Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Busted! 3/2

ha ha Sooo..... ya last Monday to say the least included a lovely trip to the Er!  Ya we were playing ultimate Frisbee at the Farfans in their backyard. I went running to grab the Frisbee and wasn't looking ahead and one of the elders jumped up to grab the Frisbee and nailed me right in the mouth with his elbow. I started laughing at first and everyone elder was laughing so I thought I was fine. Until one of the elders came up to me and was like " are you okay?" I laughed and was said yes. He looked at me funny and was like " your bleeding!" I proceeded to touch my face like a idiot. I was like no im not, he was like "no your mouth!'
then said "No your lip" which is when I put my hand to my lip and looked down and just saw blood coming out. It would not stop it was bad! haha So I start walking inside and grab a paper towel and go to the bathroom to look at it. Sister Pohahau came in and I freaked it. My lip was busted open and I was almost through the back side. So I go over to the Farfans to see if Jen is home but she wasn't so we got in the car and drove over to see if Dr. Dowdles was home and to no luck so we go to the Tolleys and They luckily were home. So Sister Tolley see what's going on and is like lets just take you to the Er. Apparently I was in pretty bad shock (I don't remember anything) So we get the and we get back. Well 1st off it took forever for the dr. to get there and they gave me nothing for pain!?!? what the heck hahah Im sure dad knows the reason behind why the didn't but all I can say was it was painful. So basically what the Dr. said was that it was border line needing stitches and he wanted to wait and if the swelling didn't go down then they would need to stitch it up. So Lucky for me (since stitches sounded painful when i found out they would give me a shot in my lip!) the swelling went down. It was pretty gnarly looking for the next few day. today its mot even bad. It pretty back to normal but it does have a slight scar. haha Mission battle wounds. When President called that night to see how I was doing he promised to give the elder a hard time when he saw him. so no worries president was on top of it! the poor elder felt so bad. Its become the running joke now and I don't think he will ever hear the end of it (especially since it was a girl he hit!) haha So that was probably the most exciting part of the week.After we got home though you will be happy to hear mom that the Farfans took great care of me. I love them seriously it the best living with them. Miguel went out and got us all blizzards from Dairy Queen, Since that was about all I could eat my lip was so fat. You'll be glad to know that there are people looking out for me here!
We have been trying to contact a lot of people but just haven't been finding success. We are doing pretty good with Less-active work here and helping with that. The ward members are finally warming up to us (after 3 months) but hey not complaining. Burley is he strangest place ever. we came to that conclusion. I don't know what it is...must be the air or the water or something but. there is always an odd story, or person, or event just around the corner. Hey keeps it interesting though! I do love it here and I would really hate to leave being incompletely honest! The people here are kind. I think that's just Idaho in general though. They have the sweetest people and the most genuine people who really want to just help.
Something else that was pretty exciting this week was the fact that we had a sate wide conference broadcast yesterday for church. It consisted of Elder Perry, Sister Marriott and Elder Nilson(of the 70) It was so inspired and just what i think a lot of people needed to hear. Elder Nilson talked about change and Conversion and how we like the Anti-Nephi-Lehis have to lay down our weapons of rebellion and become changed. Sister Marriott spoke on 3 Nephi chapter 11 and how we have to avoid contention (she is one of my favorite people by the way). But she talked about loving others and how we can be the one to change the situation! Then Elder Perry spoke and boy is he funny! He talked about trust and confidence int eh Lord and ourselves. he said that " We are responsible for our character. no one else can define that and we cant fake it" It was so good! Except that we missed out on the last 10 minutes of his talk DANG IT!! haha oh well we got most of it. 
Over all pretty exciting week. Its been good and time goes by faster and faster. I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Sister Owsley

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