Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looking Up 3/9

This week has been really good actually! We have been finding a lot of potential, nothings turned up yet but we are keeping out hopes up that it will. We had some pretty awesome experiences this week that Ill share but I guess as for the whole it was a good week.

Tuesday this week we had Zone conference here in Burley with both the Burley and Rupert Zone. It was  a great conference that covered a lot of topics that have been on my mind lately. One of the themes of the day was about the Atonement of Christ and how we can better use it in our lives and about how as we study the atonement we are better able to use it and it helps us in our desires to share the gospel. They also talked about "Hastening the Work" and using members and leaders to help us in the work. It was perfect because that is exactly what we have been needing in our wards and it was an answer to prayers and I think a lot of what lead us to success this week.
Another Highlight from this week was on Wednesday we planned on going to Highland Estates which is a retirement home. we have a few members in our wards there so we decided to stop by and visit them and introduce ourselves. It was so sweet and all of them asked us to come back and read the Book of Mormon with them. There was one man in Particular. Brother Loyd, we knocked on his door but no one answered so we went down the hall to see if this other lady was there and she wasnt so we turned around and walked back. He has poked his head out his door and asked if we were the ones who knocked on his door we told him we were and introduced ourselves her then proceeded to look at sister Pohahau's name tag and then asked her what nationality she was. She said Tongan, he got a big smile on his face and told us he and his wife had served a mission in Tonga in the 80's he asked us to come in and we were there for 45 min. Sister Pohahau was in heaven and she was so excited they shared stories and he knew where she live. But the kicker to all of it was when her talked about the first Germans to settle Tonga a few minutes later sister Pohahau asked if it was this certain family. He got a huge smile on his face and said he knew that family. well that is her great grandparents, he then told her that he was the one who baptized all of them! CRAZY!! haha so because of that man sister Pohahau and her family have the gospel. who would have guessed that would've happened hundreds of miles from home! haha It was such a neat experience and he asked us to come back. He is 98 years old and has the greatest memory ever, he was pretty sharp still too! But seriously can't wait to go back! That night we also had an amazing lesson with Joe and Jeanine Maybe. and Joe told us that he wants to be baptized. He still has somethings to work through but he has so much more of a desire now than the 1st time. We are going to re-teach him the lessons and start reading the Book of Mormon again with them. Seriously Wednesday was the best missionary day possible. We saw so many people and weer able to really follow the spirit and get the Lords work done. Just one of those "happy" days on a mission!Thursday we had a new member lesson with Ali and it was awesome! he is really progressing and working towards reviving the priesthood and going to the temple to do baptisms.
This week we also were able to come up with some ideas to help our wards with missionary work. We are going to start a 40-day fast in both out wards to help them with missionary work. Our bishops were both on board and we presented in ward counsel yesterday and we all felt like it was a good idea. So we are excited to see what come of it.
This are really looking up here though. Still have hard days but we have a direction to move in right now. Something I have learned on my mission is just to MOVE! some time there are hard days. where there is nothing to do, or your REALLY lazy or no one answers the door, and those days stink but even though you go home and think "what the heck have I even done today to help?" its ok because even though you weren't perfect it helps you to have that change of heart and helps you to be better the next day to change and do better. Without hose hard days we would never want to change, same with the good without the good days we would never want to have another good day! both are needed in order to become like our Savior. That's an important lesson that I will forever be grateful my mission has taught me.
Love you all and hopr you week was amazing!



Sister Owsley

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