Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mountain woMEN! 8/4

So this week has been a blast! We did so much and it has all been so much fun! I have seen so many miracles this week and it has been such a blessing of the Lord. The work is amazing here and Sister Bly and I (aha that rhymes!) came to the conclusion that Idaho is the best kept mission secret! Seriously though we get fed amazing dinner every night, we live in a huge apartment, we always get food payed for when we go out, the members here are amazing you cant walk anywhere without people stopping you and asking about where you are from and about your family its so amazing. And we are so blessed to do so many things here! I just love it! Monday: We emailed... sorry I missed you sounds like the family reunion was really fun though! We all go together in our Zone and Played volleyball then all the sisters came over to our apartment and we ate pizza and had a blast together! We had FHE with a amazing family in our ward and there 10 year old daughter planned it all out for us! it was so cute and it was so amazing to see how simply kids teach. It defiantly helped me learn some things! Tuesday: We came down to the mission office to talk to sister Curtis, but on our way here sister Bly's chain fell off ( this is the 4th time!) so we fixed it and made it here and after we talked with here Elder Burton took us over to the bike shop and fixed it up for her! yay for working bikes! Then Natasha (our investigator) texted us and asked us if we could come by and talk with er grandma and get the permission for her to be baptized. So we were kind of nervous because in the past when Natasha has asked to be baptized her grandma didn't really support her and isnt like the missionaries so we were really worried. We prayed and both just felt like we needed to be open and honest with her and not be afraid. So we got there and talked to her for a while. We brought up baptism and she told us that if it was something Natasha wanted she would let her! It was an amazing moment and we were able to see her heart soften just a little bit! We walked out of there so grateful for the miracles of the Lord ! It was amazing! We also went over to the Christensen's house who live right down the road from them and we were able to help them out with there animals and everything! (I just love it here) Wednesday: Best day Ever!!!! So we were able to go up to girls camp!!!! WOOOHOOOO we just got to go up for the day. It was awesome though. Natasha came with us, she wasn't allowed to go for the full week so we were able to bring her up with us for the day. It was beautiful up there the place was up by Alturas & Redfish Lake so it was gorgeous. It did pour most of the day and there was tones of thunder and lightning but none of us cared. We were able to go up with the other sisters that serve in our stake (it was stake camp!) and we had a blast! We got to play volleyball and do Archery with all the girls in our ward and then the Relief Society came up that night and had devotionals with all the girls Thursday: Less entertaining but we had to plan for the coming week and everything so it was a lot of inside stuff. We had dinner though with the Billings in the ward and they are hilarious and so nice! Sister Billings always texts us funny pictures and she is so funny so we had a lot of fun over there! Friday; We had Zone meeting on Friday so it was lots of meetings in the morning. Then we had a lesson with Natasha at Judy Taylor's house in the ward. it was so neat to see. Judy is a convert to the church so she as able to offer a lot of advice and answer a lot of unasked questions. Natasha just loved her and they were setting up a time to watch church movies together. It was so great for Natasha to have someone who could be like a grandma to her and support her in this because some of her family really doesn't. Saturday: It was busy in the morning we had to get ot the computers to get some stuff done for Natasha baptism, the ward activity and our weekly reports all had to be done in the morning. We then met Natasha at the stake baptism because she knew one of the families whose daughter was being baptized! So we went with her. We came out of the baptism and I got on my bike and the front tire was completely flat and it had a fish hook stuck in it! So we started walking home and tender mercies the zone leaders were driving by they stopped and pumped up my bike tire enough to get home and then they came by and fixed it. We then had to go get some invitations printed for Natashas baptisms. After that we helped sister Mclaw in our ward paint her kitchen and she fed us dinner then we went to a baptism that night for the other sister s and Natasha came with us again! yAH 2 BAPTISM IN 1 DAY! So it was a really packed day! Sunday: We had church and ward council so it was an early morning. I love fast Sundays though because of the spirit that it brings into church. All of the lessons were so inspired and exactly what I needed to hear! In Re life society they talked about finding joy and how we do that in our lives! Later that day we had a lesson with Kay and & Donna they are baptist preachers so it always is fun but Judy Taylor came with us and she was amazing she was so inspired and we felt the spirit so strong. I had read a really great article in the ensign this week and it was talking about "act on this land" in the talk it said 2 things that had really stood out to me. The first was that we have to "act on this land for years " meaning we have to act as though we will be here forever, it hit me that whatever happens and whatever will happen I have to act for now as though nothing will ever change. The Second one was talking about the children of Israel and wandering though the wilderness and how they never knew what was going to happen sometimes they would be in an amazing place but only get to stay there for a short time or they would be in a horrible place for a long time. It struck me that no matter what circumstance I am in I need to be grateful for what the Lord has blessed me with and be thankful in all things. Its amazing the Lord knows what we need and I am so blessed for my mission and the beautiful gospel that I am a part of! #itsnotgoobyeitsc-yalater Love, Sister Owsley

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  1. Hi Emily,
    I went to your FB to wish you a Happy Birthday but could see that you don't go on there so I popped over here so I could wish you the best. It sounds like you are doing fantastic and loving what you're doing. We're all good here - Maggie and Ian got married and have now moved back to Illinois to finish school. Finn is the cutest baby I've ever seen (seriously), and Maggie is a wonderful Mommy. Again, I hope your day is special. Happy Birthday. Love, Tia