Monday, June 22, 2015

It's The Final Countdown


crazy how time flies this week felt like both the longest and the shortest week of my mission (not exactly sure how that happens?)
This week was full of a lot of lasts and a lot of normal things actually haha:

Monday: We went hiking up ceder creek TWICE! ahah we went once in the morning with the Jones and the Ippolitos and Hank, and again with our district. It was super cool because It this massive waterfall that you can hike to the top of! 

Tuesday: We had our last district meeting which was pretty uneventful, we made tacos at the church as a district. We had to correlate with the Arco elders who are taking over our wards after we leave. The we went and did service with Carley at Jenns and almost finished the last room!! We had a lesson with Arlene and saw Fay that night as well

Wednesday: More service! We finished the last bedroom at Jenns house!! yay! Had a lesson that night with DJ and also had a really good Book of Mormon class with a good turnout! 

Thurday: Cleaning and packing and cleaning and packing..... I hate the dang rule about only have 50lbs in yoursuitcase! How am I supposed to fit 18 months of my life in 100 lbs???? Anyways...We got to see Macy hanks finally! We haven't seen her in FOREVER!! has the Leslie ward Relief Society activity which was helping to put together Fathers day treats then we went to the Freemans to drop off some things of her that we had, and sister Rabaut fixed her pool. It was kind of hilarious because all she really did was turn off the switch... haha

Friday:Visited and said by to Lula:( going to miss her so much! cleaned a little more. While we were home for lunch though a Jehovah's Witness stopped and knocked on our door and at first she didn't realize we were sister missionaries it was funny when it finally dawned on her! haha but she was super nice and we had a good conversation with her about missionary work and the things that we have learned on our missions. But it was a good talk! We had dinner with Sister Nelson at Sammy's and then met up with the Arco elders to go over more things they needed to know and then we had them meet some people in Leslie (so they weren't completely lost! haha ) 

Saturday: TENDER MERCIES!! So Saturday was the big Mackay Rodeo (which we couldn't go to) But we went to the Parade that morning and got to stop and talk to a ton of people and see a ton of people there too!! We sat with Jenn and Rose and we got to meet some new people who were in town. I also got to get in contact with the Pahris (from Mountain Home) they had come up for the weekend and knew I was there and got a hold of us. They came to church the next day and I got to see them!! Got to see and say by to Donna Vaughan and have smores with and say bye to the Sayers! It was awesome there were so many Tender Mercies that day and we had a blast! 

Sunday: Fathers Day! We got to speak in Leslie on Sunday... about father so of course there were a lot of tears and what not! It was really awesome DJ came to church as well as JEN!!!! :) and the Pharis were there it was really cool to have all these people there that I knew and have come to love. Dad will be proud we went to The Quinn's for dinner/lunch with the Quinns and Hennessys and the summers and we smoked a pork!!! :) made me so happy :) we got to hang out with them and have a good last Sunday! We went around that night and said by to the Goldthorps and the Hintzis. It weird I still don't feel like I am leaving yet! 

so that was our week in a nutshell. It been good and I really just cant believe that its done! What the?!?! I have come to love it here so much and love the people I cannot put into words the things that I have learned! I hope that I have grown and changed into the person Heavenly Father wants me to be. I am by no means done I have a long way to go and a lot to learn still but I will forever be grateful for the things I have learned here and the testimony that I have gained! 

Here is a short part of my email to president today:

President Curtis,

Well its the end. I have so much going through my head right now! Its been an interesting week, full of ups and downs and lots of lasts. We were asked this week to speak in sacrament meeting and it was about Fathers but it was interesting that I came upon a few scriptures that have helped me the last few days to remember the things that I have learned. In 2 Nephi 22:2 it says "Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation."  The last part, BECOME my salvation in what I hope I have done on my mission, allowed the Lord to become a part of me and that he can trust in me to do what he wants. I know I have fallen so short of that, but I also know that just because my mission ends doesn't mean my progression should ever end. I hope that I have changed, more than I anything I hope I have changed into a disciple of Jesus Christ and that people can see Him through me.

Sister Owsley



Sister Owsley

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