Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fire in your Belly! 2/23

Hey everyone! 
This week has been pretty good. Kind of a refiners fire of a week but its been all for the good! We did have a baptism this week, for Ali Chavez. We have been teaching him since January, he is 16 years old and he had been coming to church with a family in our ward and one day they came up and aske if we could teach him the lessons! Love That! So we satrted teaching him and He was just amazing he knew so much and was so great. I mean a 16 year old boy and he was telling all of his friends about what he was learning and even with his Family. It was so cool to see him so excited about the gosple. I think one of my favorite parts of a mission is when people see how much the gosple can bless there live and the get the fire in there belly so to speak and they share it with everyone around them. Seriously I think the only way to be happy, truley happy is to serve others by sharing the gosple with them. I just love it and let em tell you this week has been a test to see just how much that means to me! I love it here, Burley is hard, dont get me wrong but I am so glad to have people around me thta love me and care for me and want to help me be better. #Blessings. We are still trying to find people to teach and its still be a struggle but, I can feel it right around the corner we just have to push a littler hareder and a little farther and we will see Heavely Father open the windows of heaven! I love it hear dont get me wrong it hard but I know in the end I will be blessed. Love you all and hope you have a awesome week! 


Sister Owsley

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