Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Here, there.... everywhere 7/28

Big week of changes here! Its crazy to think how fast mission time goes and how little time I have left. Its always weird the week of transfers because you start off the week one way with one companion and end the week completely different and with another companion! Sister Martineau got off good she is back in Shelly now and Sister Bly made it safely back here from Minnesota. So this week... Monday: we had P day and we had a zone activity with about 20 missionaries. We all went down to CSI (the college down here in Twin) and we played sand volleyball which was really fun but it started to rain on us so we had to head home. Also sister Martineau hurt her ankle pretty bad and she was hurting bad the rest of the day. We had dinner with the Middletons who are Natasha'a fellow shippers. we had a lesson with her and she is getting really excited for her baptism next month. Tuesday: We had to come to the mission office for sister Martineaus interview with president and so we were there for a while and we got to talk to some of the outgoing missionaries. Afterwards we went home and sister Martineau had to sit for a while we found out that day too that she had hurt her ankle pretty bad and so we had to be really careful. We did end up going out to visit some families and so sister Martineau could say bye. Wednesday: We had to down at the mission office at 9:30 so we were up earlier. It was really cool because a lot of people were getting transferred and so I was able to see a lot of people and its always fun to see the other missionaries. So We went to the store right after because sister Bly needed somethings and grocery's. I don't know if I told you but she was on her mission for 6 moths and then she tore her ACL and had to go home for 6 months and she just came back out so she came straight to the mission field from Minnesota. She is really awesome though and we have tons of fun. We went and washed a sister car in our ward for her where we totally got soaking wet. which was good because it was so hot outside! Then we had dinner with the Clarks in our ward who daughter is going on a mission to the Chec Republic. We then went and visited some of our auxiliaries for the rest of the night. Thursday: We had a lesson that morning with our investigator Kay. Who is a preacher. We actually had a really great lesson with her and her heart is softening she is really listening to what we have to say and has a lot of questions. After that we were biking home and we saw one of our widowed sisters working on her yard so we stopped and helped her. She then fed us lunch and we talked to her for a while. Her husband passed away just a few months ago so we visit her a lot lately. We then went home and had to finish weekly planning and Sister Bly had to unpack. Friday: We had district meeting in the morning and then we went to Dickies for lunch. The funniest part was that on the way to district meeting Sister Bly's tire was flat we thought that we could just pump it up after we got there and it would be fine. So after the meeting the elders pumped it up and so we started riding over to lunch and the tire just kept getting more and more flat haha and so whenever she went over a bump the chain would fall off too Haha. we got to lunch and we thought that we might be able to fix it but after we came out the tire was completely flat and so we went over to a car repair place and they filled the tire up enough that we could get home, but the tire was so flat the chin fell of 3 time so needless tho say it took a long time and an even longer time because we were laughing so hard. so we got home and the sisters in our district came over and talked to us for a while about somethings. It was nice getting together with them especially after the transfer. then more unpacking for Sister Bly Saturday: We came down and cleaned the church building with the other missionaries then we had to do some paperwork. We then went over to Natasha's and had another lesson with her and she keeps getting more and more excited about baptism. and its amazing to see her progress. We then went to Delsa's she is our 92 year old less active that we love visiting! She is an amazing person and she always has some funny life lesson when we go over this time its how they need to make houses that don't look like paper boxes?... haha they are always funny! Sunday: Sunday was great we Sister Bly did an awesome job with getting to know everyone and remembering people we have been having a lot of success with the members helping us out with our missionary work. Funny thing after church we came out and sister Blys front tire was completely flat ( on Friday it was the back one). We were laughing so hard. we took it to a members house that was close and they are fixing it for her. We then had lunch with a member, then we had dinner with the Christensen's and I had biscuits and gravy for the first time! It wasn't that bad I actually kind of liked it. we then helped her feed there animals and sister Bly was in heaven. Its been really fun this week and I just love this work more! Its sometimes hard and the days and long and sweaty but they are so worth it and I love serving people and I get to do it all day here and I wouldn't trade my mission for the world! love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley ________________________________________

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