Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Who needs running water?? Dec 8th

So this week was ....interesting! I guess We had a good start to the week. We went and had a district activity last Monday and wee all just played board games and what not. That night we had FHE with the Herraras and we went to he Burley light parade #smalltown it was literally like 5 minutes haha I was dying #10,000population. Then we had dinner with the Dowdels. Tuesday we had district meeting It was actually really good we were able to talk about a lot the blessings that come to us because of the restoration of the gospel. Then the sisters came over and we were able to do some christmas lessons. I got to meet Taylor Little,She is awesome and she is so sweet! We had dinner with our ward mission leader that night then we went out with him and contacted some people in the are. Seriously this is like the best time of year to talk to people because they are so open to the gospel! Wednesday sister Ritchel wasn't feeling well so we staying in for a while Then we got to Contact a lady named who the sisters have been teaching and we talked to her forever about her job as a special ED teacher ( thanks to sister Bly I actually knew a little of what she was talking about) We went to the Whittacers and helped the decorate for Christmas! YAY! Then had dinner with the Bishop in 8th ward. Thursday was crazy,But it was sister Ritchels and my ONE YEAR mark! We had a district service project to help with the Festival of trees here, then the sister Macdonald and Patterson took us out to ice cream. Also Sister Mclaws (from Twin) came and took us out to lunch!! Ahh so Excited. After that we had to weekly plan, that night though sister Palmer an widowed lady in the ward took us out to dinner at Steve-o's which is so goo ... Im creating a detailed list of great places to eat here in Idaho! haha Then we went home and weekly planned more, then we went over to the Farfans who we live with and the indulged us and we got to burn Tights for our 1 year.. haha pictures to follow. The elders stopped by too and were super jealous so they burned stuff too. Friday was.... uh good. That morning we had an early breakfast with the stake president here President Loveland and it was so good and they are so nice!! We then went to a members house with the sister and worked out then we came home. Unfortunately though there was no running water at home because they had to dig up the back yard to look at plumbing so we had to wait to shower. Well while we were waiting sister ritchel came to see that her ankle had swollen up and so we had to go see a dr. She has a pretty bad sprained ankle and she also is having problems with her hip.. so to make a long story short we haven't been able to do much else this week the resat of our days consisted of dr. appt and what not so she can figure out whats going on because they said there was a bigger problem. So Keep her in your prayers hopefully well get some answers! Sorry this was so short nothing too exciting but it going good and we are figuring a lot out and the work here is amazing and growing seriously such a change from my last area. Love you all so much!! 



Sister owsley

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