Monday, February 16, 2015

" Free agency- and how to enforce it!" haha 1/26

So disclaimer! The title comes from gospel principal this week. We were talking about agency and how parents have to let there children make mistakes and our Bishop told us he wanted to make a book for a parents and that would be the title (Free agency and how to enforce it) so thought that yall might get a kick out of it! 
Anyways on to the week.....
Can I just say that I HATE getting sick. yup so last week just as predicted by my really short email I got sick. Monday wasn't too bad I felt actually really good. Like the calm before the storm! Tuesday We were heading out to district meeting and I started to feel really dizzy but we went and about half way through the meeting I looked up and sister Pohahau and motioned that we needed top go. Yup booked it out of there! yup the FLU!! so I layed on the couch like a bum in the foyer of the church till they were done with district meeting. Went to lunch and Taco Bandido which isnt even good when your feeling well. Just sat there and watched them all eat and not throw up . Had to go to song practice crashed in the Pew at at the church and slept while they all practiced. Then when home and slept from 3pm Tuesday till Noon Wednesday. Ya cant remember the last time I was that sick! Anyways the next few days consisted of sleeping and not really doing much. Which is the worst as a missionary! But we were able to get out on friday and do some work. We visited with some people. Everyone is doing really good Taylor got her patriarchal blessing this week. Greg is doing great and really excited that for baptism in March. We are going to keep teaching Ali Chavez and he is progressing so fast and we have had a lot of potential to find people in 8th ward so things are looking up. 
The highlight of this week by far was our Mission Conference on Saturday. Elder Ballard of the Twelve  and Elder Nash of the Seventy came and spoke to our mission. I was amazing to meet . Seriously the nicest and most sincere person. He is so funny! Our mission president introduces him at the beginning of the meeting, say " and now well leave the remainder of the time to Elder Ballard". Elder Ballard then turns to Elder Nash next to him and really loud says " I think that means your up!' the look on Elder Nash's face was priceless! haha so funny. At the end he turned and asked president Curtis how much time her had. Then he turned back and was like "I'm the Apostle I take as much time as I want! " haha He was so funny. But that was also the most amazing conference I have ever been in! There was so much that I needed to hear. I was amazing to literally sit at the feet of an apostle and hear him speak directly to you and the people you serve with! nad Say what you know everyone in the room needed to hear! I Know that everyone walked out of the meeting wanting to be better than they came and having a new determination to be better not only on our missions but after. He gave us so much good advice and so many tings we can do but man were the promised blessing so worth it! I can't even express how grateful I am for that experience! and It will really be something i will never forget! 
I love you all and I miss you all so much. This week was very evident that sometime you really just want your mom to come and take care of you. and a good movie to watch when you're sick! I grateful I have such an awesome companion who helped out so much! the Lord has really blessed me and I can see it more and more everyday! Love you all so much and hope you have and  amazing week!


Sister Owsley

Some of the Awesome Quotes from the conference:

"He is as close as we will allow Him to be" - Ballard

"This is not just a club we belong to, This is Jesus Christ's Church" - Elder Ballard

"The Real you is the Spiritual you" - Elder Ballard

"Feed the things of the spirit"  - Ballard

(speaking of missionaries to members) " Teach them how to get down on there knees and let heaven help" -Elder Ballard

(how the savior would serve here) " He would LOVE, TEACH and TESTIFY" -Elder Nash

"Have fun & SMILE" -Ballard

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