Monday, May 11, 2015

Ya Gotta Keep ya Head Up!

It was so good to see you guys yesterday!! Gahh I miss you all and am so grateful for all you kind words and love. I could ever thank you enough!!
This week has been yet again busy but its been good! I got to go to my 1st Rodeo this week. The Wasylows that we are teaching right now, invited us to pray at the rodeo so we got to go down and help out there... I swear you would think it was a foreign country here. haha but it was super fun and man did I look out of place! haha But we enjoyed it so much! In other news this week... Transfers.... ya so we found out this morning. Sister Coats is leaving and going to Twin Falls to be an STL! Im so sad she is leaving, we have had so much fun here and she has helped me through a lot! She is going to do great things there and she is going to help so many sisters! I am getting 2 new companions... ya they'll be fun..haha Sister Ritchel (We were actually companions in Burley together) and sister Rabut (We were companions in the MTC!) so it'll be fun! They both go home next transfer too so they will close the area when we leave :( which I am so sad about because sisters do so well here and they love it. So its a little bitter sweet! Its been good here though we are on track for baptism with the Wasylow girls and Scott their dad, his heart is softening! So much it was so cool to see him at the rodeo and he was so happy we came! :) And John Gentry is our other investigator with a baptismal date right now, and he and his... girlfriend ( I guess) are getting married!! yay!!! We are really excited about that! :) Everything is going good here for the most part, we have quite a few people that we are teaching right now and we have a lot of referrals to contact so the prospects are looking up! :) Its weird going into my last transfer there is hardly any time left but I am going to put my all into it and go out with as much fire as I came in! I am determined in that! I love you all and I am sorry this letter is so short, I don't really know what else to say since I just saw you! haha But know that everything is good and I am Keeping my head up! Love you all!
Sister Owsley
Doctrine and Covenants: section 31

1. I almost hit a deer last night... good thing sister coats and I have night vision now!
2.super awkward door contact... ya the lady just yelled through the door to ask who it was but then NEVER answered... even after 3 times! haha
3. When 2 California girls show up to a rodeo and look SO incredibly out of place.. so everyone stares... ya we just rocked it haha
4.ya we got a thunder storm the other day and I thought sister coats was going to die of pure happiness.. she LOVES the rain!
5. you know your going to be transferred when...:
    - you and your companion get along to well to the point in which you both start dancing in the kitchen
     - you feel " prompted" to take a picture with EVERYONE! haha
     - you feel a dire need to see everyone RIGHT NOW! even to the point of walking right into there house ( Promise there was no trespassing this week)

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