Tuesday, November 4, 2014

CRAZYY Busy!! 11/3

Happy Halloween

This week has been CRAZY! We have been out all day and haven't come home till late. Its great but man was it great to get an extra hour of sleep this weekend.
> Monday: We had a crazy p-day and sister Bly got her hair done so that was fun got mine cut for free :0 woot woot! We had a lesson with Kamryn and her family. They opened up to us a lot and April her mom talked to us about the struggles the ahve had getting to the temple so we mad some goals with them and we are so excited for them, We just love them so much! We had dinner with the Allens that night and they took us to Johnny Carinos for dinner and they are hilarious brother Allen totally reminds me of dad and it was so much fun to have FHE with them. Later than night we got home and finally looked at our phone right before i got into bed... and we had like 20 messages from the zone leaders.. we forgot to turn in some of our numbers opps ;) haha so right as i am about to start listening to then 20 voice-mails they left we hear the door bell ring and so i of course pushed sister Bly in front and made her open the door.. and the zone leaders were standing there with very serious faces on and we just started laughing and. and they told us to come stand in front of them and they totally silly stringed us! haha we were all laughing so hard! haha so funny.. (elders are so weird!)
> Tuesday: We didn't have district meeting this week because of zone meeting. so we got some stuff done in the morning for our baptism that weekend. Then we went out and sister Mclaws took us to lunch and it was so much fun. After we went and helped her with some socks (ya they are cool and own a sock business!)  We then went over and helped the billings with there party and finishing some stuff up. We had dinner at the Lynches and we had a lesson with David that night to go over somethings for his baptism. He is seriously amazing we just loved teaching him so much!
> Wednesday: Sister Bly had physical therapy that morning then we had lunch and we met with one of our ward missionaries to go over plans for the baptism on Saturday. Helped the billings again! haha Had our last lesson with the Kamryn before her baptism this weekend. Had dinner with Judy Taylor it was really cool though we have been helping her put in her mission papers and we had a really good conversation with her about everything missions and all!
> Thursday: We went over early since it was the day of the party and helped them. We had to leave though and go and help sister carr and new family that moved in about 2 months ago. She has been really stressed and so we went over and helped her clean and empty a lot of boxes. I love this ward though because we called up the relief society and sister Quast came as well as sister Mclaws just came and helped us. We went over to the billings and I did her makeup for the party. Had dinner with the Thompson's and we had thai food (common theme much?)Then we had the party that night! So much fun!
> Friday: HALLOWEEN! We had Zone meeting in the morning then we had Davids interview. It was amazing and he was so excited and ready! We had dinner with the Days later that night. and then we had to be in by 6 so we got to have a district party. We watched the RM and played apples to apples and it was great! so much candy and it was so much fun!
> Saturday: We got to go over to Kamryns and do her hair for the baptism. the we went to her baptism and it was so cool and we love her so much! We ran around all crazy and trying to get ready for the baptism. But Davids baptism was later that night and it was so amazing! He was so excited and I really couldn't complain it was the first baptism where nothing went wrong! AHHH! but we had dinner after with the Albrechts and we were able to help Sister Albrecht with some things she was struggling with. She is amazing and does so much good even just for the missionaries so I was glad we got to sit and talk to her.
> Sunday: David was confirmed in church and President and sister Curits came to our sacrament meeting . He was just beaming and I was so happy for him! All the lessons were just really inspired and exactly what I needed to hear. We had dinner with the Ames and we were able to go and watch part of the CES Devotional.
> This week was crazy but it was so good. Love being busy and it was what I really needed this week. I love you all and hope that you all had a good week!
> #itsnotgoodbyeitsc-yalater
> love,
> Sister Owsley

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