Monday, October 27, 2014

The Best Week Yet!

Ward Harvest party Hayride

Wow! I have no words for this week.. I will attempt to find some and do this week justice.
 We had such an amazing week and we are finding so much success in our small part of the vineyard.
Monday: we had an awesome P-day we went and played sand volleyball and ultimate Frisbee with our zone. Later that night we had dinner with Kay and Leslie. Kay is our investigator and Leslie is a Less active member who lives with her. We went over with Sister Albrecht in the ward who they love and we had lasagna. We were able to invite them to church and to the wards harvest party that weekend. Kay then took us over to her sisters house and we got to see this famous doll house that she made. It was neat though because we were able to talk to both of them about there families and about what are beliefs in families are. 
Tuesday:We had district meeting which was amazing . everyone was able to get up and talk about the Holy Ghost and the role that it plays in our missionary work individually. I was great because I was able to reflect on how the Spirit has guided me in my life and how it has help me to change, to help others, and to testify during my mission. It made me so much more grateful for the increase in the spirit that missionaries receive while they are serving . After lunch we went to physical Therapy for sister Bly. Her tech that was working with her though isn't a member of the church and She asked us a lot of questions about our missions and what we do. It turned into a great chance to plant a seed and she was to nice it was great just being able to talk about our missions. It makes me really thankful that I am serving and have a purpose when people ask. After we went over to the Billings and help her out with some signs for there party this coming week. We had a lesson with Kamryn who is 8 years old but her family just moved into the ward and they are Less active. We went over to meet them a few weeks ago and they asked if we could teach there daughter the lessons before she got baptized. (Which is this coming Saturday Nov. 1) obviously we said yes and we have been teaching her for a while now. She is amazing and we just love going over there she makes us feel like rock stars. The other day we came in and were talking to her mom and she came up to us and just " OH MY GOODNESS.. you are beautiful!" haha we laughed but it was the sweetest thing! After that we went back over to the Billings for dinner and we had lemon poppy seed pancakes. DELICIOUS! 
Wednesday: We had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. I left our area and went with Sister Wright to hers. Spent the whole day in the college ward. It was good though and we had fun... always ready to go back to our area though.
Thursday: That Morning we went over to Judy Taylor's house in our ward to drop off somethings to her. We ended up staying for a while and talking to her about her mission. She is putting in her papers right now to serve a single sisters mission so she was asking us about something and we  had lunch with her. We had a lesson later that day with Natasha. She is doing so amazing and she is trying her hardest. I love that girl so much and she is am amazing young women! We had another lesson with Kamryn after that and we had dinner with the Robinson, They made us homemade Thai (thigh?) food. SO SO SO GOOD!! and no they are not oriental just really good cooks! 
Friday: We went over to the barn and Helped the Billing for a few hours. It looking so good and I cant wait to send pictures next week of the party!! Had dinner with the Tolleys.... brace yourself for soup season! 
Saturday: Crazy busy day! We went to the other sisters baptism that morning. David our investigator was supposed to come but he had gotten really sick. I think  I forgot to mention that David has a baptismal date... for THIS WEEKEND!!!AHAHA so excited for him! We had lunch and then we had to go practice our song for Sunday... yuppppp sang in church! That night though our ward had there harvest party. Which was so much fun Im talking Hayrides, chili cook-off, pumpkin carving, and geocaching! It was a blast and we had a lot of non-members show up! Miracles! 
Sunday: Best day ever! We had 3 non-members show up and 1 recent convert and 1 less active! I sang in church and it was actually pretty good. The lessons were all amazing too! David came to church and so did KAY!!! And leslie. We also got a new investigator Alvin He is a foreign exchange student from mainland China. It was so cool teaching him though! 
This week was amazing lot of hard things happened but it really never outweighs the good! LOve you all and hope you have a good week!



Sister Owsley

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best in the West

Such a good week! So excited that I get to stay here in Twin for another 6 weeks. We have been  having so much success. we had some ward missionaries called to help us out and we have been meeting and going out with them and getting to know a whole lot more people in the ward that way!
Monday: We had p-day and we played football... more like I watched people play football ( hand-eye coordination ZERO!) That night though we had a lesson with our investigator Kay she is amazing. Her friend Leslie was there and they invited us over for dinner so we are going tonight to have dinner with them. They are awesome though and we are really glad that we get to teach them. We had Family Home Evening with the Quinton's in our ward. there son is a senior and getting ready to go o a mission so we were able to talk a lot about mission prep! 
Tuesday: We were really busy helping some of the missionaries who were leaving and the new ones coming in. We were down at the mission office for a while helping get set up. We got to meet with sister Christensen who is now a ward missionary an go over some things with her and set a time to go out with her. Had dinner with the Smiths who invited some people to come for dinner WOOT WOOt! Proactive member missionaries! Stake meeting that night...
Wednesday: TRANSFERS! We had to go the office again and help out for a while then we had to go to the Computers so sister Bly could figure out schooling. and she had Physical therapy. We did have and amazing dinner and lesson with a new family in the ward that night. The Soloagas moved in about 3 months ago and they were less active and we finally got there address and figured out they were in our ward. so we stopped by last week and met them and they asked if we could teach there daughter all the lessons before she is baptized in November! Answer to prayers. They are amazing and they have started coming to church and the mom has gotten a calling! We are so excited and we love teaching them! We also had a lesson with David that night and eh is doing so well. He is getting closer to baptism. He met with Bishop Perry and he was able to calm a lot of his fears and help him. So we are excited top get a specific date for him to be baptized on!
Thursday: we went out with Sister Christensen and visited a ton of ladies in the ward inviting them to the activity that night. We were able to see some non-members to and invite them! We had dinner with the Kotters they just moved into the ward and she is very pregnant with her 3rd. they are so cute though and they both went to school in Rexburg so sister Bly and I had a lot to talk about with them. :) that night we had the Relief society activity and we had a lot of people come! They did a tips and tricks... so basically it was like live pintrest. which was great for missionaries without computers!
Friday: We had district meeting since the new missionaries had come in on Tuesday. After that we went and helped one of our members paint her backyard fence again since she just had a baby and they are getting ready to move possible. Crazy right?!?!? 
Saturday: We had a ton to do we went and cleaned the church building and then did some paperwork stuff for our Ward mission Leader. After Lunch we went and Helped out the Billings with there Halloween Party. Had dinner with our Bishop and was able to go over to the Albrechts. 
Sunday: We got to sing in church for the Choir (next week we have to do a duet.. don't think people believe me when I say I cant sing) Anyways we had dinner with the Hodges and they invited and Sister Taylor and her non-member cousin. we were able to have such a great conversation with her about missionary work. 
We have been having so much success and It been so much fun! Im am so glad that Sister Bly and I get to stay here. Love you all and hope that you week is amazing!



Sister Owsley

Monday, October 6, 2014


So this week has been pretty uneventful and so I apologize if this letter is short! Monday: we had P-day and we actually got a lot done and we were able to play lazer tag with our district... ya missionaries are actually really cool! ;) We had dinner with the Albrechts who are like my favorite people. They are like family like out here Tuesday: We had a pretty busy day. We helped some sisters move into a new house across town. We finally fixed our toilet seat! we helped sister Mclaws decorate for Halloween. (Which is my favorite!) We had a really good lesson with Natasha at one of our members houses which was amazing they totally welcomed her in and made her feel so at home! Wednesday: Sister Bly had physical therapy and then we delivered a lot of things to members. since sister Bly got injured we had been hoarding a lot of things that members had let us borrow so we visited a lot of members! Thursday: we had weekly planning. We also helped Judy Taylor take down so "hobo houses" in her backyard. haha well we called them that really all it was, was her trying to protect her tomatoes from the frost. (picture attached!) ahah it was hilarious! Later that day we visited a new family in the ward that is less active and we had such a great experience with them and they asked if we could come back and teach their daughter it was definitely a miracle! Friday: Was busy we had Zone meeting in the morning It was actually really good we talked about talking to everyone and building friendships with people. After that we cleaned the church building. That night we had a lesson with David who is doing so well. He is really excited and wants to be baptized! We are trying to find a good date that will work. He is so amazing and he was telling us he really wants to house the missionaries because he has a huge finished basement that he doesn't use! Ya we really couldn't ask for a better person! Saturday was awesome we went and watched conference at the stake center. I just love conference so much and I am so grateful that we have it . It is truly direction for our lives for the next 6 months. After the 2nd session we went and helped out sister Billings in our ward . they are throwing a HUGE Halloween party and its all circus themed and its in a really cool old barn. Mom and Sarah you would die its so cute! Sunday : we had breakfast and watched conference that morning at the Albrechts. It was just like home! Then for the afternoon we went to the Mclaws and watched it with them. They fed us dinner and we played some games with there family. the we had to go home and plan some things. LOVED CONFERENCE! It really amazed me this week how much conference means and how there is so much power that comes from hearing the inspiring messages! I love you all and hope you week was AMAZING! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater love, Sister Owsley