Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Beak!!

Wow this week was not what I thought it was going to be. AT ALL! It has been going good and we have more and more investigators every week. The wards are really helping us out and we have been getting so much help and support.

Monday we emailed but none of you were on :( sad day! We ate lunch with the sisters and played volleyball later that day. That night though we had an appointment with the Fosters and the Gallups in 1st ward came and we had a BBQ it was so good and it was so nice outside that day it was a balmy 70 degrees on Monday which is AMAZING!!
Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning then we all went out to lunch at Smokey mountain pizza (which is good by the way) We had an appointment with Lisa at 2 but she had to end up cancelling because of spring break. Honestly holidays are no fun on your mission because everyone in gone! But we were walking back home and Brother Oguard saw us and pulled over he told us he has a lady that he wanted us to meet. We walked over to her hair salon and he introduced us to her and we ended up talking to her for an hour and we went back later in the week and talked to her again and set up an appointment. We also had a lesson with Madison on Tuesday and with the Spencer's. The Spencer's are a part member family they're dad is a member but Bobby there mom and they 3 kids aren't so we went over for dinner and they had a lot of questions for us this time and it was awesome we told them we were going to come back and teach a lesson and they were pretty excited as were we.
Wednesday we met with a less active family and they were so nice. On our way home from there house though we met this really awesome lady Jerrie she was gardening and we stopped to talked to her ended up talking for 30min and she said she was interested and that we could come back! We also had a lesson with Steve which was interesting he read 1 Nephi 8 about Lehi's dream and he tried to interpret it and it was... interesting. He has so much knowledge and wants to know the will of the Lord which is awesome and he is so nice to us.
Thursday was supposed to be our day to plan for the coming week but it totally got interrupted when we got the most glorious phone call ever! WE GOT A CAR!!!! Woohoo just when the weather starts to get nice... Well there is a catch though we have to split the car with the Elders. We get it one week then they get it the next. But the fact of the matter is.. we have a car! and its brand new ( like right off the lot new) and it is way nicer that any other care here (I'm talking touch screen and hands free! ) haha.
Friday we had exchanges to Sister Tiongson went to Filer and Sister Dodds came here. We had a good time and that was also the night we went to Bishop Rheads house. We wentt over to Mandys and talked to her for a while about general conference. We also had a lesson with Brandon Harman who has a baptismal date and he is so excited and ready we love teaching him.
Saturday we went to Twin Falls and Picked up Sister Tiongson and we had a lot to catch up on here so we didn't do much. We did go to the Womens Brodacast and It was amazing and I cant wait to go back and re-read all those talks!
Sunday was crazy we had like 5 appontments after church which was awesome. The best lesson though was with the Watsons we talked with them and got to the bottom of both of there concerns and it really was amazing Sister Tiongson was so awesome and we both really felt the spirit working though us.
Over all this week was a whole lot more exciting then I think we thought it would be. I really love this work. Don't get me wrong it is so hard and many times I don't want to get out of bed in the morning sometimes but it is so worth it and I am so glad I am here right now when I know the Lord needs me!  Love you all and hope your week is Amazing!


Sister Tiongson and Sister Owsley at dinner with the Rheads

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