Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Just Call Me Nurse Owsley 6/1

Well this week has been Hectic!!! I feel like have spent more time in Twin Falls then here in Mackay, which makes for a crazy week.
 Monday... it rained...again... so done with it! haha We spent the day inside because sister Rabaut way in a ton of pain and couldn't leave .
 Tuesday we had to drive to Twin and sister Rabaut woke up feeling worse and in a whole lot more pain than the day before. She had an infection in her lower back ( I have no clue how that happens..) but she had to ride in the back of the car all the way to Twin on her stomach and me and the couple that was taking us all rode in the front of there car.... not the first way I could suggest to gain member trust...hahah Well we got to the mission home and the mission doctor hooked her up to some antibiotics and what not, I ate and then I went to the temple with the Fullmers ( the couple that brought us down) I seriously love the temple though and It was so good to go! Well we came back after the temple and the mission doctor and sister Curtis were just about to leave to take sister Rabaut to the Other doctor at 9:30 at night. Well ends up she had something way worse and had to have a minor out-patient surgery.... ya... haha sister Curtis and I were laughing that her and I have spent way to much time in Doctors offices and Hospitals together. She told me I was the missions best nurse haha... I dont know it that was a compliment but ill take it as one! haha Well we finally got to bed at like 1 am.
We had Zone conference the Next day. Luckily Sister Rabaut was in MUCH better shape ad we were able to go. It was a really good conference and It helped me to remember a lot of the things I had forgotten and be able to brush up on skills. They had a lady come in and talk about managing our thoughts and how we have to talk back to negative thinking. I loved what she said! She talked about how we need to stop and think before we react and allow agency in to decide whether or not we should believe what we are thinking. Well After Zone Confrence we came back and they wanted us to stay and extra day so sister Rabaut could get more Antibiotics So we ended up going out to dinner with the Curtis and the Assistants and Dr. Lilijenquist. We were laughing so hard!  Well we came back and Sister Rabaut slept and I got about 3 hours of studying in so.... Might have fallen asleep! 
Thursday morning the Sister Training Leaders picked us up and drove us back up to Mackay. We had service with Carley Henessy and we had a lesson with our 2 new investigators Lily and DJ. They are 13 and 9 and they were so excited to learn! They already knew so much ( they are part of a Part-member family) the lesson went so well and they even came to church this week!!! YAY!!
Friday it was finally warm! We did some service and Jennifer Quinns house. We sat out side and we are refinishing some furniture for her and so needless to say I got SUNBURNED!!!! bad too haha Feel like summer! Had dinner with the Andersen's and saw Velma that night too!
Saturday nothing to exciting happened... weekly planning....
Sunday; We had 4 people at Sacrament Meeting!!! both the Wasylow girls and Lily and DJ!!! YAY so happy for them.
Well this upcoming week we have the Wasylows baptism and we are so excited and so are the girls!! Cant WAIT!!
I love you all and hope you had a less crazy week than we did!!
Sister Owsley

1) So yesterday in church one of the ward members was assigned to speak on being a missionary with technology.. this is what followed:
         " I dont get hashtags... hash is something ya put in a Kettle and eat and a tag is something on a cows ear.... so a Hashtag is throwing a cow into a kettle tag and all??"
 haha he was serious....
2) This is sister Rabaut's take on Sarcastic people.... " its like sarcastic arrow aimed at the heart... and the other is like deflect sarcastic comment back.." haha she hasn't been around our family..
3) So we were helping Carley with her raspberry garden on the side of her house and I ran in to the window AC unit 3 times with my head.. ya I have a huge bump on my head!
4) Oh and this California girl enjoyed the sun way to much because now I have a Horrid sunburn and I love it!! haha

5) So our new investigator DJ is 9 and he had the best questions this week it was: what does God do with the Orphans? and why is Jesus always holding a lamb? hahah always fun teaching kids :)

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