Monday, November 24, 2014

No dayz like snow dayz

This week was a little crazy. Had an appointment in Idaho falls hence why this email is so late.
Really thins week was nothing too exciting we keep on working with the members and trying to get them all squared away... we don't know whats happening this next transfer ( which is next Wednesday) so we are just trying to make sure that the ward is ready for whatever happens. It was a pretty good week though. We got to go to the Family History center with David this week and let me just say that It was so neat to see him get excited about family history work. He went right home and told his non-member sister about ti and she spent that whole night finding family members. We are helping out this week and we plan on getting him addicted to indexing next Hehe! :) Lately we have been doing a lot of service for the members. It helps us a ton to get to know them and serve them. its a blast too..  on a mission service is seriously the best thing! 
Oh and other exciting news this week which Im sure everyone knows but it snowed here... and this San Diego sister drove in it and did NOT crash thank you very much! However my lovely Minnesotan companion might have been very worried that I was going to too. Haha Dang did it get cold quick here! it dropped pretty quick and snowed for about two days then we got an ice storm so it froze over YAY! but dont worry we broke out the hot chocolate and Christmas music! Another Highlight of this week and let be frank this year was the primary program . Its seriously like reality TV for missionaries. the sunbeams always shine and this year it might have been one in particular who started singing her part to a tune that sounded distinctively like frozen...hhhmmmm.. she got the favorite award! haha it was great thought and I love this ward so much. It sad I feel like we just survived transfers. We had interviews with president this week and he told us that Sister Bly and I will most likely not be together next transfer. WHICH IS NOT OK let me just say! I am going to be so sad! P.s. that means probably should send some letters to the mission office address just in case next week (421 Maurice street North) Anyways those are basically the hightlight pretty steady week we are just trying to find more people to teach which is a constant theme but we know its all in the Lords timing and He will lead us to the people who are ready if we are doing the best we can! I love you all and hope that you all have an amazing week! 



Sister Owsley

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