we got there and talked to her for a while. We brought up baptism and she told us that if it was something Natasha wanted she would let her! It was an amazing moment and we were able to see her heart soften just a little bit! We walked out of there so grateful for the miracles of the Lord ! It was amazing! We also went over to the Christensen's house who live right down the road from them and we were able to help them out with there animals and everything! (I just love it here) Wednesday: Best day Ever!!!! So we were able to go up to girls camp!!!! WOOOHOOOO we just got to go up for the day. It was awesome though. Natasha came with us, she wasn't allowed to go for the full week so we were able to bring her up with us for the day. It was beautiful up there the place was up by Alturas & Redfish Lake so it was gorgeous. It did pour most of the day and there was tones of thunder and lightning but none of us cared. We were able to go up with the other sisters that serve in our stake (it was stake camp!) and we had a blast! We got to play volleyball and do Archery with all the girls in our ward and then the Relief Society came up that night and had devotionals with all the girls Thursday: Less entertaining but we had to plan for the coming week and everything so it was a lot of inside stuff. We had dinner though with the Billings in the ward and they are hilarious and so nice! Sister Billings always texts us funny pictures and she is so funny so we had a lot of fun over there! Friday; We had Zone meeting on Friday so it was lots of meetings in the morning. Then we had a lesson with Natasha at Judy Taylor's house in the ward. it was so neat to see. Judy is a convert to the church so she as able to offer a lot of advice and answer a lot of unasked questions. Natasha just loved her and they were setting up a time to watch church movies together. It was so great for Natasha to have someone who could be like a grandma to her and support her in this because some of her family really doesn't. Saturday: It was busy in the morning we had to get ot the computers to get some stuff done for Natasha baptism, the ward activity and our weekly reports all had to be done in the morning. We then met Natasha at the stake baptism because she knew one of the families whose daughter was being baptized! So we went with her. We came out of the baptism and I got on my bike and the front tire was completely flat and it had a fish hook stuck in it! So we started walking home and tender mercies the zone leaders were driving by they stopped and pumped up my bike tire enough to get home and then they came by and fixed it. We then had to go get some invitations printed for Natashas baptisms. After that we helped sister Mclaw in our ward paint her kitchen and she fed us dinner then we went to a baptism that night for the other sister s and Natasha came with us again! yAH 2 BAPTISM IN 1 DAY! So it was a really packed day! Sunday: We had church and ward council so it was an early morning. I love fast Sundays though because of the spirit that it brings into church. All of the lessons were so inspired and exactly what I needed to hear! In Re life society they talked about finding joy and how we do that in our lives! Later that day we had a lesson with Kay and & Donna they are baptist preachers so it always is fun but Judy Taylor came with us and she was amazing she was so inspired and we felt the spirit so strong. I had read a really great article in the ensign this week and it was talking about "act on this land" in the talk it said 2 things that had really stood out to me. The first was that we have to "act on this land for years " meaning we have to act as though we will be here forever, it hit me that whatever happens and whatever will happen I have to act for now as though nothing will ever change. The Second one was talking about the children of Israel and wandering though the wilderness and how they never knew what was going to happen sometimes they would be in an amazing place but only get to stay there for a short time or they would be in a horrible place for a long time. It struck me that no matter what circumstance I am in I need to be grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with and be thankful in all things. Its amazing the Lord knows what we need and I am so blessed for my mission and the beautiful gospel that I am a part of! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley

Here, there.... everywhere 7/28

Big week of changes here! Its crazy to think how fast mission time goes and how little time I have left. Its always weird the week of transfers because you start off the week one way with one companion and end the week completely different and with another companion! Sister Martineau got off good she is back in Shelly now and Sister Bly made it safely back here from Minnesota. So this week... Monday: we had P day and we had a zone activity with about 20 missionaries. We all went down to CSI (the college down here in Twin) and we played sand volleyball which was really fun but it started to rain on us so we had to head home. Also sister Martineau hurt her ankle pretty bad and she was hurting bad the rest of the day. We had dinner with the Middletons who are Natasha'a fellow shippers. we had a lesson with her and she is getting really excited for her baptism next month. Tuesday: We had to come to the mission office for sister Martineaus interview with president and so we were there for a while and we got to talk to some of the outgoing missionaries. Afterwards we went home and sister Martineau had to sit for a while we found out that day too that she had hurt her ankle pretty bad and so we had to be really careful. We did end up going out to visit some families and so sister Martineau could say bye. Wednesday: We had to down at the mission office at 9:30 so we were up earlier. It was really cool because a lot of people were getting transferred and so I was able to see a lot of people and its always fun to see the other missionaries. So We went to the store right after because sister Bly needed somethings and grocery's. I don't know if I told you but she was on her mission for 6 moths and then she tore her ACL and had to go home for 6 months and she just came back out so she came straight to the mission field from Minnesota. She is really awesome though and we have tons of fun. We went and washed a sister car in our ward for her where we totally got soaking wet. which was good because it was so hot outside! Then we had dinner with the Clarks in our ward who daughter is going on a mission to the Chec Republic. We then went and visited some of our auxiliaries for the rest of the night. Thursday: We had a lesson that morning with our investigator Kay. Who is a preacher. We actually had a really great lesson with her and her heart is softening she is really listening to what we have to say and has a lot of questions. After that we were biking home and we saw one of our widowed sisters working on her yard so we stopped and helped her. She then fed us lunch and we talked to her for a while. Her husband passed away just a few months ago so we visit her a lot lately. We then went home and had to finish weekly planning and Sister Bly had to unpack. Friday: We had district meeting in the morning and then we went to Dickies for lunch. The funniest part was that on the way to district meeting Sister Bly's tire was flat we thought that we could just pump it up after we got there and it would be fine. So after the meeting the elders pumped it up and so we started riding over to lunch and the tire just kept getting more and more flat haha and so whenever she went over a bump the chain would fall off too Haha. we got to lunch and we thought that we might be able to fix it but after we came out the tire was completely flat and so we went over to a car repair place and they filled the tire up enough that we could get home, but the tire was so flat the chin fell of 3 time so needless tho say it took a long time and an even longer time because we were laughing so hard. so we got home and the sisters in our district came over and talked to us for a while about somethings. It was nice getting together with them especially after the transfer. then more unpacking for Sister Bly Saturday: We came down and cleaned the church building with the other missionaries then we had to do some paperwork. We then went over to Natasha's and had another lesson with her and she keeps getting more and more excited about baptism. and its amazing to see her progress. We then went to Delsa's she is our 92 year old less active that we love visiting! She is an amazing person and she always has some funny life lesson when we go over this time its how they need to make houses that don't look like paper boxes?... haha they are always funny! Sunday: Sunday was great we Sister Bly did an awesome job with getting to know everyone and remembering people we have been having a lot of success with the members helping us out with our missionary work. Funny thing after church we came out and sister Blys front tire was completely flat ( on Friday it was the back one). We were laughing so hard. we took it to a members house that was close and they are fixing it for her. We then had lunch with a member, then we had dinner with the Christensen's and I had biscuits and gravy for the first time! It wasn't that bad I actually kind of liked it. we then helped her feed there animals and sister Bly was in heaven. Its been really fun this week and I just love this work more! Its sometimes hard and the days and long and sweaty but they are so worth it and I love serving people and I get to do it all day here and I wouldn't trade my mission for the world! love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley ________________________________________

Monday, July 21, 2014

Time for Transfers!

So its that time again. I feel like transfers go by so fast and weeks fly by like nothing! So Sister Martineau is leaving... that was expected. I am staying here and I am getting a new companion... Sister Bly! She is coming back... she left for 6 moths because she tore her ACL and so she gets to come back now and its going to be so much fun and I am super excited! Its sad so see sister Martineau go home but she has been so awesome we have had lots of fun and she is so excited to go home and go to school and what not.. so i am excited for her! This week though we have see this area just start to explode its about to take off and I am so excited! We found a new investigator this week! Her name is Kay and she is a really nice older lady, the catch is that she is a preacher ant the 1st Baptist church. She had a lot of questions when we went by and talked with her but she told us we could come back and at the end of our lesson she said she had learned a lot form us so I think we were able to clear up some misconceptions about the church. She really is nice and I learned a lot of the scriptures form her. it amazes me how much I learn from other people. Its been so cool and we have a return appointment with her tonight! This week we were also able to teach Natasha we were able to meet with her twice and Its been so amazing to see her grow and develop such a love for the gospel she is so excited for seminary and doing baptism at the temple. We were also able to have another lesson with her at the temple and it was so powerful! I feel so blessed to live so close to the temple we can literally see it from outside our window! Its amazing to think of all the blessings that come from this gospel and how much it has blessed my life. I feel so lucky to be here on a mission there are really hard time but its so worth it. I love my mission and wouldn't trade it for the world. Long days where you get really hot and sweaty from riding a bike and no one is answering... totally worth it though! I am looking forward to this next transfer and the growth that will happen! Love you all and hope you all have an amazing week! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley

Keep on , Keeping on 7/14

Transfers are coming up next week so Sister Martineau will be leaving :( so sad we have had so much fun and I have seen her grow so much this past transfer and It will be sad to see her go but she is going on to bigger and better things. She has been an awesome missionary and its been so amazing to see her grow. This week has been really great the work really is about to take off here like never before! We have our 1st investigator and this week we committed her to baptism and she said YES! We are so excited for Natasha! We also have quite a few people who we are going to start teaching and we can really tell that they are being prepared and they all want and have desires to be baptized! its so amazing to see the Lord's hand in this work even when it seems hopeless the work of the Lord will go forth. Some note worthy things this week were defintley Sister M getting in a bike wreck! on Saturday we were on our way home from cleaning the church building and she hit the curb pretty hard and she got some really bad leg injuries. Luckily Twin is full of awesome Mormon people so people stopped immediately and we got lots of help! We also have been working a lot with the members of our ward and they are really helping us out and it has been amazing. they are so kind and have such a desire to share the gospel and they are being presented with the opportunities! We are getting ready to kick off missionary work in the ward. We have Elder Allen coming into town this week and he is going to speak in our ward and then we are going top do a 40 day fast fro missionary work! and we are so excited for that! Our entire mission is also going to fast for missionary work on the 7th of September. The Lord is preparing the people here and this is really going to help the missionary work here! Well there isn't much else going on here right now We are working really hard and seeing the blessing come flooding in. I love you and hope all is going well! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beach Bum in Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho Temple

So its heating up A LOT here! Im talking in the 100's daily and this cali girl loving it and missing the beach.. But the work is heating up too finally! We got our first investigator this last week! So stoked! Her name is Natasha an she is 15 years old and so excited she has taken lessons before and she is really wanting to be baptized! Woohoo we are going over there today top start teaching her! Can you tell how excited by all my exclamation points!! ah it was to great after the crazy week had. Monday we had p-day and it was fun. We had a unexpected change in plans and ended up going this week to the temple and it was really awesome we almost didn't make it but the Lord knew we needed to be there and we got there just in time (so embarrassing) It was really great and It helped me so much this week. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for and it seems that it is different than what i was planning but I know with His help I can do all things. Wednesday we we had a lot of catching up to do on planning and so we did a lot of that. Thursday we had Zone meeting and so we were able to talk about the changes that are coming and have come to missionary work once again. We now teach all 5 lessons before and after baptism! and we are getting Ipads. So we talked a lot about how we can better prepare people to go to the temple and help them progress to making those covenants. Friday was the 4th of was kind of a crazy day that morning we had a stake breakfast that we went to and it was really good.. fantastic Mormon standard pancakes! Afterward Sister Martineau had to meet with President Curtis and talk to him for a while so we spent some time over at the mission office. We had more planing to do so we went home and did that. A ton of our ward was out of town so it was hard to go and talk to people.  We did go over to a widow in the ward sister Martin and hung out with her she let us pick some carrots in her garden and then we ate a watermelon with her out on her back grass with spoons,this woman is 86 and is still up and moving she is so amazing! We came home later that night and when we got home it was weird. We came home and did planning and what not both Sister Martineau got a really weird feeling and we talked about how our apartment felt off so we decided to pray.. we then went out side and watched fireworks(which is funny here because you can just buy them everywhere so we could just sit in the front and watch them) the crazy part is when we came back inside we got the biggest prompting that we needed to get out so we ended up calling the sister training leaders and they picked us up and we stayed the night at there house so sort of an impromptu sleep over! We went back the next morning though and we got the hose blessed and it has been better the spirit of the Lord is way stronger!Sunday was awesome though because we went over to the Hamilton for dinner and they had there granddaughter in town with all her roommates from BYU-I so it was really cool to talk to them We also went and visited Sister Taylor in the ward and she is wanting to be a missionary so we were able to help her a lot. But the best part is that we went over to the Middleton and met with there friend and she wants to be baptized!!!!!! Ah we were to excited we have a lesson with her tonight and are so excited she is going to come to girls camp this year and is so excited I has taken a while but the Lord is and will continue to prepare people here Its so amazing!!! Hope all is going well this week!!

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