Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best in the West

Such a good week! So excited that I get to stay here in Twin for another 6 weeks. We have been  having so much success. we had some ward missionaries called to help us out and we have been meeting and going out with them and getting to know a whole lot more people in the ward that way!
Monday: We had p-day and we played football... more like I watched people play football ( hand-eye coordination ZERO!) That night though we had a lesson with our investigator Kay she is amazing. Her friend Leslie was there and they invited us over for dinner so we are going tonight to have dinner with them. They are awesome though and we are really glad that we get to teach them. We had Family Home Evening with the Quinton's in our ward. there son is a senior and getting ready to go o a mission so we were able to talk a lot about mission prep! 
Tuesday: We were really busy helping some of the missionaries who were leaving and the new ones coming in. We were down at the mission office for a while helping get set up. We got to meet with sister Christensen who is now a ward missionary an go over some things with her and set a time to go out with her. Had dinner with the Smiths who invited some people to come for dinner WOOT WOOt! Proactive member missionaries! Stake meeting that night...
Wednesday: TRANSFERS! We had to go the office again and help out for a while then we had to go to the Computers so sister Bly could figure out schooling. and she had Physical therapy. We did have and amazing dinner and lesson with a new family in the ward that night. The Soloagas moved in about 3 months ago and they were less active and we finally got there address and figured out they were in our ward. so we stopped by last week and met them and they asked if we could teach there daughter all the lessons before she is baptized in November! Answer to prayers. They are amazing and they have started coming to church and the mom has gotten a calling! We are so excited and we love teaching them! We also had a lesson with David that night and eh is doing so well. He is getting closer to baptism. He met with Bishop Perry and he was able to calm a lot of his fears and help him. So we are excited top get a specific date for him to be baptized on!
Thursday: we went out with Sister Christensen and visited a ton of ladies in the ward inviting them to the activity that night. We were able to see some non-members to and invite them! We had dinner with the Kotters they just moved into the ward and she is very pregnant with her 3rd. they are so cute though and they both went to school in Rexburg so sister Bly and I had a lot to talk about with them. :) that night we had the Relief society activity and we had a lot of people come! They did a tips and tricks... so basically it was like live pintrest. which was great for missionaries without computers!
Friday: We had district meeting since the new missionaries had come in on Tuesday. After that we went and helped one of our members paint her backyard fence again since she just had a baby and they are getting ready to move possible. Crazy right?!?!? 
Saturday: We had a ton to do we went and cleaned the church building and then did some paperwork stuff for our Ward mission Leader. After Lunch we went and Helped out the Billings with there Halloween Party. Had dinner with our Bishop and was able to go over to the Albrechts. 
Sunday: We got to sing in church for the Choir (next week we have to do a duet.. don't think people believe me when I say I cant sing) Anyways we had dinner with the Hodges and they invited and Sister Taylor and her non-member cousin. we were able to have such a great conversation with her about missionary work. 
We have been having so much success and It been so much fun! Im am so glad that Sister Bly and I get to stay here. Love you all and hope that you week is amazing!



Sister Owsley

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