Monday, June 9, 2014

What a Week- May 19th

Well.. This week has been anything but normal we were hoofing it this week. No Car! :( but we did have an amazing member donate us bikes which was way awesome so we don't have to go buy bike! I am now the proud owner of a green beach cruiser with I know Sarah is probably totally jealous of right now! (I will send Pictures next week!) We have gotten a lot of new investigators so we are really focusing on working with them and trying to help them progress and get to church and what not. but we have been using the members a lot here and a lot of them have been begging for things that they can do to help and we are running out of ideas so... if anyone have great ways that you love getting involved in missionary work PLEASE let us know! because we have some awesome members who are wanting to help.
We have been working with this family the Fosters who I adore (they have adopted me into there family haha) and their son Gabe who is 11 is getting baptized this weekend and I am so stoked on life for it! we have been working with he Fosters for 6 months now (since I got here) and I have grown to love them so much and I feel so blessed to watch them all grow in there faith and testimony although for some it has been slower that others they have all gotten to be even stronger than they were before and It is truly on through Christ that it is possible.
 This Sunday we had Gabe at church and we also had a newer investigator of ours at church her name is Mary West and she is amazing her and her un-adopted adopted daughter came with us to church and they had to leave early but it was a really good baby step to help them get there!
Its amazing how much people are alike. We are all different I know that we all have unique qualities about us but its amazing that we all struggle with the same things. that's one of the blessing al least for me on my mission. is seeing that we are all here and we all have trials but that we all also have that grace of Christ and that we all can strengthen each other!
I know its kind of a short letter this week, nothing super exciting happened but we did see people grow and change! It amazing what the Lord can do. Something that I thought about the other day was the fact that the Lord could call anyone of any age on missions. He could have called all the people with PHDs and who have all this vast knowledge but He call the 18,19,20 year old to come and I am coming to understand that he probably did that on purpose because he knew we would need it the most an that more than anything it was going to benefit us! I Love you all and am Glad you are all safe back at home! Love you Lots!



Sister Owsley

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