Thursday, May 28, 2015

T-BONE 5/25

So, the weeks are moving along and time is getting shorter which is bittersweet. It was good to hear that Troy got back ok and that he is doing well, We seem to be dropping like flies right now. haha 
This week has been good, the weather has been rather depressing. It has rained everyday for the last 2 weeks, but you cant complain about it because its very much needed here! We are calling it blessings pouring down from Heaven because of missionary work! 
We got 2 new investigators this week! The Fullmers Grandchildren are here for the Summer and want to be baptized! YAY!! So we are going to start teaching them this Thursday :)
 Aspen and Austin Wasylow are doing well. We had our final lessons this week and they have there baptismal interview this next week. They had to push the baptism back to June 6th in order for some of there family to be here, but other than that it has been smooth sailing *Knock on wood* :) the girls have truly changed and are so excited! 
We also had exchanges this week! Sister Rabaut stayed here with sister Pili and I got to go to Jerome with Sister Bly. I think it goes without saying that we had so much fun! haha We had a great time and we couldn't stop talking about how much fun school is going to be this fall! haha So we were real productive! :) 
 We made dinner again this week for Fay and had dinner and a movie with her! She is going to start taking her temple prep classes and she is so excited to go to the temple! haha She always tells us " I need to get my work done so Im not hanging out there by myself!" haha 
We did a ton of service this week for the Rosencrantzes, they are a part-member family here in Mackay. We spent all Wednesday with them splitting wood and clearing trees. I went home that night TIRED!!! It was good though we got to have lunch with them , We had a weenie roast and then we roasted marshmallows! haha They are awesome!
We had dinner with Julie and Steve Tiechert on Saturday, HAha I love them and they totally sat us down and gave us parent advice on going home from a mission! It was the best! Brother Tiechert is the most sarcastic man and so it was entertaining! He told us the only things we need in this life is Common sense and the Holy Ghost! haha Great advice! He reminds em of dad and Julie reminds me so much of mom! they told me that I ave to bring the family back so they can meet you guys! :)
Sunday sister Rabaut was in a lot of pain she did something to her lower back and it makes it really painful to sit...or stand..or lay down... or really anything. So we are at a loss and still in pain. Trying to figure out what is wrong. 
Other that that we had a pretty good week! We have been enjoying it and having a lot of fun while doing the work. We have a really busy week coming up but its exciting! I love you all and cant believe ill see you one month from today!!!!!! LOVE YOU!! 



Sister Owsley


1) Brother Tiechertism; on a mission you go through the meat grinder, you dont want to come out hamburger... you are a t-bone
2)  we workout with the RS ladies on mondays and they have had us doing the Brazillian Butt lift work out haha and man do sister rabaut and I look so out of place
3) District meeting... enough said.. were all crazy...
4) #smalltown EVERYONE goes to the High school graduation that ment like no one at Book of Mormon class

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