Monday, April 20, 2015

***I believe in Miracles***

This week was great! We had a ton of work and got a lot of things done and we have been finding success even in hard times. which I think by definition is a mission. We have been busy which is my favorite thing and makes me a much happier person!! Yay for happiness :) So this week....
Monday: Monday night we went over to the Rosencrantz a part-member family here in Mackay. Howard is a living breathing singin cowboy with a "party barn" to prove it. So obviously we went out and he sung us some songs and his wife made us goodies. They are so sweet and totally invited us to a party at their barn. We also stopped by and saw Fay Hansen, we started reading the Book of Mormon with her. Its been a blessing to be reading the Book of Mormon with so many people and see it both physically and spiritually influence there lives.
Tuesday: We had district meeting on Tuesday. Later that afternoon though we saw Lula Shaffer another less-active lady that we have been reading the Book of Mormon with. She just crack me up. She is about the most quick-witted 80 year old I have ever met. Reminds me a lot of Nana :)We had dinner with the Rothwells in Lesile. (Let me say that it has been really neat to see the food that people make) She made Chinese food which was so good! The best part was while we were there one of the potentials we have been trying to see showed up at her door. Her daughter was getting her prom dress altered... CRAZY!! so we were able to talk to her with was a great blessing.
Wednesday: We went out contacting that morning with sister Rogers who is one of our ward missionaries here in Mackay. We were able to contact a referral with her. Marlene and Dean. They are a sweet older couple who has only been here for 2 years. They live in San Diego!!!! haha we talked a lot and they invited us in. Told us we could come back and visit with them. They also lived in Orem, UT and said they had a ton on LDS friend (obviously!) they knew quite a bit though and were very kind to us. We went over to the Hennesys later that day and helped Carley paint her guest bedroom for when her in-laws are coming.. well it ended up being more because we finished so fast and had so much paint left she decided to let us paint her bathroom too.. and let me tell you it looks so good! Sister Coats ad I are thinking about opening a painting company! We had dinner with the stake president and also had Book of Mormon class that night. The coolest thing ever happened though Wednesday night. We only had like 15 minutes left till 9 so we were trying to figure out what to do. We both had no Idea so I just started naming names of people who we could visit well the first one was the Marcrofts who are a part-member/ less-active family. So we decide to stop there. Well we knock on the door and the husband (non-member) answers the door and invites us in. Well he was nice but didn't want to be there with us so he left and we ended up talking to sister Marcroft. well she is the sweetest person ever. She is a convert to the church and she has the strongest testimony. She told us how its hard to decide between family and church on Sundays but man she was a great example of prayer. She had prayed that morning for guidance and we showed up that night! I cant even imagine if we didn't stop by! "I believe in Miracles"
Thursday: We did service at the Kaplyns and cleaned her whole kitchen... wish I had before and after pictures....Had dinner with the Coles in Lesile. Sister Cole had the exact same thing as me.. so she made some amazing food which included salmon! YMMM! :) Then we went by and read the Book of Mormon with Macy. It amazing she keeps improving in her reading every time we go over! and she 9 and takes notes on what we read!!! I think the biggest thing I wanted to do at 9 was play....haha
Friday: We had a lesson with the Wasylow's Friday Morning. Well guess what...Scott was there again! Miracles! We ended up reading from the Book of Mormon with them and the 2 girls committed to be baptized!! MAY 30th! super excited for them. Scott is coming around he always sits in with the girls and is super supportive of them.We met with Lula again on Friday and had dinner with the Freemans in Lesile. They just took us in and were so kind to us. I ended up getting a blessing from Brother Freeman and it brought me a lot of comfort and guidance. (She reminded me a lot of Grandma) We stopped by and saw Holly Bridges after that and her sister Maggie was there. Maggie had a daughter on a mission in Texas so she was excited to see us. A "Missionary Mom Moment" :)
Saturday: We kept pretty busy and we stayed in pants most the day. We helped Fay get some more of her yard done, then we also went back to the Hennesys to finish up the bathroom. We went to the kaplyns to start reading the Book of Mormon with them. Well it wasn't what we were expecting..... Sister Kaplyn went on about how she struggles with the Book of Mormon. She promised to read it again searching for an answer. We just continued to testify to her that we know it is true. that's all we could do. But her son Jason was there, he is mentally handicapped but he bore great testimony that he knows God is there. I was one of the sweetest moments to here him say that! :) Had dinner at the Goldthorps. Wen out to the Ippilitos, We had this book we had gotten and we wanted to give it to Evelyn and so we signed it and gave it to her it was about Women in the New Testament. She loved it and we were able to talk about a lot with her. There hearts are softening and we can see it! :) makes me so happy to see them growing closer to the spirit.
Sunday: We went to church in Mackay. Had a good meeting sister Sayer gave a fantastic talk on a Hymn, it was powerful and I defiantly learned a lot form her! We had a missionary meeting in Arco and we had to practice singing because guess what... we got roped into singing at stake conference this coming weekend...yay? I DON'T SING!!!!!! We had dinner over at the Ippilitos, then later that night we went to Arlene Lamberts and read the Book of Mormon with her.She has opened up so much with us and it was the neatest thing to hear her bear her testimony of the Book of Mormon last night! I just love the people here we have been able to find so much success here! I love it and cant believe how fast this week went by. I love you all and hope ya have a fantastic week!
Sister Owsley

This weeks list of funnies (kinda short this week)....
1. As we are siting in Book of Mormon class the keebler cookies are getting passed around and I hand them to sister coats and she doesn't take them... (she always takes chocolate!) Well I asked her why and she said she was waiting to eat one of moms best explain we said " Why have Telestial cookies when you have Celestial cookies at home" (she really likes moms cookies :))
2. So We were talking about being honest and embellishing truths..."ya like adding rhinestone and glitter to it..."
3. SO MANY DEER!!!!! GAHHHH!!!!!
4. So when we were over at Lulas she was reading and started coughing so she get up to get some water. Come back sits down and says.. "well I got my holy water now.... *whispers* now the Catholics wont want it" haha busted up laughing

5. #onlyinmackay quote of the week... " its terrible when you mistake a tractor for an ambulance..." -Sister Jones 

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