Wednesday, June 18, 2014


This week has been crazy busy,  started off the week in Mnt. Home and ended it in Twin Falls. I am loving it here! It was really hard to leave because I love the people there so much and I grew so much there as a person and a missionary. It was such a blessing to be able to be there. Its amazing looking back and understanding how much the Lord really knows where we need to be and who we need to be with. I feel so blessed for the opportunity to serve there and to know so many people who have blessed my life!
 So we got to our new area on Wednesday. I am serving with Sister Martineau and she just came form the other sisters area in Mnt. Home so we both had to leave there she has been out for 6 weeks so I get to follow up train her and she is from Shelly, ID. ahah so we are white washing the area and it has been so much fun. I love it! It helps me keep so focused because there is so much to do here! We cover the twin Falls 11th ward. Its funny because we both went from 2 of the largest areas in the mission to the smallest... 1 square mile! So basically everyone in the area has already been contacted at least once by missionaries so we have a challenge ahead of us and I am so excited to conquer it.
We live in a duplex here so its a little different than living with members. Honestly I like living in the members homes better but we are so blessed to have this place and it is huge! We live about 2 blocks from the temple and you can see it from our house! Its so cool!
I am really excited though because this ward just got a new bishopric and a new ward mission leader. So they are super on board to just start this work moving in the ward and the members here are awesome they help us out so much and are so kind. Some of the difficulties we are having though is that we have no investigators so we are working really hard to try to find some! And the ward is huge its about 70% active and there is about 2/3 members in our area! We are determined that there is work to do here or else Heavenly Father wouldn't have sent us here! We are so well taken care of here and it is such a blessing we have an amazing district as well we cover all the areas around the temple and the Canyon so it is beautiful  here!
Wednesday- It was a lot of u packing and getting settled in we had a lot of stuff to do around our apartment and so we walked around our area just trying to get to know it better (since we both were clueless)
Thursday: We weekly planned and tried to make sense of everything in our area book and get some names of people we could contact. We spent most the day doing that... then we had dinner with a sister in the ward who is super excited to do missionary work and she is so excited and helped us out so much.
Friday- we had district meeting and it was really cool we have 11 missionaries in our district and they are all awesome. After that we went and helped a recent convert move and it was really neat because her son who is 18 just got baptized last week so we were able to meet him and help them out! We had dinner with the new bishop that night! Bishop Perry is awesome and he really want to make this ward a preach my gospel ward, and we are really excited top do just that!
Saturday- we spent the morning contacting around noon we came across this Part member family Gary and Bobbie who we ended up helping them clean out an RV for a few hours. We were really excited because we have been trying to find investigators because we have none and everyone here has already met with missionaries so its a different dynamic than Mnt. Home. We had dinner that night with a family that just moved into the ward from Salmon just 1 week ago and they were so nice and they have a son on a mission right now in Arcadia, CA
Sunday was great we were able to go to church and meet so many more people and we were able to meet with our Bishop and really talk about what he wants us to accomplish and we were able to talk with our Ward Mission Leader.
I am so excited to be here, it is presenting a challenge and I am excited to make this area amazing and to really get the work going here I know it is possible and the Lord has really been preparing hearts here I am excited to be in the service of my heavenly Father. I know that this work is true because if it wasn't It would have made it a whole lot harder to leave mnt. home!
 Love you all and hope you week is amazing!



Sister Owsley

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