Thursday, May 28, 2015

T-BONE 5/25

So, the weeks are moving along and time is getting shorter which is bittersweet. It was good to hear that Troy got back ok and that he is doing well, We seem to be dropping like flies right now. haha 
This week has been good, the weather has been rather depressing. It has rained everyday for the last 2 weeks, but you cant complain about it because its very much needed here! We are calling it blessings pouring down from Heaven because of missionary work! 
We got 2 new investigators this week! The Fullmers Grandchildren are here for the Summer and want to be baptized! YAY!! So we are going to start teaching them this Thursday :)
 Aspen and Austin Wasylow are doing well. We had our final lessons this week and they have there baptismal interview this next week. They had to push the baptism back to June 6th in order for some of there family to be here, but other than that it has been smooth sailing *Knock on wood* :) the girls have truly changed and are so excited! 
We also had exchanges this week! Sister Rabaut stayed here with sister Pili and I got to go to Jerome with Sister Bly. I think it goes without saying that we had so much fun! haha We had a great time and we couldn't stop talking about how much fun school is going to be this fall! haha So we were real productive! :) 
 We made dinner again this week for Fay and had dinner and a movie with her! She is going to start taking her temple prep classes and she is so excited to go to the temple! haha She always tells us " I need to get my work done so Im not hanging out there by myself!" haha 
We did a ton of service this week for the Rosencrantzes, they are a part-member family here in Mackay. We spent all Wednesday with them splitting wood and clearing trees. I went home that night TIRED!!! It was good though we got to have lunch with them , We had a weenie roast and then we roasted marshmallows! haha They are awesome!
We had dinner with Julie and Steve Tiechert on Saturday, HAha I love them and they totally sat us down and gave us parent advice on going home from a mission! It was the best! Brother Tiechert is the most sarcastic man and so it was entertaining! He told us the only things we need in this life is Common sense and the Holy Ghost! haha Great advice! He reminds em of dad and Julie reminds me so much of mom! they told me that I ave to bring the family back so they can meet you guys! :)
Sunday sister Rabaut was in a lot of pain she did something to her lower back and it makes it really painful to sit...or stand..or lay down... or really anything. So we are at a loss and still in pain. Trying to figure out what is wrong. 
Other that that we had a pretty good week! We have been enjoying it and having a lot of fun while doing the work. We have a really busy week coming up but its exciting! I love you all and cant believe ill see you one month from today!!!!!! LOVE YOU!! 



Sister Owsley


1) Brother Tiechertism; on a mission you go through the meat grinder, you dont want to come out hamburger... you are a t-bone
2)  we workout with the RS ladies on mondays and they have had us doing the Brazillian Butt lift work out haha and man do sister rabaut and I look so out of place
3) District meeting... enough said.. were all crazy...
4) #smalltown EVERYONE goes to the High school graduation that ment like no one at Book of Mormon class

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

If You Find My Brain That Would Be GREAT! 5/18

So this week has been full of unexpected changes and laughs and tears. Holy Cow! haha We had transfers this week and Sister Coats left and went to Twin! She is an STL (sister Training leader) there and she is going to do amazing things for the people there. Sad to see her go though. well we visited a lot of people on Monday and Tuesday so sister coats could say bye. Wednesday we went down to transfer meeting. Well we were supposed to get 3 sisters in Mackay but apparently one of the new sisters from the MTC had a stroke on Tuesday in Twin so they had an even amount of sisters. So its just Sister Rabaut and I here. We have been doing well though. I feel like my brain ran off and I am the biggest space cadet in the world right now. I am struggling to remember peoples names and where everyone lives and what not!( I think in might be in the warm sunshine of CA) Ya so if anyone finds my brain I would really appreciate it if you could return it! haha we haven't really done much. Right now we are working with the Ward Mission Leaders and Bishops to get some plans in action for the next 6 weeks to help them transition and go back to 2 elders for the whole stake so really our purpose right now is to help make the transition smooth and help the members get more involved. We are excited and really just want to work so it will be a blast! This week though there really wasn't much we had district meeting on Friday and discovers the we have the most ADHD district known to mankind haha (not that i help with that) we had fun though. We were able to meet up with Gloria Dunn this week (she is a former investigator) and set up and appt with her! we also had dinner at the Ippolitos on Sunday and Eveyln had a ton of great questions. Also we met up with the Moores in Darrlington and we were able to go inside this time and he gave us some of his artwork! True american cowboy art! haha I love it! Overall it was a pretty good week here. Really busy with a lot of stuff but we hare getting along! :) Rained for about 5 days straight though ( don't tell sister coats though because she would be mad... cause she loves the rain!) haha We are doing well though, sorry there isn't much more this week.

Love you all!! 


Sister Owsley


1) the Laundry mat here has a sign above the sink that states "Please don't clean your fish in the sink" hahah
2) When you fall asleep in church and you almost fall off the pew... Sneeky haha 
3) won 3 rounds of Uno @ the Ippolitos WOOP WOOP!!
4) The last day sister Coats was here we didn't get to the post office till late, while we were walking out I thought it would be a great idea to do a heal click. well.... It ended up my shoe came off and hit the light and i fell down.. Grace is my middle name! :)
5) sister Coats didn't get to say bye to the summers.. so as we are driving out of town we decide to stop anyways.. yep banged on their door at 6 in the morning #Champions!
7) District meeting can be described as this #trunkyelderswhotalkabouttheir"future ".....ya wierd
8) read Roman 7: 14-25  haha sounds like Dr. Seuss

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ya Gotta Keep ya Head Up!

It was so good to see you guys yesterday!! Gahh I miss you all and am so grateful for all you kind words and love. I could ever thank you enough!!
This week has been yet again busy but its been good! I got to go to my 1st Rodeo this week. The Wasylows that we are teaching right now, invited us to pray at the rodeo so we got to go down and help out there... I swear you would think it was a foreign country here. haha but it was super fun and man did I look out of place! haha But we enjoyed it so much! In other news this week... Transfers.... ya so we found out this morning. Sister Coats is leaving and going to Twin Falls to be an STL! Im so sad she is leaving, we have had so much fun here and she has helped me through a lot! She is going to do great things there and she is going to help so many sisters! I am getting 2 new companions... ya they'll be fun..haha Sister Ritchel (We were actually companions in Burley together) and sister Rabut (We were companions in the MTC!) so it'll be fun! They both go home next transfer too so they will close the area when we leave :( which I am so sad about because sisters do so well here and they love it. So its a little bitter sweet! Its been good here though we are on track for baptism with the Wasylow girls and Scott their dad, his heart is softening! So much it was so cool to see him at the rodeo and he was so happy we came! :) And John Gentry is our other investigator with a baptismal date right now, and he and his... girlfriend ( I guess) are getting married!! yay!!! We are really excited about that! :) Everything is going good here for the most part, we have quite a few people that we are teaching right now and we have a lot of referrals to contact so the prospects are looking up! :) Its weird going into my last transfer there is hardly any time left but I am going to put my all into it and go out with as much fire as I came in! I am determined in that! I love you all and I am sorry this letter is so short, I don't really know what else to say since I just saw you! haha But know that everything is good and I am Keeping my head up! Love you all!
Sister Owsley
Doctrine and Covenants: section 31

1. I almost hit a deer last night... good thing sister coats and I have night vision now!
2.super awkward door contact... ya the lady just yelled through the door to ask who it was but then NEVER answered... even after 3 times! haha
3. When 2 California girls show up to a rodeo and look SO incredibly out of place.. so everyone stares... ya we just rocked it haha
4.ya we got a thunder storm the other day and I thought sister coats was going to die of pure happiness.. she LOVES the rain!
5. you know your going to be transferred when...:
    - you and your companion get along to well to the point in which you both start dancing in the kitchen
     - you feel " prompted" to take a picture with EVERYONE! haha
     - you feel a dire need to see everyone RIGHT NOW! even to the point of walking right into there house ( Promise there was no trespassing this week)

Sumertime Service 5/4

Waffles with Fay
This week was pretty good nothing too exciting happened, pretty much the norm. 
We did a lot of service this week! Man we do a lot a service! Im pretty sure I am in pants here more often than I am in a skirt...NOT that I am complaining! haha I love it! 
Monday: We spent P-day with the Ivies. Who I adore and love, We watched Meet the Mormons and boy it was Hilarious to watch with Maleah! It weird her and I are too much alike! haha had dinner with the Ippolitos and shared the Book of Mormon into with them and they actually listened it was awesome! 
Tuesday: We went over to Fay's in the morning, She is going to start taking temple prep! WHOOOHOOO!! so excited for her! then we went and did service for sister Fullmer and weeded her flower bed and barely made a dent! haha Went over to Lulas :) she always makes me laugh! did service at the Vanlewvens. Had dinner withe Rabans in Leslie, ended up being awesome and they sent us over with a TON of leftovers! had a lesson with the Hanks, and the Kapyln and then the Gentrys that night we watched the restoration with them and it really touched John and he had a lot of questions which were answered with the movie! It was perfect!
Wednesday: MORE SERVICE!! :) Did service with Holly bridges, her water heater broke so they had to take everything out and we were helping her put it all bac. Did service for Carley and helped her clean since her In-laws, or as she would say " out-laws" were coming this week from England. We had dinner with them that night too. Book of Mormon class was great we had 17 people show up! #Ibeliveinmiracles haha 
Thursday....WEEKLY PLANNING..... :( Got to go over to the Ippolitos for an early dinner/ late lunch since we had an appt at 5. Seriously love them! Had a FANTASTIC Appt with the Wasylows the girls are really progressing and I think it was the best lesson to date that we have had with them. #PlanofSalvation! haha Then we met with Arlene that night, She told us that her heart appt went well. We asked her about it and she told us that her prayers were answered and how she was given comfort even though she  was really nervous, it was awesome to hear her bare her testimony of prayer. SHE IS AMAZING!! 
Friday:We had zone meeting which is always fun! got to see everyone and talk to other missionaries which is always good! :) haha We came back and went to the gas station in Mackay and Carley and Kevin were on there way to pick up his parents. She needed somethings so we told her we would take them over to her house. We went over and her Mom, jenn ( that would be the Qinns) was there then her husband charlie came over and we were bale to share with them the restoration pamphlet! It was super great! We visited some other people that night like the Rosencrantz and Fay :)
Saturday: MORE SERVICE! haha We helped out Fay and made her waffles for lunch! haha Did service for the Goldthorps and raked so many leaves... well sister coats did! haha Went by the Ivies and she took us out to the Dam, We were creeping on all teh snowbirds and camper that are out there. Let em tell you this town the last week has been packed with people comign in. everyone is getting off of school and what not and it starting to be summer time!!  haah so we went out there and threw rocks into the river. and they invited us to come back and hike mount Bora with them! haha YAY!! had dinner with sister Benner and went to Arlenes later that night!
Sunday: Fast Sunday.. or slow (depending on if you are fasting or not) haha Church was great! Cody McDougal bore his testimony and said that seeing us do missionary work inspired him to actually put in his papers. Crazy!! SO excited for him though! He will be an amazing missionary!  We had dinner at the Monsons and she is an amazing cook and has found so many gluten free things for me so I love her so much! an she is Hilarious! We came home after that and sister Coats got really sick... so she slept the rest of the day while I played arts and crafts with my new planner haha but it was a great day! haha

over all good week though! Love the work here! it crunch time! I don't think it has actually hit that I am going home soon! But I am totally ok with that! I love it here and I love being a missionary.I think one of my favorite parts of a mission is getting to know different people and hear their stories and their background! I just love that blessing of a mission! 

Love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 



Sister Owsley