Friday, June 19, 2015

One week More 6/15

Happy P-Day Everyone!! 

This week hasnt been that eventful but Ill fill ya in nevertheless! 

Monday: We had yet again another P-day where we just started at each other! Yup livin the dream. Well sister Rabaut and I decided to demand that we have a district activity at least once! so today we hare going hiking twice. Once with the Ippotios and Jones and once with the District! so stoked! Well we saw the Hennesays that and thet about wrapped up that day! 

Tuesday: We had district meeting! and dinner with the Williams that night. W e had a lesson with Lily and Dj Fullmer. They are doing really well and are warming up to us teaching them. I think its harder in the summer to teach because everyone just wants to be outside! that night we helped out at YW and helped them learn how to tie knots and find clouds haha Putting all those years of girls camp to use!! 

Wednesday:We did service with Jenn and Carley Staining doors and painting trim! Sister Rabaut even did some pluming. We have decided with our combined knowledge we could build a house! haha Had Book of Mormon class that night and saw Arlene.

Thursday: We cleaned out house ALL day! So we are moving out and the church is no longer going to have missionaries living in our house so we got the lovely job of cleaning a year and a half of stuff out of an apartment! and we keep getting phone calls about how the landlords are really picky so we have been cleaning like mad! We did have dinner with the Ippolitios that night which was fantastic!

Friday: We did service in the morning at the senior center with Arlene and then went and did more service with Jen and it involved a 100 degree weather and moving really heavy cabinets! YAY! haha I will say i am so happy that it is FINALLY warming up here! haha So happy!  *knock on wood!* Saw Fay and The Rosencrantz that night too! :)

Saturday: Cleaning again!!! GAHH I was so done with it at that point!
We had dinner with the Hintzis and a lesson with the Gentrys that night!!! yaay!! we haven't been able to meet with them in forever! so we were able to talk with them and they are still planning on getting married which is good! I just wish they would come to church because I know it would help them so much! Oh well all you can do is encourage them!

Sunday: We got to teach singing time in Primary!! Which involved popping a lot of balloons! It was so much fun and was a blast for our last week here in the Mackay ward! We Went over to the Kaplans that night and were able to have a really good conversation with sister Kaplan. We also went and saw Arlene that night and the Rosencrantz! to top off the night though we went to the Hintzis house and they showed us all of there baby animals currently they have baby lambs, goats, chicks, geese, and a new puppy... ya it was heaven! Sister Heintzi thanked us for the service we do here and shared her conversion story with us! It was cool to see how much she has opened up to us since the 1st time we came over!! 

I love this gospel and how much it has changed me! I cant believe i have just 9 days left its crazy! Its been filled with a lot of good times and bad. I can honestly say though that I have learned and have grown so much! I have learned more about my Savior and his atonement and how its not only for sinner but for saints! I have come to the the people here and I will always have a place in my heart for them! Hope you all have an amazing week! Love you all!!


Sister Owsley

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