Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Holy Cow 3/30

 haha So to start off. This morning we got up at 4am to get everything we needed done. then we headed down to Lesile to help out at a members ranch. today They were artificially inseminating there cows.... yup! #onlyinmackayidaho haha Mackay is not for the weak hearted! sent are some of the picture from this morning. They were doing 270 cows today! and guess what tomorrow we brand! yahoo! Lots of new learning experiences here that for sure. Not like San Diego at all! Totally worth it and fun :) Now onto the rest of the week.... We have been keeping pretty busy here we got 3 new investigators this week! things are really picking up here and Its exciting because we are seeing grow not only from the work with non-members but with the members too. this week has put me through the fire, but looking back I don't want to take it back Sometime Heavenly Father puts us through something we don't understand so that we can see what is actually important to us. we had transfer calls last night and we are both staying. I am actually really excited to stay the work is picking up and we are really busy which we know is great for me. I love it! We had some great experiences with the people we are working with. Margie VanOrden is an investigator here in Mackay. She is so sweet and we stopped by her house on Monday, we felt prompted too and we ended up being there for a while and she fed us, she also was able to take us to an appointment in Moore. it gave us time to talk to her and she is slowly opening up to us. Another is a Less-Active Arlene Lambert. We go and read the Book of Mormon with her 2-3 times a week and she has progressed so much the last week and she is starting to understand Heaven;y fathers plan for her. It awesome when it finally clicked this week. We had Lunch with Michelle Rightler (one of our investigators) and She is great! Its been hard getting her to feel the spirit and not just understand it in her head. She is incredibly smart and has so much knowledge, and i know the gospel could only bless her life. But her daughter Anna asked if we could talk to her a little more and so we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she was going to read it! She thanked us for it!! crazy she was so excited to just lean! We continue to do a lot of service which I love. We helped Carley Hennesy ( A non-member here) with her hay. She is getting ready to build an garden kitchen so she asked us to help and we had a really good discussion with her. He mom is Jennifer Quinn Who fed us on Sunday The Smoked pork..,. Unfortunately there smoker didn't light so it wasn't done. I felt so bad but I told her that I could just bring my family up and then we would have a grill out! haha I did feel bad though but they all just laughed it off! Had Dinner with Fay Hansen a Less-active who is now active! Woohoo! She is like 89 and she made us dinner and we went over and had ice cream and dinner with her. She showed us all her Family history and scrapbooks! they were amazing, she had old poems and recipes and pictures it was so cool to go through. She even sung to us! it was so sweet. We were over at the Ippiltios (our Italian family:)) We played a game of uno and I creamed them the first round haha. We shared the new Easter video. There hearts have truly softened and Jimmy is coming around. he is so sweet. this week I got really sick on Thursday and we were supposed to have dinner with them but instead he drove all the way out to bring us dinner, then offered to bring soup the next day if I wasn't better! We are well taken care of! The women's conference was amazing and all Im going to say is I love the leaders of the Church they are so inspired! Ya got sick again this week! and what not maybe I need Vitiman C haha or sunshine! Mackay is growing on me and I am learning more and more while I am here. Both Physically and spiritually. I have had to rely on my Heavenly Father more that I have ever had to, I have had to understand Jesus Christ More while being here. I am so grateful for my testimony in the Gospel and especially in my Savior. I cant imagine not knowing these things, and being able to feel pure Joy. That's the greatest message that no matter where you are are or where you have been or the mistakes you will make you can have joy and happiness and it will last much longer that just this life. Its ETERNAL! I love you all ad hope you have a beautiful week!! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley ...so here's my list of the week.... 1. Ya no deer this week surprisingly!! but there was a moose... ya.... 2. so we had dinner with some non-member... ya they were totally drunk during dinner When we shared a message they were just all sorts of confusing...haha PURE ENTERTAINMENT! :) it was funny! 3. The awkward moment as a missionary when in the Book of Mormon class people start speculating on different things and you and your companion just look at each other like "you want to take this?" 4. I have learned more about the anatomy of a cow here than I think I ever wanted to... 5. our dinner with Fay this week wasn't actually scheduled we totally had another dinner planned but she called us at like 3 and asked when we were coming over and that the food was almost ready... ya we busted up laughing! 6. Fay Hansen is also one of my favorite people because as we are going through her Family History a picture of her ex-daughter-in-law to which she pointed out that " None of us even like her butt anyways!" haha Old ladies get away with so much! that's all folks.... :)

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