Monday, February 16, 2015

California Winters

This week has been pretty good. Its been really warm here latley. which i am not complaining about! I mean when I can walk outside without tights on I am a happy camper! haha We have been doing well. transfers calls were Yesterday and sister Pohahau and I are both staying. Which I am super stoked about we are really looking forward tot his transfer thats for sure. Crazy last night we were getting ready for bed and sister pohaahu and I look at each other she was like "Dude you only have 2 more transfer calls" then I started freaking out ony 18 weeks left! what the heck thats going to fly by! Its been good here in Burley and I am excited to be staying. We are still trying to find people to teach and its been a stuggle but the cool thing here is that We are working with so many less active who are ACTUALLY progressing! We had dinner with Whitney last night who is one of the Less actives in the 8th ward. She randomly texted us and asked us if we wanted to have dinner.We were like OF COURSE WE DO!! haha she is awesome and we were able to have a really good conversation with her about the Plan of Salvation and she asked us a lot of questions. She is doing really well and met witht he bishop and committed to come to church this Sunday so needless to say we are stoked! haha Also taylor Little andother Less active but in the 9th ward came to church yesterday and oh my goodness is she growing so much. The gospel has truley blessed her life and she is letting it make her into an amazing person.I think thats one of my favortie thisngs is to see the gosple change people. To make them have more confidence in themselves and the things that they are capabale of. This coming week we have Ali's baptism  nd I promise that this one will actually happen! haha ya He is so prepared and he has already had his interview so we are good to go! We have been spending a lot of time with him at the Tegans house who are his fellowshippers and its amazes me when he tells us of everything he is doing. he is such a good missionary to his friends and he is always posting stuff about the church on social media. Another testimony to me that we should never be afraid t share the gosple and we dont need to know everything to share it! Over all things are going really well here. We are still trying to improve each and every day. I think thats a constant battle in our missions. Striving to be better and falling short... so we try again the next day!Its taught me so much and I know that My mission has blessed me to be a  better person than I was and I am forever grateful for that! 
Love you all and hop you have an AWESOME WEEK!



Sister Owsley

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