Monday, September 29, 2014

I don't know music....Like at all!! 9/15

So this week has been crazy to say the least. Everyday was full and we had so much going on! Its so good though I love being busy and I love even more being busy with missionary things :) It was a really great week and its amazing to me how much the Savior lifts us up when we need it and how much joy comes from living like Him and close to Him! It been such a great week though:
Monday: CRAZY! we went and emailed at the library and then I got my hair colored... red yes! love it though! We then went and finished emailing... We went and played basketball at the church. Our Zone has this thing going for this really cheesy WWE belt that they got and whoever wins the basketball game that they play gets the belt so... it get pretty funny and we all have a good time :)After that we went to the college and played sand volleyball. Went shopping then we went over to Sister Petty and elderly widow in the ward and she has 2 peach trees in her backyard and so we went over and helped her pick some (there were so many!) we loved it though we got some peaches out of it though and they were so good! We had dinner at Cafe Rio ( yes I have gotten over the fact that I don't really like it because everyone here eats it) we ate with sister Lynch and we got to here all of her amazing stories of when she joined the church! We then helped out the other sisters for the rest of the night delivering stuff they needed help with!
Tuesday: We had district meeting that morning. It was fun as always and we did a get to know you activity since its the beginning of the transfer, After we left and us sisters picked up pizza and frosty's. healthy I know and we had lunch at the temple, Because we had a session at 1 that we had to get to. It was a blast though and we had fun! I always love going to the temple and the peace that is there. I was really just a great time and brought a lot of peace to my mind and helped me to focus on the eternal perspective! After that we went back to the temple with Natasha and had her new member lessons it was good we are planning on going with her this Saturday to do baptisms at the temple. It was good to see her though because we haven't seen her in a while she has been out of town and then all of our craziness happened with sister Bly. After that we had dinner and went back to the stake center behind the temple and had a meeting with the stake president and we went and tried to contact some people. We finally got a hold of Vicki who has been on our list for a while. She invited us in and we ended up talking to her for and hour and a half and she was so nice. Found out she has a daughter who is a really active member of the church, we invited her to come to church and she said she would try, she was so sweet and kind and really willing to listen to us!It was really like the best day!
Wednesday: Was a long day! We had a ton to do, we went over to Delsa's she is a Less Active member and we visited with her. She is 92 and she reminds me so much of Nana! haha she is a hoot though and we visited with her for a while and talked a lot about how Christ helps us over come our trials and she said she would try coming to church some time this month she just has to " get the courage" After that we went and got some sheet music for a conference in October for a general authority who is coming... somehow no one here got the memo that Owsley's don't sing, so we are working on that! We helped out Sister Billings in our ward she is redoing a trailer they bought and we were painting for her (mom I will have to send picture you and Sarah would Love It!)We helped pick more peaches that night, Then we had a lesson with David, we taught him the plan of Salvation. He understood it well but now we are just helping him understand that prayer is so important to knowing these things are true! but he is reading scriptures all the time and loves studying them so much! He motivates me to be better about studying! 
Thursday: Had another busy day we went over to the mission office early to get may bag that I had left there talk for a with the senior office couple who I love! (they are seriously like grandparents love it!) had lunch at Culvers! Went over to the Physical therapists so sister Bly could her her Knee thing figured out. (I think I told you she tore her ACL in February?) so that took a while We Weekly planned for a while then we got a little stir crazy and we went over to the Mclaws in our ward and helped her out. Had dinner with the travellers that night. I pretty sure they emailed you some pictures :) they were so excited to do that! :) but they served a mission in the Manhattan Temple so we heard all their really cool stories! Then we had choir practice for this conference we are having. Kind of of crazy getting a lot of missionaries to sing... never again will I volunteer to help with anything music related ( had no clue what the heck I was doing haha!) 
Friday: had Choir practice that morning again. Finished some more weekly planning The we helped out sister Petersen with the High priest social that night. We got to go and it was so funny reminded me of the felicita ward back home! :) Not too much that day though.
Saturday: Was crazy... Paperwork in the morning. The we had set up a time to do church tours during the day so people could bring there friends. Ya no one showed up for the 1st hour. went home for lunch and then went to Barb martin in the ward she signed us up to sing in church and she had a song she wanted us to sing ... still not sure how the heck I am getting roped into all this music stuff I think people assume that all missionaries can sin... NOT TRUE! We then went back to the church to be there for more church one showed up for the 2 hours... ya... Picked more peaches that night. had Dinner with the Albrechts who I love and I had Navajo Tacos for the 1st time and they are so so so good! Then we went to the Mclaws and mad cinnamon rolls for Ward Choir the next morning.
Sunday: Great day! it was the stakes "invite your friend to church day" and thy had the whole sacrament meeting based on Christ. It was great best part the youth sang the theme song for this year and it was beautiful. David came to church and we also had a few non-members and less actives there too! so it was good. Had dinner with the Hamilton and they has there friend Shyla over and so we taught her and we wants to take the lessons! #miracles. Went and tried to contact some people after that and we got a hold of Rosa's family who we also have been trying for! And they told us they want us to teach there daughter as well. So it was a good ending to the day! 
 It was such a busy and crazy week but so worth it! I love this work and its crazy to think I don't have a tone of time left. it all goes by so fast. I love the joy that comes though with this gospel yes its hard but its so worth it a the end of the day! love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Sister Owsley

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