Monday, September 29, 2014


So this week was nothing really exciting. I was really sick at the beginning of the week which is NEVER fun on a mission! It been a week of learning experiences for me and I am so very thankful for that! 
Monday we went to Shoshone falls here and had a BBQ with everyone in our zone it was really fun. Shoshone is like the Niagara Falls of the west is what the call it! so we had a blast and the elders brought a grill and cooked for us and some people went hiking. I however did not due to my respiratory system killing me! :) So after that we went home and I rested and we didn't do much else!
Tuesday We had district meeting which was really good. We talked a lot about what it takes and what we need to do to be better missionaries. I was thankful that they decided on that topic because it was the best thing I could have heard. We had lunch and then we went home and I just about died, I was coughing so bad. so we basically stayed home that day. The other sisters come over and sled to us for a while and wee had a good time. I crashed most the time! 
Wednesday I started feeling a little better.Sister Bly had Physical Therapy in the morning so I sat a read a few talks that I have been needing to read and it was really good because it helped me to get some motivation under my belt.:) later that day I got a blessing that morning by one of the elders in our district. I was exactly what I needed to hear. especially the fact that I had my appointment at the nerve doctors after that! So as too my Dr. appointment. Worst thing!! basically what he did for a hour was shock my arms then they stuck needles in my arm and made me flex my arm so it was pretty painful! so We treated ourselves to ice cream afterwards! then i went home and crashed again because I started to get really sick! Later that night we went and helped out the Young women set up accounts for mutual and we helped them figure out family search, we always have fun with them and Natasha was there so it was good to see her!
Thursday morning started out really bad... I was getting in the shower that morning and so I turned it on for a minute then went and got something, when I came back there was a huge spider in the corner of the shower. So being the smart person I am I got up on the sedge of the tuba nd had one foot there and one on the toilet. I grabbed a shampoo bottle and leaned over to try yo kill the thing and my back foot slid out and i went head first into the shower that WAS ON! and got soaking wet. When I stood up I saw that i had completely broken off the toilet seat... so ya! I am really graceful sometimes. I came out and layed of the floor. Sister Bly started laughing and was like what the heck was that noise! So I told her and she about died laughing I brought in the toilet seat and she just kept laughing at me! So we had to take it down to the mission office to tell them, and everyone heard and started laughing at me it was great! haha Good thing Dad taught me to laugh at myself! haha we went over to the mission home after that and helped them clean. the mission home flooded last week and they had to completely gut the whole basement and so there house was disaster so a ton of us sisters went over and helped them clean it. We had dinner with the Manning and then we had a lesson with our investigator David. It ended up being really good. We taught him about the gospel of Jesus Christ... so Like Faith, and repentance and baptism. We asked him about baptism and he said he really wants to he just wants to make sure he knows enough. So we told him to pray about a date and he was really excited! it was great and we are so excited for him, he is truly one of Gods elect!
Friday was crazy We went and helped out sister Billing with her trailer that she is re doing. Then we went over to the Mclaws and made some treat, because you cant watch a movie without treats, and we we got to go and see Meet the Mormons! woot woot! It was such an amazing movie! Seriously go and see it it is so funny and it was so well done! After that we went over and made more treats with sister Albrecht to take over to some people the next day! I swear it is treat season!! haha Saturday was crazy as well I was feeling better so we had a lot to do. We had choir practice again and it was pouring that day! We went over to sister Albrechts and we went out to deliver some treats to people. No one was home and we were kind of disappointed. But we decided to go drop off a plate to Kay one of our investigators, and she was home! She invited us in and we talked to her for a while and sister Albrecht just became her best friend! As we were getting ready to leave sister Albrecht mentioned the women's meeting later that night and invited her to it and she said YES!!! We have been trying to get her to come to somethings for a while and we were over the moon excited! After that we went to a baptism and had dinner. The we went to the W omens meeting and Kay came. It was funny because the whole thing was about the temple and covenants and not going to lie we were kind of nervous at first but as I sat there I prayed that she could hear what she needed too. At the end we turned to her to see what she thought and she was so happy! she had a lot of questions but she was happy she came! MIRACLES!!! She even took a Family: A proclamation to the world home! It was just an amazing DAY!!
Sunday Was great too We had 2 investigators at church. Shyla a girl we just started teaching came and both her and David stayed for 2nd hour gospel essentials! she really listened and we had dinner with her at the Hamiltons and we were able to talk to her. She had a lot of really good questions and she really seemed like she got a lot out of church which is always the hope! We tried to contact a few people after they weren't home so we went and visited a few new families in the was because I am pretty sure we have had like 50 new people move into the ward! It was good though because they are both kind of less active families and so we were able to talk to them about meeting and helping them! 
I just love this work so much and the fact that although I wasn't feeling very good at the beginning of the week we were still able to do so much! Its really hard sometimes but I am learning to appreciate where I am at and be grateful for it! I know there is still a lot to improve and work on but I know its progress that counts to Heavenly Father NOT Perfection! Love you all and hope you week is good!!



Sister Owsley

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