Monday, January 12, 2015

This Week........12/29/14

So not sure if I want you to put this on the blog or not but. this week has been rough. Like probably the hardest week of my mission yet!

Note from Mom--I decided to publish this letter because we all have HARD weeks and that is OK. 

Plus to this week though and the biggest highlight of it was talking and seeing all of you guys really it meant so much to see and hear you it helped me a lot this week when everything felt like it was crumbling around me! 
so the kid I was telling you about (Stephen) he is severely autistic and we were asked by our bishop to teach him all 5 lesson and baptize him in less that a week because he was just in town for the week. so Sister Ritchel and I at first when we found out all the information really prayed about it and were struggling wither or not we should do it. After much prayer we decided and felt like it was the right thing to do. So we moved forward with it and all I can say is that I am grateful that we got to teach him and meet him! Wow is he special to Heavenly Father! It was amazing we would come back and teach him and he would remember thing and actually sit through lessons! It was truly a miracle teaching him!  he had a interview and he passed and I was so proud of him for how much he remembered! So It looked like we were good to go and he was so excited. The day of though all was going so good and he was still excited. they got in the water and everything and said the prayer and he went under... but his had was to high and when he came up he was freaked out! They tried then for 30 min in the font to try to get him to go. but he wouldn't have it. Sister Ritchel and I knew from the beginning that he didn't need it but we decided it was the right thing and maybe this would help his grandma and brother start coming back to church... ya well grandma tried so hard to get him to do it again..nothing.  It felt like everyone thought we were just doing it for the number which so wasn't the case. we were just doing what we were asked too! so ya it was emotionally exhausting! and sister Ritchel got the 24 hour flu on Christmas day and we were snowed in so we didn't go anywhere! I promise with wasn't an all bad week but it was probably the hardest more emotionally and physically and mentally and spiritually exhausting week of my mission! No doubt about that! so Ya I don't really know what else to tell you since we just talked !! haha but ya there was good I got to meet Stephen and that was awesome in its self he is AMAZING!also Christmas dinner we had a Cajun Feast at the Farfans. Like the kind were they dumb crab legs and seafood on the table it was AWESOME (yes i know more food:)) anyways I hope your week was better. I know ill get better but dang its hard and Burley has way too much high school drama sometimes!! haha here are some pictures so my week doesn't look so bad! anyways not really wanting to send this to anyone... ya..not a great uplifting letter... sorry!!! 

Love you all though and it can only go up from here!! :)



Sister Owsley
Christmas Morning Burley, Idaho

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