Tuesday, December 2, 2014

One Year......in Burrrrrley!

yup it getting colder that for sure!! 

This week has been CRAZY! between transfers (so spending the first half of the week in Twin and the second half in Burley), Thanksgiving, and trying to remember names I have been wiped! anyways last Monday was good it was weird though because all of the departing missionaries were at the mission office while we were there.! It was good though we got to say bye to them! We had dinner with the Folkmans in the ward and then we went and picked up Sister Walker form the mission home. She was leaving to go home but not till Wednesday so they needed to stay with some missionaries in the mean time and so they asked sister Bly and I. So she came over and we had a sleepover in the front room. We pulled out the mattresses and crashed there.:) Tuesday we visited a ton of people so I could say bye to them.  We had Lunch with Judy Taylor who took us and we got Buffalo Wild Wings which I have never had so it was humorous to everyone else! haha then we had dinner with the Mclaws and Billings who took us to the really good Mongolian grill in Twin! So MUCH Fun I miss those families so much! so That whole night I packed and got everything together. Wednesday was transfer meeting to we had to get there early... I might have cried when I left ans sister Bly stayed :( so sad to leave that girl miss her a ton too!! Oh and I also got to see the Ogaurds from Mountain Home!!! AHH IT WAS SO COOL! Sister Ritchel my new companion is great though. She and I came out at the same time last year and she served int he same ward in Twin Falls right before I got there so we got catch up! She is awesome and we have been doing really well and she has already helped me a ton! Wednesday night we went out and met some people in the ward and It been great seriously I can complain I have been so blessed to have such great and welcoming wards! Thursday was thanksgiving so wow did we eat a lot of food. 2 full thanksgiving dinners and desserts and snacks. Wow I was FULL! it was fun though I got to know a lot more members of the ward and they were all so welcoming to me even though they had never met me! Thursday was fun  we played a lot of Board games and we were able to have a fun time. with everyone's family! Friday was again Just meeting a lot of people and same with Saturday. so nothing too exciting. We do get to help out with this festival of trees this week which is a big deal here so I am excited for that we are helping them set up for there big Gala which obviously is like my favorite thing in the world to do so I'm pretty stoked. Church here is great. We cover 2 wards so I'm getting back in that mind set right now. Really its been a good week. Just a lot of Adjusting! this transfer is really going to fly by because we have so much packed into it. Between Christmas and New years and thanksgiving we are living up the holiday spirit! But I am so grateful for it. Also I don't know if yo all know yet but the Church has come out with the He Is The Gift and it s a great video and seriously watch it tit is amazing its at Christmas.Mormon.org and it is AMAZING! I love being a missionary at this time of year because people are so much more in tune with the spirit and searching for that spirit, and Miracles always happen this time of year. So I am really excited to be here and It just a new adventure!! love you all and really hope you Thanksgivings were great! 



Sister Owsley 

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