Monday, June 9, 2014

1 more week- June 2nd

That's right folks                                                                                     ! One week more till transfers!! AHHH haha this part always makes me super nervous! haha I don't ever want to leave but I also know that wherever the Lord wants me will be the best place for me.. I mean look I would have never picked Twin Falls Idaho and now I love it here! haha But This week has been a little scatter brained so sorry if the Letter reflects that!
Monday was P-day and we had to give the car back :( sad day but a really cool thing was that we were able to talk to this guy at the car wash (he helped us because we could not figure out how to work the Dang Machine!) but we ended up talking to him for an hour and he is in the military and he left for Dubai this week. He told us that his mom and sister are LDS and that he really enjoys everything we teach the spirit that we bring. It was a really cool experience being able to talk to him and hear his testimony of Christ.
Tuesday we had so cancelled appointments and but one of the tender mercies of our horribly broken phone was that one of our investigators Lisa texted us 5 minutes before we got there to cancel on us but because our phone is broken we didn't get it till 3 hours later! haha so we showed up and we were still able to have a really awesome lesson with her! We also went and helped on of our investigators Jeff out and help him with some of him plants.
Wednesday we had weekly planning because of our exchanges the following day. I also had my last appointment in Boise (and I think It has gone really well) We had dinner with one of our part-member families that night and there 2 kids who aren't members came to mutual with us and we got there daughter Maedena all signed up for girls camp and she is so excited! And I am so jealous I want to got to girls camp with all of them so badly! Thursday we had exchanges to the STL's (sister training Leaders) came down and we swapped for 2 days. I went to Filer with sister Harris and sister Bautista stayed here with sister Dodds. Sister Harris and I had a blast in Filer They didn't have a ton to do so we contacted a lot of different people and I was able to learn a lot form her and about perseverance and never giving up. we were going to head home, but instead we went back to this one lady who told us we could come back later and talk to her roommate. We went back right before we were going to go home and we were able to set an appointment with her and she told us she wanted to come to church too. If we hadn't gone there that night it could have ended compactly different than how it did! Its amazing the miracles that can happen when we listen and follow the spirit.
Friday we met back up with the sister and traded back. we went right into Zone meeting where we talked about working with members and how we can better fellowship our investigators I really got a lot out of it and we have been really excited about implementing a lot of our new ideas! Friday night we met with a new investigator Rick, he has just recently gotten out of jail and before he got out he asked us if we could help out his mother and so we have been going over there and helping her out since she is elderly and not as mobile but we went over there on Friday and we were able to talk to him and ask him what he learned ( he had been talking the LDS class that we have been providing in the Jail) he said he really like what they talked about and would like to come to church! Later that night we met with Jaqui who we were able to reset a baptismal date with and we found out he mother and son both want to take the lessons too! So we are really excited and she told us that her husband doesn't really like religion but she talked to him about it and her told her that we can come over and if she really wants to be baptized he would come and support her! So it was a huge blessing when we found that out!
Saturday we Went and visited a lot of people we went over to Mary wests house bust she and been busy with her grand kids that day so we reset an appointment. we went and talked to a referral we got for this lady named Goldie Ashford she had had all the lessons and has read the Book Of Mormon and she told us that we could come back! we also invited her to church We went to a baptism later that night for the Elders and we had a Book of Mormon study group with some of the youth in the stake who are preparing fro missions.
Sunday we Went to church and it went well Goldie was our only investigator that came but she left half way through sacrament meeting. She was crying the whole time and we had no clue what to do. Later that day she told us that a family friend had just passed away and she was struggling. We talked to her for a little while and them we were able to set a time to come by and talk with her. So somehow I got roped into singing this coming Sunday I keep telling people Owsley's don't sing and the wont believe me! So we had to got and practice yesterday and I told them I am not guaranteeing anything. We had dinner at the Ogaurds and then we had to finish some planning and stuff so we went home and finished then to our meeting.
It was kind of a crazy week and we have been doing really well with finding people to teach we are just really working on helping the progress and keep commitments. But Its all in the Lords time and we have been working really hard! I love it here though and am so grateful for the blessing that it is to be here! Hope all is going well back home Love you all lots!


Sister Owsley

Interesting things from this week
1. Brother Giles' brother in in our ward! Crazy it was really funny when we found that out!
2. President Owsley was just called to be in our mission presidency, we are still attempting to find out how we are related! haha they lived in Hagerman and apparently there is a bridge here named after us Owsley's (Were pretty famous and loved here) We were laughing though because everyone I meet here that knows Owsley's tells me I look like on! Pretty funny

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