Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The road to success has a few speed bumps...

This week has proven to be a real test for me. Coming into an area that you don't know anyone or where anything is has its challenges but it also bring a lot of opportunities! We are really struggling with finding people to teach we have put a lot of time into planning how and we are working now on executing those plans. We have less than 1 square mile and that makes for longs days... not going to lie. We walk everywhere and everyone we talk to has already been contacted by missionaries. 
Twin in WAY different than Mountain home and it has its challenges. But we are determined to keep working hard. I don't really know what else to include in this email. I know the Lord is preparing people here and We are diligently trying to find them. I know that there is a reason I am here and I am so happy for the Lord and the blessings He gives me on a daily basis. I love him and I am so grateful for the blessing my mission has been and I am loving it! I cant believe that this time next year I will be home it makes me sad because it is going by so fast! I love it here and love the work that it is! I love you guys and sorry there isn't much more to report on. We have been helping this member family lately and they are super excited to do missionary work they have a massive house that looks like it came out of a Disney movie (ill send pictures) that's about it though. Love you guys 


Sister Owsley

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