Monday, June 30, 2014

Idaho Summers

So Idaho summers are coming and and so are the awesome sister Missionary tan lines!! YAY!! 
(Ill send pictures next week there are getting really bad!) So here is the overview of the week!
MONDAY! We all went down as a zone to go on a hike in the canyon. It was really cool and there were a ton of waterfalls and it was beautiful. The only unfortunate part was on the way back out sister Martineau got heat stroke and dehydration so all of us had to carry her out of the canyon and then we had to take her to the emergency room since her blood pressure had dropped significantly so the sister training leaders and us all took a trip over to St. Lukes. so we were there until about 7 then we has to pick up prescriptions for her so we didn't get home till around 9. It was a long day and super exhausting and we smelled pretty bad!
TUESDAY! We had an appointment for sister Martineau so we spent like 3 hours there and then she wasnt feeling well so she came home and slept.that night we got to go over to the Christensen's in the ward they has a massive barn and horses and all sorts of animals (#IDAHOLIFE) so we went over and helped them clean it all out for the summer and we actually had a lot of fun doing it too.
WEDNESDAY! We had to weekly plan because of zone conference and so we spent most the day doing that then we went and helped out a mutual. All the girls here are getting ready for camp so we have been helping them with there certification which I loved
THURSDAY! We had Zone meeting and it was really great I learned a ton. i think my favorite part of all these meetings is getting to hear other testimonies at the end and hear how much everyone is growing and changing and we aren't in it alone!
After Zone meeting which we didn't get out of there till like 5. Then we had to go and pick up more prescription at wal-mart so it was a super long day! We went top the relief Society activity that night and we did some crafts with the ladies there and learned how to make really yummy bread. The also did Zumba which I really wanted to stay for but we had to get going because the elders came over and fixed my bike since it has been broke for like ever! (Finally fixed though)
FRIDAY,SATURDAY,SUNDAY! We were able to get out and meet some more of our member and get to know them more. I love this ward thought he people here are amazing and are so kind and willing to help us out! It has been a struggle to find people to teach but we are working hard and have a lot of things we are starting to implement and we are super excited for! 
Love you guys lots and hope all is going well back home! 


Sister Owsley

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