Monday, February 16, 2015

Finding at its Finest 2/2

This week has been pretty normal nothing to crazy which I guess is a good thing. We have been Trying to find people like crazy and it has produced some interesting prospects with some all time crazy stories to tell. 
So one of the people we contacted was a girl named Erica she was a former investigator that the sisters were teaching. She was really nice when we visited her the 1st time we went back a few days later to set up an appointment and she answered the door and totally didn't want to talk to us and said she was NOT interested and shut the door. RANDOM CRAZY WEIRD!!
The second one was even crazier she was also a former investigator and she invited us in when we knocked she had just finished having a beer and wasn't afraid to tell us all about it! ya she was going on and on for forever and we finally got her to talk about her kids so we started talking about how family is important and she out of left field starts talking about her arm pit hair and how she used to braid it........ yup WEIRD!!!! 
We contacted a few more most were either not interested or REALLY not interested. so alas we will concentrate on trying to find people in the 8th ward to teach and hopefully soon! 
As for the 9th ward things are going pretty well. we have 2 people (well 3 but ones not till march) with baptismal dates. One this week and one on the 21st. Its pretty exciting the work in that ward is really picking up and we have seen a lot of blessings because of it. Dakota is the one getting baptized this week. He is 10 years old and comes from a  less active family. But he has such a strong testimony and is so ready for the gospel and the blessings of it. The other baptismal date that we have is for Ali Chavez he is 16 and has been coming to church for a while but just now decided he wants to investigate and it has been amazing teaching  him. he has really taken everything to heart and seeking after the truth. We have a lot of amazing people in our wards who I love so much so its been fun to teach them and see people progress!
Also this week we went on exchanges with the STL's and it was good I got to go to Rupert for the 1st time with sister James and we had a good time. We met these people who were hysterical and they talked to us forever about football. But they are 2 converts to the church who just got married so we went over and read the Book of Mormon withe them which was really fun to hear there insights. :0 haha 
This week was good though and we have been having a lot of fun. Its been rough finding people but were keeping our heads up and doing all we can!
Love you all and hope ya have an awesome week!



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