Monday, June 22, 2015

It's The Final Countdown


crazy how time flies this week felt like both the longest and the shortest week of my mission (not exactly sure how that happens?)
This week was full of a lot of lasts and a lot of normal things actually haha:

Monday: We went hiking up ceder creek TWICE! ahah we went once in the morning with the Jones and the Ippolitos and Hank, and again with our district. It was super cool because It this massive waterfall that you can hike to the top of! 

Tuesday: We had our last district meeting which was pretty uneventful, we made tacos at the church as a district. We had to correlate with the Arco elders who are taking over our wards after we leave. The we went and did service with Carley at Jenns and almost finished the last room!! We had a lesson with Arlene and saw Fay that night as well

Wednesday: More service! We finished the last bedroom at Jenns house!! yay! Had a lesson that night with DJ and also had a really good Book of Mormon class with a good turnout! 

Thurday: Cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing..... I hate the dang rule about only have 50lbs in yoursuitcase! How am I supposed to fit 18 months of my life in 100 lbs???? Anyways...We got to see Macy hanks finally! We haven't seen her in FOREVER!! has the Leslie ward Relief Society activity which was helping to put together Fathers day treats then we went to the Freemans to drop off some things of her that we had, and sister Rabaut fixed her pool. It was kind of hilarious because all she really did was turn off the switch... haha

Friday:Visited and said by to Lula:( going to miss her so much! cleaned a little more. While we were home for lunch though a Jehovah's Witness stopped and knocked on our door and at first she didn't realize we were sister missionaries it was funny when it finally dawned on her! haha but she was super nice and we had a good conversation with her about missionary work and the things that we have learned on our missions. But it was a good talk! We had dinner with Sister Nelson at Sammy's and then met up with the Arco elders to go over more things they needed to know and then we had them meet some people in Leslie (so they weren't completely lost! haha ) 

Saturday: TENDER MERCIES!! So Saturday was the big Mackay Rodeo (which we couldn't go to) But we went to the Parade that morning and got to stop and talk to a ton of people and see a ton of people there too!! We sat with Jenn and Rose and we got to meet some new people who were in town. I also got to get in contact with the Pahris (from Mountain Home) they had come up for the weekend and knew I was there and got a hold of us. They came to church the next day and I got to see them!! Got to see and say by to Donna Vaughan and have smores with and say bye to the Sayers! It was awesome there were so many Tender Mercies that day and we had a blast! 

Sunday: Fathers Day! We got to speak in Leslie on Sunday... about father so of course there were a lot of tears and what not! It was really awesome DJ came to church as well as JEN!!!! :) and the Pharis were there it was really cool to have all these people there that I knew and have come to love. Dad will be proud we went to The Quinn's for dinner/lunch with the Quinns and Hennessys and the summers and we smoked a pork!!! :) made me so happy :) we got to hang out with them and have a good last Sunday! We went around that night and said by to the Goldthorps and the Hintzis. It weird I still don't feel like I am leaving yet! 

so that was our week in a nutshell. It been good and I really just cant believe that its done! What the?!?! I have come to love it here so much and love the people I cannot put into words the things that I have learned! I hope that I have grown and changed into the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. I am by no means done I have a long way to go and a lot to learn still but I will forever be grateful for the things I have learned here and the testimony that I have gained! 

Here is a short part of my email to president today:

President Curtis,

Well its the end. I have so much going through my head right now! Its been an interesting week, full of ups and downs and lots of lasts. We were asked this week to speak in sacrament meeting and it was about Fathers but it was interesting that I came upon a few scriptures that have helped me the last few days to remember the things that I have learned. In 2 Nephi 22:2 it says "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation."  The last part, BECOME my salvation in what I hope I have done on my mission, allowed the Lord to become a part of me and that he can trust in me to do what he wants. I know I have fallen so short of that, but I also know that just because my mission ends doesn't mean my progression should ever end. I hope that I have changed, more than I anything I hope I have changed into a disciple of Jesus Christ and that people can see Him through me.

Sister Owsley



Sister Owsley

Friday, June 19, 2015

One week More 6/15

Happy P-Day Everyone!! 

This week hasnt been that eventful but Ill fill ya in nevertheless! 

Monday: We had yet again another P-day where we just started at each other! Yup livin the dream. Well sister Rabaut and I decided to demand that we have a district activity at least once! so today we hare going hiking twice. Once with the Ippotios and Jones and once with the District! so stoked! Well we saw the Hennesays that and thet about wrapped up that day! 

Tuesday: We had district meeting! and dinner with the Williams that night. W e had a lesson with Lily and Dj Fullmer. They are doing really well and are warming up to us teaching them. I think its harder in the summer to teach because everyone just wants to be outside! that night we helped out at YW and helped them learn how to tie knots and find clouds haha Putting all those years of girls camp to use!! 

Wednesday:We did service with Jenn and Carley Staining doors and painting trim! Sister Rabaut even did some pluming. We have decided with our combined knowledge we could build a house! haha Had Book of Mormon class that night and saw Arlene.

Thursday: We cleaned out house ALL day! So we are moving out and the church is no longer going to have missionaries living in our house so we got the lovely job of cleaning a year and a half of stuff out of an apartment! and we keep getting phone calls about how the landlords are really picky so we have been cleaning like mad! We did have dinner with the Ippolitios that night which was fantastic!

Friday: We did service in the morning at the senior center with Arlene and then went and did more service with Jen and it involved a 100 degree weather and moving really heavy cabinets! YAY! haha I will say i am so happy that it is FINALLY warming up here! haha So happy!  *knock on wood!* Saw Fay and The Rosencrantz that night too! :)

Saturday: Cleaning again!!! GAHH I was so done with it at that point!
We had dinner with the Hintzis and a lesson with the Gentrys that night!!! yaay!! we haven't been able to meet with them in forever! so we were able to talk with them and they are still planning on getting married which is good! I just wish they would come to church because I know it would help them so much! Oh well all you can do is encourage them!

Sunday: We got to teach singing time in Primary!! Which involved popping a lot of balloons! It was so much fun and was a blast for our last week here in the Mackay ward! We Went over to the Kaplans that night and were able to have a really good conversation with sister Kaplan. We also went and saw Arlene that night and the Rosencrantz! to top off the night though we went to the Hintzis house and they showed us all of there baby animals currently they have baby lambs, goats, chicks, geese, and a new puppy... ya it was heaven! Sister Heintzi thanked us for the service we do here and shared her conversion story with us! It was cool to see how much she has opened up to us since the 1st time we came over!! 

I love this gospel and how much it has changed me! I cant believe i have just 9 days left its crazy! Its been filled with a lot of good times and bad. I can honestly say though that I have learned and have grown so much! I have learned more about my Savior and his atonement and how its not only for sinner but for saints! I have come to the the people here and I will always have a place in my heart for them! Hope you all have an amazing week! Love you all!!


Sister Owsley

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Adam fell that man might be and men are that they might have P-days 6/8

(So the reasoning behind my title is the fact that we have been trying to plan a P-day activity with the other missionaries forever because we are sick of just staying in all the time so we are in process of planning a great P-day activity)

So this week was a busy one! We have been doing a lot of service and seeing a lot of people and getting back in the groove of things after our crazy last few weeks! haha Time seems to just be flying by and going slow all at the same time! (only 2 more letter after this!) Crazy! Its been good though, Its amazing! Its never to late to change or continue to improve I am still beyond perfect and have a long way to go and I am glad I still have time to change and become better! 
Last Monday... shocker it rained!!! gahhh ahaha we did have a break in it in which we washed our car and was able to finally do that!! haha then we were able to go over to the Hennesy's.
Tuesday: We did service with Jennifer Quinn and helped her stain a ton of cabinets and also helped sister VanLewven sort through clothes... so lots of service! We had dinner at the Fullemers and we able to have a mini lesson on the Holy ghost with there Grand kids who we are teaching. Read the Book of Mormon with Arlene, and had a lesson with sister Kaplan.
Wednesday: MORE SERVICE!!! haha We cleaned sister kaplans front room.....ya....and washed her dog... well sister Rabaut did that! haha then we did service with Carley and helped her get pictures of this so she can sell them online... (sound familar mom?) haha we had dinner at the Goldthorps and then went to the T-ball game with them haha. Then we had a really good Book of Mormon class where we talked a lot about agency and using it wisely. We also contacted a referral that night (the hoovers) and she is from Michigan just like sister Rabaut and so they had a lot to relate about that! She was so sweet to us and asked us a lot about our missions which was funny because she knew all the "Lingo" haha She has a lot of LDS friends and so she knew a lot about missionaries!! 
Thursday: Weekly planning......One more left now thats what I keep telling myself to get through them....We had dinner with the Haroldsens and we had steak...I know its that exciting but it all I got.... hahah then we had a lesson that night with Liliy and DJ Fulmer and they are getting BAPTIZED !! on June 20th right before we leave!! YAY!!! 
Friday: Zone meeting..... so long>... last one though so it was kind of sad! we did have dinner with the summer and got to go to a BBQ in Mackay #stillrainingthoguh haha and we had another Lesson with Arlene she is doing amazing and is working really hard at coming back to church!!
Saturday:We Had our Baptism!!!! it was awesome and the girls were so excite! there whole family came even there dad and grandparents who aren't members!! YAY!! love it!! haha the rest of the day we basically spent the day at the Ives helping them with a birthday party! and we had dinner with them as well! 
Sunday: It was good! Fast Sundays are always good! We got to go over and see Donna Vauhgn a Non-member. She was so sweet and told us that we better stay in contact after we leave! It was awesome so see how much her heart has been softened. We had dinner with the Ippolitos who we haven't seen in a while! it was good to get caught back up with them! Jimmy told em I should be a stand up comedian... I told him probably not since I rarely have a filter... haha Yup! 

good week! keeping busy and doing good! :)

Love you all have an awesome week!! 


Sister Owsley


1) Idahoism..." dont like our weather wait 5 minutes"  
2)We were in the car and Rose (the hennesys daughter) and I was talking and she turned to me and said "you need to be quiet" and then I said " oh Im sorry. will you forgive me?" and she said " um... no" haha we were laughing so hard!
3) we were inside at lunch and we look out and a kid has his sheep on a leash and ins walking it....yup totally normal right?
4) yup we weekly planned on the coffee table with whiteboard markers haha #werecool!
5) So the piano at the Zone meeting is an ancient electric piano that got stuck on the organ setting....ya it turned "Love One Another" Into a funeral march! haha

6) So sister Rabaut and I have decided to make vidoes counting down the 25 days till we go home...yup.... were cool 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Just Call Me Nurse Owsley 6/1

Well this week has been Hectic!!! I feel like have spent more time in Twin Falls then here in Mackay, which makes for a crazy week.
 Monday... it rained...again... so done with it! haha We spent the day inside because sister Rabaut way in a ton of pain and couldn't leave .
 Tuesday we had to drive to Twin and sister Rabaut woke up feeling worse and in a whole lot more pain than the day before. She had an infection in her lower back ( I have no clue how that happens..) but she had to ride in the back of the car all the way to Twin on her stomach and me and the couple that was taking us all rode in the front of there car.... not the first way I could suggest to gain member trust...hahah Well we got to the mission home and the mission doctor hooked her up to some antibiotics and what not, I ate and then I went to the temple with the Fullmers ( the couple that brought us down) I seriously love the temple though and It was so good to go! Well we came back after the temple and the mission doctor and sister Curtis were just about to leave to take sister Rabaut to the Other doctor at 9:30 at night. Well ends up she had something way worse and had to have a minor out-patient surgery.... ya... haha sister Curtis and I were laughing that her and I have spent way to much time in Doctors offices and Hospitals together. She told me I was the missions best nurse haha... I dont know it that was a compliment but ill take it as one! haha Well we finally got to bed at like 1 am.
We had Zone conference the Next day. Luckily Sister Rabaut was in MUCH better shape ad we were able to go. It was a really good conference and It helped me to remember a lot of the things I had forgotten and be able to brush up on skills. They had a lady come in and talk about managing our thoughts and how we have to talk back to negative thinking. I loved what she said! She talked about how we need to stop and think before we react and allow agency in to decide whether or not we should believe what we are thinking. Well After Zone Confrence we came back and they wanted us to stay and extra day so sister Rabaut could get more Antibiotics So we ended up going out to dinner with the Curtis and the Assistants and Dr. Lilijenquist. We were laughing so hard!  Well we came back and Sister Rabaut slept and I got about 3 hours of studying in so.... Might have fallen asleep! 
Thursday morning the Sister Training Leaders picked us up and drove us back up to Mackay. We had service with Carley Henessy and we had a lesson with our 2 new investigators Lily and DJ. They are 13 and 9 and they were so excited to learn! They already knew so much ( they are part of a Part-member family) the lesson went so well and they even came to church this week!!! YAY!!
Friday it was finally warm! We did some service and Jennifer Quinns house. We sat out side and we are refinishing some furniture for her and so needless to say I got SUNBURNED!!!! bad too haha Feel like summer! Had dinner with the Andersen's and saw Velma that night too!
Saturday nothing to exciting happened... weekly planning....
Sunday; We had 4 people at Sacrament Meeting!!! both the Wasylow girls and Lily and DJ!!! YAY so happy for them.
Well this upcoming week we have the Wasylows baptism and we are so excited and so are the girls!! Cant WAIT!!
I love you all and hope you had a less crazy week than we did!!
Sister Owsley

1) So yesterday in church one of the ward members was assigned to speak on being a missionary with technology.. this is what followed:
         " I dont get hashtags... hash is something ya put in a Kettle and eat and a tag is something on a cows ear.... so a Hashtag is throwing a cow into a kettle tag and all??"
 haha he was serious....
2) This is sister Rabaut's take on Sarcastic people.... " its like sarcastic arrow aimed at the heart... and the other is like deflect sarcastic comment back.." haha she hasn't been around our family..
3) So we were helping Carley with her raspberry garden on the side of her house and I ran in to the window AC unit 3 times with my head.. ya I have a huge bump on my head!
4) Oh and this California girl enjoyed the sun way to much because now I have a Horrid sunburn and I love it!! haha

5) So our new investigator DJ is 9 and he had the best questions this week it was: what does God do with the Orphans? and why is Jesus always holding a lamb? hahah always fun teaching kids :)