Monday, October 6, 2014


So this week has been pretty uneventful and so I apologize if this letter is short! Monday: we had P-day and we actually got a lot done and we were able to play lazer tag with our district... ya missionaries are actually really cool! ;) We had dinner with the Albrechts who are like my favorite people. They are like family like out here Tuesday: We had a pretty busy day. We helped some sisters move into a new house across town. We finally fixed our toilet seat! we helped sister Mclaws decorate for Halloween. (Which is my favorite!) We had a really good lesson with Natasha at one of our members houses which was amazing they totally welcomed her in and made her feel so at home! Wednesday: Sister Bly had physical therapy and then we delivered a lot of things to members. since sister Bly got injured we had been hoarding a lot of things that members had let us borrow so we visited a lot of members! Thursday: we had weekly planning. We also helped Judy Taylor take down so "hobo houses" in her backyard. haha well we called them that really all it was, was her trying to protect her tomatoes from the frost. (picture attached!) ahah it was hilarious! Later that day we visited a new family in the ward that is less active and we had such a great experience with them and they asked if we could come back and teach their daughter it was definitely a miracle! Friday: Was busy we had Zone meeting in the morning It was actually really good we talked about talking to everyone and building friendships with people. After that we cleaned the church building. That night we had a lesson with David who is doing so well. He is really excited and wants to be baptized! We are trying to find a good date that will work. He is so amazing and he was telling us he really wants to house the missionaries because he has a huge finished basement that he doesn't use! Ya we really couldn't ask for a better person! Saturday was awesome we went and watched conference at the stake center. I just love conference so much and I am so grateful that we have it . It is truly direction for our lives for the next 6 months. After the 2nd session we went and helped out sister Billings in our ward . they are throwing a HUGE Halloween party and its all circus themed and its in a really cool old barn. Mom and Sarah you would die its so cute! Sunday : we had breakfast and watched conference that morning at the Albrechts. It was just like home! Then for the afternoon we went to the Mclaws and watched it with them. They fed us dinner and we played some games with there family. the we had to go home and plan some things. LOVED CONFERENCE! It really amazed me this week how much conference means and how there is so much power that comes from hearing the inspiring messages! I love you all and hope you week was AMAZING! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater love, Sister Owsley

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