Monday, January 12, 2015

Short and Sweet (for all the sweets I've eaten this week!) 12/22/14

Well what can I say.. the month of December is either really really slow or really really busy. And unfortunately and fortunately we have had the later and been extremely busy and its been crazy this week! 
We have had so many things happen. We committed a baptismal date with like 3 people granted they all said they would think about it and we tried and have like 4 almost investigators but alas this is Christmas break and everyone is either out of town or doesn't want to be bothered because its christmas.. so ya. We had a difficult week but we also had a lot of good we are working with a lot of less actives and a lot of part member families that we have seen a progress with this last week. The Giles are in the 8th ward and she is a returned missionary and her husband is working on getting the melchizedek priesthood and being able to go to the temple next year and Joe and Jennine Maybe are another couple in the 9th ward who are the sweetest people. Joe isn't a member and has known missionaries for a while and Jennine has polio so it hard for her to come to church but they are amazing people and joe is so sarcastic so we got along really well!! (thanks dad!!) haha but we have been helping the ward a lot and we have seen so much progress with the ward and they are getting excited for missionary work and helping us out a lot! So really things are going well and we have been keeping really busy! Sorry this letter is so short! But not a lot to report on i guess. Haven't seen the sun for 3 day kind of a bummer and no snow just lots of rain. Seriously so nice having a car. I really feel so blessed right now to be here. There is so much good going on in the area its difficult at times and very stressful but it helps me know that i'm doing good here and I have been blessed by my Heavenly Father! Love you all and hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 



Sister Owsley

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