Monday, May 11, 2015

Sumertime Service 5/4

Waffles with Fay
This week was pretty good nothing too exciting happened, pretty much the norm. 
We did a lot of service this week! Man we do a lot a service! Im pretty sure I am in pants here more often than I am in a skirt...NOT that I am complaining! haha I love it! 
Monday: We spent P-day with the Ivies. Who I adore and love, We watched Meet the Mormons and boy it was Hilarious to watch with Maleah! It weird her and I are too much alike! haha had dinner with the Ippolitos and shared the Book of Mormon into with them and they actually listened it was awesome! 
Tuesday: We went over to Fay's in the morning, She is going to start taking temple prep! WHOOOHOOO!! so excited for her! then we went and did service for sister Fullmer and weeded her flower bed and barely made a dent! haha Went over to Lulas :) she always makes me laugh! did service at the Vanlewvens. Had dinner withe Rabans in Leslie, ended up being awesome and they sent us over with a TON of leftovers! had a lesson with the Hanks, and the Kapyln and then the Gentrys that night we watched the restoration with them and it really touched John and he had a lot of questions which were answered with the movie! It was perfect!
Wednesday: MORE SERVICE!! :) Did service with Holly bridges, her water heater broke so they had to take everything out and we were helping her put it all bac. Did service for Carley and helped her clean since her In-laws, or as she would say " out-laws" were coming this week from England. We had dinner with them that night too. Book of Mormon class was great we had 17 people show up! #Ibeliveinmiracles haha 
Thursday....WEEKLY PLANNING..... :( Got to go over to the Ippolitos for an early dinner/ late lunch since we had an appt at 5. Seriously love them! Had a FANTASTIC Appt with the Wasylows the girls are really progressing and I think it was the best lesson to date that we have had with them. #PlanofSalvation! haha Then we met with Arlene that night, She told us that her heart appt went well. We asked her about it and she told us that her prayers were answered and how she was given comfort even though she  was really nervous, it was awesome to hear her bare her testimony of prayer. SHE IS AMAZING!! 
Friday:We had zone meeting which is always fun! got to see everyone and talk to other missionaries which is always good! :) haha We came back and went to the gas station in Mackay and Carley and Kevin were on there way to pick up his parents. She needed somethings so we told her we would take them over to her house. We went over and her Mom, jenn ( that would be the Qinns) was there then her husband charlie came over and we were bale to share with them the restoration pamphlet! It was super great! We visited some other people that night like the Rosencrantz and Fay :)
Saturday: MORE SERVICE! haha We helped out Fay and made her waffles for lunch! haha Did service for the Goldthorps and raked so many leaves... well sister coats did! haha Went by the Ivies and she took us out to the Dam, We were creeping on all teh snowbirds and camper that are out there. Let em tell you this town the last week has been packed with people comign in. everyone is getting off of school and what not and it starting to be summer time!!  haah so we went out there and threw rocks into the river. and they invited us to come back and hike mount Bora with them! haha YAY!! had dinner with sister Benner and went to Arlenes later that night!
Sunday: Fast Sunday.. or slow (depending on if you are fasting or not) haha Church was great! Cody McDougal bore his testimony and said that seeing us do missionary work inspired him to actually put in his papers. Crazy!! SO excited for him though! He will be an amazing missionary!  We had dinner at the Monsons and she is an amazing cook and has found so many gluten free things for me so I love her so much! an she is Hilarious! We came home after that and sister Coats got really sick... so she slept the rest of the day while I played arts and crafts with my new planner haha but it was a great day! haha

over all good week though! Love the work here! it crunch time! I don't think it has actually hit that I am going home soon! But I am totally ok with that! I love it here and I love being a missionary.I think one of my favorite parts of a mission is getting to know different people and hear their stories and their background! I just love that blessing of a mission! 

Love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 



Sister Owsley

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