Monday, April 13, 2015

Uhh. I can explain!.... we didnt mean to run the Easter Bunny over.... 4/6

So my funnies for the week since I really have no desire to write.. (hoping this will give me the motivation)

1. We totally related revelations to Harry Potter... which let me say was pretty hard considering sister Coats has NEVER SEEN HARRY POTTER!!! haha (ya gave her a really hard time about that)
2. We went to the Ippolitos for dinner this week again and there neighbor Hank was over and let me just say we laughed a lot.... "10-4... that's cop terms" . haha ya we know haha 
3. We went to Sammy's and got some freal shakes and on the inside of mine it said.. "Chocolate brings excitement... your welcome" Kind of made my day
4. sister Coats killed the Easter bunny... yup you heard right . BLAME HER!!! haha on our way home form the Ticherts, she hit a huge jack rabbit. Pretty sure it exploded 
5. So a saying they have here is " I smell bacon, I smell grease, I smell Idaho State Police" hahah  enough said for the record we can not figure out why our house smelled. So We came in one day and it stunk bad. So I grabbed the febreeze and started spraying it well I tripped so I turned it into a dance...yup Im cool! 
7. Macy, one of our Recent Converts she is 10 and so basically her jokes are hilarious! She turned to us randomly and was like "imagine Jesus entering at a baseball game.. and NEXT UP JESUS... * the crowd* AHHHHHHHHHH!" haha kids say the darn-est things
8. So We had some new faces in Book of Mormon Class which was awesome. One of them consisted of Velma Metcalf from Leslie (mind you she is like 90) So we are discussing agency and how its a gift and no one can take it from us and she shouts out "ya except for mothers!" bahahah 
9. after branding I totally got rebuked for calling them CHAPS.. they are really pronounced  SHAPS  haha ya still don't get the difference..

so I guess on to this week. It was a pretty good week we have been having a lot of success and are finding more people who seem to be ready. Tuesday we went branding out at the Ticherts! Oh man did I feel out of place hahah It was great they were teaching us what we needed to do to catch the calf that were coming through well lets just say I let a few of them go by which consisted of them having to run down the cows.. opps... haha... good learning though and they totally said we could come back next year! YA!! man it was hard work and they make it look so easy! dang it ya now I know, these are legit cowboys out here they do not mess around! haha Later that day we had a lesson with Michelle it been hard with her. We had a good discussion with her but she is pretty determined she doesn't want to learn so I think we are going to give it some time nd space.. Its sad no one ever want to feel like they failed but we also know that there will be a time when she is ready. She is till great and we love her and she is a great person and mom regardless. We went out to lesile after that and we felt impressed to stop at a house and it ended up being a member. Her name is Holly Bridges she is super sweet she lives here alone and is just kind of lonely she has some physical restrictions so she has a hard time getting around well. She told us that she helps clean some houses for some ladies in the ward on Wednesday so we ended up going with her Wednesday and helped her clean it was awesome and she is so sweet. It was a miracle we knocked on her door, because she helped us with service opportunists and we were able to help her! Tuesday night we went to contact a lady with sister Smyer her next door neighbor. Well let me tell you the power of member missionary work because man the lady was so closed off but because we were with sister Smyer she let us in! and actually warmed up to us a little! it was seriously such a blessing. Wednesday we helped clean in the morning then we had Book of Mormon class which was a small group but we had some new faces there. It was the best class we have ever had! We had such a good discussion with EVERYONE! I learned a lot and everyone seemed to walk away being spiritually fed!(which I guess is the point :)) Thursday.......Weekly planning..... Ya I HATE BEING INSIDE AL DAY!!! ya enough said. Well sister Coats could tell I was getting stir crazy so we took a break and walked down to get a snack. On our way back we saw Amy a Less-Active, Bob Moore and Lisa Warner, but the best part was The guy at the park. We were walking through the park to get back home and there was a man there with some kids so we just said Hi and kept walking. Well Sister Coats felt like we should go back.. Me being stubborn was like "that's awkward if we walk back now". To her gain she said no and we walked back. Well It ended up being great! Oh course hahah... We talked to him, his name is Jeremiah and he lives here and he is Christian. He didn't really understand a lot about our church so we asked if we could talk to him and he said yes! We also shared the new Easter video. It was great opportunity and Heavenly Father blesses us. We had dinner with the Ippolitos and Hank., all I have to say is they make me laugh! There hearts are all being softened and the Lord is working in their lives! Also read the Book of Mormon with Arlene, She is like one of my favorite people. I guess you could say it was a little tender mercy after all that weekly planning! haha Friday we had Zone meeting ..... ya again I didn't want to be inside. the good part, got so see a lot of other missionaries and some good friends! so that was huge blessing because I have been needing that! We had dinner that night with the Huffakers who live way out! but oh my goodness the best dinner appointment ever! They had some of us to teach! Brother Huffaker has a fried in Mackay who he invited, and asked if she wanted to take the lessons and she said yes!!! well we called her that night ans she was busy this weekend but she said she does want to meet with us!! YAY!!!!! 
Saturday and Sunday consisted of Conference and Easter festivities. the Mackay Easter egg hunt and Easter egg dying. We saw a lot of people out and were able to talk to a lot of people that way! Conference was amazing! I just love it and I love it even more when in lads on Easter! It amazing that everyone can get something out of General Conference and it speaks right to there heart and clams there fears or heals them. I am so grateful for living Prophets and Apostles and inspired people who listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I love you all and than you so much for all the Easter stuff! I am so grateful for this time of year and the healing and re-birth that take place! 

Here are some of my favorite quotes form conference:

" Heavenly Father wants to bless us physically and spiritually"   -Eyring

" Fear hinders our future"  - Oaks

" We have to embrace spiritual invitations, we don't accidentally believe in Christ" 
 -L. Whitney Clayton

" I can teach you how to dance but you have to hear the music"  - Wilford W. Anderson

" Twas I, But Tis not I"  - Dale G. Renlund

" The service that counts the most is normally recognized by God only" 
 -Michael T. Ringwood

" Your not as much in the dark as you think"  -Rosmary M. Wixom

"Life is not confined in a 4-inch screen"  Jose A. Teixeria

"Are we destined to fail? NO! " - Holland

" We need more than just an unlocked gate, we must enter" -Uchdorf

" Everyday, Everyday, Everyday" - Kevin W. Pearson

to missionaries: 
" When you return home you cannot swan dive back into Babylon"  -Kevin W. Pearson

" There is no room for average or complacent disciples"  -Kevin W. Pearson

Love you all!!!

Sister Owsley

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