Monday, April 27, 2015

" The World is the one who tells us we cant be Batman"


Elder and Sister Alder

Wow so where to begin... I feel like so much happened this week so forgive me it its a rather summarized version of each thing. Hopefully I can remember it all.
Monday: we went down and got our hair done in Arco which was awesome. that night we went over to the Betzers a part member family here in Mackay sister Betzer was the only one home so we talked to her and then we went to Fays house and watched The Testaments with her. We are starting to read the Book of Mormon with her so we thought we would start off with that to help her understand.
Tuesday: We had disrtict meeting that morning. Well after that normally we go get lunch and bring it back tot he church and we all eat there. Well apparently no one came back because sister coats and I just sat there by ourselves I thought it was pretty funny. :) We went over to Lula Shaffer that afternoon and as we were talking to her we invited her to come to stake conference on Saturday night because we were singing. Well she then insisted that we sing the song for her in her living room so after much resistance we did. but in order to avoid having to sing I just started dancing in her living room then sister Coats joined in and it was pretty hilarious. lula started busting up laughing. Love old ladies :)We had dinner with the Michelsons that night. Tender Mercy, They have a non-memeber neighbor who has a gluten allergy and so they were talking to her about how they were having me over for dinner. Well this non-member and very anti lady told them to give me her number so I could talk to her and she could help me! What?!? it was great because now we at least have a foot in the door! :) and the Michelsons were so happy :) Well later that day sister Coats discovered that she had lost her wallet. Well being the saint she is she didn't want to drive without it. so we called up Elder McQueen to ask him if I could drive and he laughed and told us yes. So I got to drive, and for the first 5 min sister coats kind of freaked out then she decided she like sitting as a passenger way more. Later that night we met with Arlene, I love her so much and its been amazing to see her grow as she reads the Book of Mormon and to see her start to get it and enjoy reading it. Well we finally figured out after making phone calls that sister coats left her wallet at Lula's that day. Well when we first called her the very first thing she said was " How much you got in this thing" Apparently she couldn't find our number so she had been waiting for us to call her all day! haha
Wednesday: SERVICE!! and lots of it! We went out with one of our ward missionaries here in Mackay to a widow in our ward and did some yard work for her, and man was it a nice day outside (well till later) she fed us lunch and them we cam back into town and helped another widow, sister Fullmer, with her garden. lets just say raspberry bushed: 1, sister Owsley: 0. we then went and helped Carley Hennessy with her house and getting it ready for her in-laws to come. Well get got inside just at the right time because a huge storm rolled in and it was raining cats and dogs! It was neat because Carley asked us a ton of questions about the church. She asked if our church was perfect and we were able to tell her YES! thst the church and its orginization is perfect (sometime not the people thoguh) we basically taught lesson 1 and she accepted the invitation to read the Book of Mormon! IT WAS AWESOME!! We had dinner with the Teicherts who are hilarious, and we had Book of Mormon class that went well and there were a lot of really good comments. and then we finished out the night at the kaplyns, and reading the Book of Momron with her.
Thursday: Weekly planning......uhgggg! Don't think i will ever enjoy that much planning. haha had dinner at the Ippolitos. Hank was there too :) for our message we shared the Book of Mormon intro and it went over really well. Jimmy is still a bum haha but Evelyn and Hank had great questions and both promised to read it!! YAY!!! The Wasylows cancelled on us because they forgot about a meeting they had to be at so we stopped by the Fullmers and talked with them. Then met with Arlene again that night.
Friday: We had exchanges. So sister Bly got to come here with me!!!! yay! We had so much fun and it was like old kick butt times! :) haha we Saw a lot of people and made lots of visits. It was so good to catch up with her and talk though...Tender mercies of the Lord :)
Saturday: We had to drive down to Jerome to exchange back. And funny thing as we are driving I hit a little bird...opps... and almost hit two nasty ugly turkey vulture...I HATE BIRDS!!!! Well another funny thing was as we were getting closer to Jerome I started to get nervous with how many cars were on the road...#MACKAYPROBS haha we switched back and sister coats and I were allowed to go shopping at Walmart. HAPPY DAY! :) and then we made the trip back home. We came back and went right over to Carleys and helped her put in her banister for her stairs... Dad would be proud of my mad woodworking skills that i have picked up from him, and have used! Carley then drove us to Moore for the Saturday night session of Stake Conference. Well the miracles followed let me tell you!!! we get there and Brother Gammet pulls me aside and tell me that we need to save seats for the Gentrys ( a part-member family John the dad is the only un-baptized member) What?!?! Well at this particular stake conference we had a visiting General authority Elder Alder, and earlier that day him and the stake president stopped by the Gentry's house and I have no clue what was said but man did it touch that family! John has taken the lesson so many times and we have been trying to tech him but something just clicked this weekend.. they came to the Saturday night session and to Sunday as well!
Sunday: THE GENTRYS CAME AGAIN!!!! gahhh I also learned so much form conference. one of the bight hings that the Church as a whole is going to focus on is increasing the depth and meaning of the Sacrament and the Sabbath day. The messages that were shared were powerful and the Gentry's felt the spirit there! Well after conference we lean over to the Gentrys and ask if we can come by tonight and they invited us over for dinner. well right at that minute Elder Alder comes over and pulls us John and his wife Sheral over and invites them to take the lessons again and he says yes and then he asked them to have us over in their home 3 times a week and they say yes!! WELL IT WAS AWESOME. we finished up in their and went to go hunt elder alder down to tell him thanks and asked if we could get a picture well after the picture they invited us in to there special luncheon. yay were cool! hahah well later that night we had  dinner and a lesson over at the Gentrys house and it was awesome. John told us that the spirit touched him and he knows that him and sheral need to be married! and he wants to move is life forward. we talked about the Book of Mormon and then we invited him to be baptized he said YES!!!!! YAY!!! it was amazing well we went to set up another appointment and they set up 2 more this week they told us they made a promise to have us over 3 times a week and they were going to do just that!!! MIRACLES HAPPEN!!!! GAHHH!??!?!
it was such a great week we got 3 new investigators! I cant even put into words how amazing this week was!!! Thank you all for your prayers and love they are so much felt and they are being put to good use. Love you all!!
Sister Owsley

1. 1 bird was harmed this week.. my fault... let me just say I hate birds though they are little suicide bombers in the middle of the road
2. 2 of my favorite quotes this week.... " The world is the one who tells you you cant be batman and have a cool suit"-nora wainright , and 2: " Sometime you just have to put your hair in a ponytail and sat BRING IT ON!" - Hank Smith
3. Elder Mcqueen called me a DD " Dangerous driver" EXCUSE ME! I only hit 1 bird
4.Brother Gammet last night was talking about how he hates Harry Potter ( I know its horrible) his description was ..." Gag me with a spoon" hahah
5. dancing in Lula's living room...CLASSIC!

I am sure there is so much more I could put in this letter but its long enough haha :)

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