Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beach Bum in Idaho

Twin Falls Idaho Temple

So its heating up A LOT here! Im talking in the 100's daily and this cali girl loving it and missing the beach.. But the work is heating up too finally! We got our first investigator this last week! So stoked! Her name is Natasha an she is 15 years old and so excited she has taken lessons before and she is really wanting to be baptized! Woohoo we are going over there today top start teaching her! Can you tell how excited by all my exclamation points!! ah it was to great after the crazy week had. Monday we had p-day and it was fun. We had a unexpected change in plans and ended up going this week to the temple and it was really awesome we almost didn't make it but the Lord knew we needed to be there and we got there just in time (so embarrassing) It was really great and It helped me so much this week. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for and it seems that it is different than what i was planning but I know with His help I can do all things. Wednesday we we had a lot of catching up to do on planning and so we did a lot of that. Thursday we had Zone meeting and so we were able to talk about the changes that are coming and have come to missionary work once again. We now teach all 5 lessons before and after baptism! and we are getting Ipads. So we talked a lot about how we can better prepare people to go to the temple and help them progress to making those covenants. Friday was the 4th of was kind of a crazy day that morning we had a stake breakfast that we went to and it was really good.. fantastic Mormon standard pancakes! Afterward Sister Martineau had to meet with President Curtis and talk to him for a while so we spent some time over at the mission office. We had more planing to do so we went home and did that. A ton of our ward was out of town so it was hard to go and talk to people.  We did go over to a widow in the ward sister Martin and hung out with her she let us pick some carrots in her garden and then we ate a watermelon with her out on her back grass with spoons,this woman is 86 and is still up and moving she is so amazing! We came home later that night and when we got home it was weird. We came home and did planning and what not both Sister Martineau got a really weird feeling and we talked about how our apartment felt off so we decided to pray.. we then went out side and watched fireworks(which is funny here because you can just buy them everywhere so we could just sit in the front and watch them) the crazy part is when we came back inside we got the biggest prompting that we needed to get out so we ended up calling the sister training leaders and they picked us up and we stayed the night at there house so sort of an impromptu sleep over! We went back the next morning though and we got the hose blessed and it has been better the spirit of the Lord is way stronger!Sunday was awesome though because we went over to the Hamilton for dinner and they had there granddaughter in town with all her roommates from BYU-I so it was really cool to talk to them We also went and visited Sister Taylor in the ward and she is wanting to be a missionary so we were able to help her a lot. But the best part is that we went over to the Middleton and met with there friend and she wants to be baptized!!!!!! Ah we were to excited we have a lesson with her tonight and are so excited she is going to come to girls camp this year and is so excited I has taken a while but the Lord is and will continue to prepare people here Its so amazing!!! Hope all is going well this week!!

Check out the slide show of Sister Owsley's latest pictures including some awesome ones of her missionary tan lines!  

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  1. Emily, such cute pics! You're looking and doing good. Keep it up xoxo