Monday, January 12, 2015

Oh the weather outside is......actually really nice!! 12/15/14

So this week has been so long but at the same time so much fun!! Seriously I don't think I have ever been to so many Christmas parties before! But I really cant complain its been so much fun and I am finally starting to get into the habit here now and adjusting to life here in Burley. Its a really great place... small... but so fun. Like really though this place looks like it came out of a Hallmark Christmas movie! With main street all decorated in lights (Ill have to send Pictures) and where everyone knows everyone! haha But there is so much work to be done here and we have been seeing so many blessings come! 
Monday: So on Monday we had breakfast that morning with all the missionaries here at the Gibbons house (he is in our mission presidency) they do this every month and sister Gibbons makes the best homemade biscuits ever!  we had a district activity and so we had a bonfire at a members house and roasted marshmallows and played games haha you would have thought it was summer! The weather here has been so nice and basically like home I'm talking like 60s everyday! haha that night we had FHE again with the Dowdels and we helped her get some secret Santa stuff ready for Christmas! 
Tuesday: Sister Ritchel still hasn't been doing good and we are still trying to get answers as to her foot and if she really broke it or sprained it. so that morning we went and did service for the relief society in the 8th ward. Which I have to say was so funny!! they are a hoot and have been so welcoming and fun, its like home! haha so we helped wrap potatoes (SHOCKER! I know) and cut lettuce for the ward Christmas party on Wednesday. Then we had lunch as a district at the Farfans and ordered pizza and what not since we didn't have district meeting this past week. The we went and had a lesson with Taylor and we talked to her, She is really amazing and I am so in awe with how strong of a person she is! Later that afternoon we went and delivered invites to the ward party to some of our less-active and investigators to try to get the to come and we were able to meet with he Hoskins who are less active. It was awesome because sister Hoskins came to the party and when we went over to visit them they were so nice, and showed us all around there house and they are collectors... not like the scary kind... like the really cool kind. I told brother Hoskins that him and Dad would get along because his collections consist of jet skis and boats and RV's hahah! We had dinner then we went and helped out at the church to set up the tables for the Christmas party that night. 
Wednesday: So The next three days were the busiest days ever i think I went home Exhausted everyday! So we went to the Church building at 10 that morning and spent most the day at the Church helping with the Christmas party for the night. We also later that afternoon went over and finished helping sister Dowdel with her Secret Santa things. Then went back to the church to help finish up then spent that night at the party and cleaning up. haha But seriously these wards have crazy parties I love it. The ward party that night was themed a Christmas Carol so they had the whole Christmas carol acted out! Crazy but it was really fun and I got meet a whole lot more people that way so it was a success. 
Thursday: We had the mission wide Christmas party! haha I had been looking forward to that  for like the past 3 weeks! haha Its was fun because we  got to see ALL the missionaries from the mission. Got to see sister Bly :) ahah but it was so much fun. We had a whole zone conference before and then they had a talent show and then a devotional with Elder Allen of the 70. It was a packed day from 1-8 pm and we had to get up there early so it was a LONG day but so much fun! 
Friday: Was the day of the 9th wards Christmas party so we again headed over to the Church at 10 and spent the whole day there helping set up. We also had a lesson, well was going to have a lesson, with Dakota. He is 10 and his whole family are members except for him so the sisters were teaching him because he wanted to be baptize... when we went over though he told us that he was to busy to meet. so kind of disappointing but we are going to try to meet again with him this coming week. Well that night we had the party and it was great we got a lot of people to the party and a lot of good came out of it. They had a funny little talent show and they had Santa come and everything.. even a hot chocolate bar!! we got to run it too and I'm talking Stephens hot chocolate! it was awesome! 
Saturday: We were busy we had a lesson Saturday morning with Karen and Dorthy Norton. Karen is about 50 and Dorthy I think is 90 something but they are amazing women who are really seeking after the gospel and want to be baptized. Karen has been through a lot this last year and so she is working really hard to become better and the person Heavenly Father wants her to be. I love teaching them because they are so ready and Karen has the biggest heart in the world and is really seeking after it! We had lunch and then we had to weekly plan to get all caught up for the coming week. We had dinner with the Kays who own Papa Kelsey's here in Burley ( its a sandwich shop here) and so they took us to dinner there. The  we had to correlate with our ward mission leader then we went home. Sunday: Sunday we saw so many miracles happen. We got Greg to stay for gospel Principals, we had Sonya a less-active who has never been to church ( because of health issues) come! Her daughter came to town do she asked her to bring her! also we heard about a YM who is not a member who asked the leaders if he could be baptized! and there were so many more we also had a stake Christmas concert last night and a non-member couple the Zimmermans came to the concert. They are amazing and they are so prepared for the gospel. I would have thought they were already members! So it was a great end top the week. We also went over tot he Farfans that night and she mad home-made chocolate chip cookies and we played board games and what not ( it was so much fun and like home!) haha 
This week was really great and a lot of really great things are coming and I am really excited for them and to be here at this time! I love you all and home that you have an amazing week


Sister Owsley

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