Monday, April 13, 2015

"Little things make big things happen"

So basically  I was sick...(Again I know) haha but the greatest part was they finally figured out why!! No more gluten or dairy...:( sad day but hey at least I feel better! 
Tuesday: We actually had a good day! the highlight though was dinner with Deanna Hensley. She invited her friend LouAnn who isn't a member and we were able to have dinner and it was great we were able to meet her friend and hare a message. It was such a better way to contact someone. and at the end LouAnn came up to me and said, " I really hope you don't leave" I was so touched she was so sweet! so we are hoping that we can go back and meet with them again!
So Basically we had to go to Idaho Falls this week on Wednesday for a Dr. appointment. Well We had to find a ride last minute. All due to Heavenly Father and divine inspiration the Ippilitos and Hank were already going down so they took us! It was great we had the appointment then they took us out to lunch at a Habachi grill, and It was delicious "last meal" as we called it! haha the best part was the who;e time the cook was hitting on sister Coats.. ya we totally just let it happen too cause man was she embarrassed! Well once we got all that situated we were able to move on with the week and have a normal week actually! 
Thursday: It snowed... ya.... well it was good thing because man do they need it here! We weekly planned on Thursday and then had dinner with the Tiecherts who are the greatest family! we had such a good time and they are so funny and sarcastic. reminds me a lot of home :). We stopped by Arlene Lambert's after that and read the Book of Mormon with her and then we went to Fay Hansen's and talked a lot about her family. :) She is the sweetest lady and I just love her! 
Friday: We had an appointment at 10:30 and we had to meet with the Fullmers who were coming with us. We met at the Fullmers and went over the lesson and the points that we asked them to teach. well we went to the Wasylows who we were teaching and to our surprise there non-member dad answered the door ( we were there to teach his daughters) and we came in and  sat down well brother Fullmer asked if Scott (the dad) wanted to join well he did!!!!!! and he even accepted a Book of Mormon! He even shared an experience he had when he went to Carthage Jail where the Prophet Joseph Smith was killed and told us that he felt something there! WHAT?!?!? It was the best lesson ever! It all ended up perfect and they all committed to read the Book of Mormon together! It was just perfect!! After that we had lunch at the Fullmers and we just talked all about how that was a miracle!!! Later that day we had a lesson with Lula Shaffer on of the less actives in Mackay, and we have started reading the Book of Mormon with her, well she told us that she wants to go to the temple!! yay!!!!! had dinner with the Phersons! About the Kindest family you will ever meet! 
Saturday: Went and helped out at the Library and put away some books. Never thought I would become so proficient in categorizing book! haha after that we went home and I had to write my talk for Sunday and we had some paperwork stuff we had to catch up on so we took care of that. We went over and met a family that just came back form Arizona (snowbirds) the Dyes. It was so good to meet them, We instantly clicked and they welcomes us in as family! That night we had dinner at the Vadens. Well brother Vaden is also gluten-free and so they made us an amazing dinner and they even gave us food to take with us as well as other stuff! I couldnt even say thank you enough! they were so kind and they really helped us out! 
Sunday: I had to speak in Mackay ward on a confrere talk form last week. So I picked " The Music of the Gospel" since they also wanted me to tell about myself. Figured I could relate dance to it haha.. It was a good thing though because it gave me the chance to re-read the talks! it went well and we were able to get Arlene to church too! It was great to see her there! We had dinner with the VanEttens who made a really good gluten free chili. We had our big missionary fireside. There was such a good turn out! holy cow! President Curits and Sister Curtis came to speak and it was great all the speaker were spot on and were so inspiring! We had interviews with president after that. And then we met with Bishop Summer after that and he said that we are the best missionaries that the stake has ever had! it was so sweet of him. We are just trying really hard but I am so glad that I have had the chance to stay here! its growing on me! I do love it here! I am so glad that I have had the chance to serve! Its coming to a close fast but it has been the best experience EVER!

love you all!!


Sister Owsley


1. we visited sister Moss (she is from Brazil) ya she is so outspoken we were talking about the guy she was first engaged to she told us " he didn't even ask if I wanted to get married and if he did the answer would have been NO" haha it was hysterical
2. On our way home from Idaho Falls I asked Jimmy Ippilito if he ever thought he would be driving around 2 Mormon missionaries his response... "HELL NO!" haha
4.While talking to everyone this week, we came to the conclusion that there isnt much diversity here because everyone here commented on " the mysterious black man walking down the street"
4. We got rid of all of the cereal in the house (which was a lot!) and on our way to give it to someone, I'm pretty sure sister coats shed a tear! haha ya she is addicted to cereal!
5.when we called Lula (less-active) to ask if she was going to make it to church she responded " no i partied to much yesterday that womens club meeting wiped me out!" haha mind you she is like 89
6. Bo Summers spoke at the missionary fireside this week, Well he made a comment on how he asked this girl to read the book of Mormon, and how she said yes but only if he 1. wrote her a letter, 2. drew her a picture of whales and 3. gave her a pack of spearmint gum.... ya he didn't pick it up AT ALL that this girl liked him... ya so we all started busting up.

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