Friday, September 12, 2014

Hump Day! 9/8

So this week was pretty normal and what not. Nothing too exciting happened which I guess in our case is a good thing. We were in desperate need of a normal week! haha Tuesday we went and we got caught up on a lot of things that needed to been caught up on since we had been gone for 2 weeks. We went down to the mission office and we talked and helped them out down there since all the new missionaries had just come in that morning. We had lunch at culvers (which they need to get one in CA). We went and helped out sister Pohahau and sister Bigelow and went on exchanges. Sister Pohahau and I went to a lesson with a family in there ward who invited this man to meet with the missionaries. He is 70 years old and he is a amazing. He had a stroke at 39 years old and had lost almost all his ability to speak, his son was killed when he was 44 and his wife died soon after that. It was so amazing though to hear that he had been struggling a lot and one day he went to church with some friends and they prayed that he would be able to speak and from that day on his speech kept getting better. Its amazing to hear so many stories of people faith and there experiences that they have and the miracles that they have all seen! Sister Bigelow is still sick so on Wednesday we did an exchange with them so that Sister Pohahau could got to some appointments that they had. It was great I got to go with her and Sister Bly stayed with Sister Bigelow so they could both rest. We went and taught Luke who is 19 years old, he is seriously dating this girl who is a sort of less active member of the church and they said that they both decided they wanted to raise a family with values which is amazing. We had met with him a week prior and committed him to read the intro to the Book of Mormon and we asked him about it,. he said he read it on his walk home and when he got home he prayed about it and he said he felt so much happiness that he knows this is the right thing! It was so cool he said that he kept reading and he was in 1 Nephi 5 when we met with him a week later! It so amazing top see the change that happens and when people find the happiness that the gospel brings So Thursday was my official half way mark! CRAZY! I cant believe I have been here for nine months! Thursday though was probably the longest day of my life. We did however get to see some of our favorite people. We went over to the Mclaws house and had dinner with them and they are always a hoot! and we got to help out with a wedding, which I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven when they asked us to help! haha But I was so much fun a beautiful! Friday we had Zone meeting and we talked about getting people to sacrament meeting and the blessing that come form attending sacrament meeting. We then had lunch with the sisters which we all have a blast all the time ( I swear missionary life is way too fun!) Went on exchanges again on Saturday sister Pohahau and I went and visited with a less active man who is trying to get to the temple he told us all of his war stories and what not (Dad would love him... so would Adam!) We found out that he is actually moving into our ward so it was inspiration that We were on exchanges! Sunday was good. I had been sick the whole night prior so I wasn't feeling well but I was good. David our investigator came to church and ended up staying for the 2nd hours which he hasn't done. I was really neat and he is such and awesome guy. We had dinner with the Hamilton's who always feed us well other that that I slept a lot because I still wasn't feeling good and we were able to make a lot of plans for this transfer too which will end up being great! I love this gospel so much and I have found such a great desire to share the gospel and I love this work so much! Love you all Hope you have an amazing week! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley

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