Friday, August 22, 2014

Burn Baby Burn! 8/18

So I feel like what I am writing is old news but to you all it wont be! haha It has been a LONG week. probably the longest on my mission! No joke! 
So the week started out pretty normal we had a great P-day it was one of the sisters birthdays so there was a lot of fun things going on. Tuesday we had district meeting and lunch and we had a great time! went around and ran a ton of errands and tried to get stuff settled for our baptism on Saturday. Wednesday we went and helped an widowed sister in our ward Sister Taylor and helped her deep clean her house she hasn't been able to since her husband passed a few months back and she was having a bunco party at her house the next day. We helped out there and had dinner with the Thompson's in the ward and then visited some of the families in the ward. Thursday! ENSUE ALL CRAZINESS! So we had weekly planning in the morning and what not and then we went back to Sister Taylor's because Sister Bly was going to teach her how to make gumbo for her bunco party so we went over and Natasha our investigator came with us so we were cooking and helping her out and sister Bly was making the Roux for the gumbo which is boiling flour and butter and so it was just about done so we put it in a bowl so it could cool. I had run upstairs to get something and her and sister Taylor were going to move it to the sink and put some cold water under it so it would cool faster so when I ran upstairs sister Bly grabbed the bowl and sister Taylor was clearing the sink and sister Bly felt the bowl start to drop and so she bent down and tried to catch it and it hit the ground and splattered all over her so the hot burning butter and flour got all over her face and arm and feet so she kind of started to say it was hurting then it started to burn her skin. I came running down stairs and I wet down a wash cloth and had sister Taylor start wiping it up then I told her to put her in the shower and I called 911 and they came. By that point her skin had started peeling off. So we got in the ambulance and they took her to the hospital. President and Sister Curtis showed up right away and President was ale to give her a blessing. So we were in the ER for 4 hours waiting to see if they had to life flight her to the Burn Center at U of U.  So they said they would right now and took her upstairs and got her in a room and they dressed and wrapped her up where she was burned. So we were there from 3 till 8 and then I went back and picked her up stuff at our apartment and some clothes for me and I stayed at the hospital with her that night because they wanted to make sure her air way didn't get burned and swell. the next day the Sister training Leaders came and sister Ramsey spent eh day with her she had a really hard time keeping food down so they kept her there another night so Sister Ramsey stayed with her and that day I went out with the other Sister Training Leader sister Wright and we were able to get stuff done for the baptism on Saturday. Saturday I was at the hospital till about noon and one of our members came and picked me up and helped us get ready for the baptism at 2 that day. Everything got crazy and the baptism before hand was crazy but it started and it was the most amazing baptism that i have ever been too! I was so sad that Sister Bly wasn't able to be there but everyone gave amazing talks and the Young Women int he ward sang "Come unto Christ" and it was beautiful and Natasha bore her testimony and it was so powerful. There wasn't a dry eye there! The Young women set up a beautiful reception thing after for her and so many people stepped in and helped out. I felt so blessed to be there! Natasha was so happy and she was glowing it was beautiful. (I will have to send pictures later) I went with the other sister in our district because they came to the baptism and I hung out with them. They discharged Sister Bly that night so we went back and hung out with her for a while at the Mission Home. Unfortunately the Dr. had written her pain meds wrong that night and so she was dealing with that until like 10:45 and we finally got them./ We crashed really hard that night! Sunday was good. The other sisters came and went to church with me so We could be there for Natasha's confirmation and then we went back. We went down tot he hospital because sister Bly has to go back everyday and get her wound redressed everyday there. So we did that then we hung out at the mission home all day (that's where we are staying for now) with the Curtis and there family that live in Twin. It was really nice and relaxing for sister Bly. So It has been a crazy week needless to say Sister Bly is doing good. She has a great attitude and keeps saying that things happen for a reason! She is such and example to me. It s amazing to see how well she is handling it and everyday gets better and better. She had 2nd degree burns on her face arms and feet. She has some 3rd degree burns and she is going to need a skin graft in a few places on her arm. But she is looking really good. She may still need to go to U of U but we wont know till later today! She really could use prayers right now so I all of you can pray for her that would be amazing! So nit has been crazy but The Lords had is in all things and he is watching out for each of us! Love you all and hope the 1st week of school will go well! Love you all! 



Sister Owsley

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