Thursday, December 12, 2013

First Letter Home

I cant tell you how much I loved all your letters! they were so amazing and really helped this week! I also love the other letter mom. So this week has been CRAZY. of course dad would be right on top of things when he got home. How was Sunday? How is the new priesthood holder? I want to know all about how his first Sunday passing the sacrament is? How did the show go (im sure it was GREAT)? My District consists of 6 of us who are going to Twin Falls On Wednesday my Companion never showed up along with another Elder in our District so we kept asking when she was coming but they finally said she wasn’t coming any more. Sad  Right? I have been praying for her for whatever happened. Wednesday was crazy and let me tell you having a companion is hard but having two is really difficult. My companions are sister Bors who hails from Kansas and Sister Rabb whose from Michigan. We have 3 other Elders in our District who are also all companions Elder Westfall who is from Florida (we get into heated debates on which state is better) Elder Prosh who is the funniest person and comes from the heart of Dads Mission and Elder Hefner who is from Arizona and he has the most spirit I have ever seen. I really love all. I FOUND THE SISTER FROM POWAY! her name is Sisterr Pili. she isn’t in our zone or district but she is in the zone next to us there are about 8 of them going to twin falls too. She is awesome we instantly clicked and we are best friends. Since being here I will say I have had a hard time I enjoy it but my companionship has been anything but great. It also probably doesn’t help that my anxiety and some really bad OCD tendencies are heightened here .  Me and the two to other sisters didn’t click they are very different from me. Yesterday kinda came to a boiling point and there was no other way but to talk it out. It went so much better than I expected. After we talked we decided to read a random scripture and its the one that talks about building your foundation on Christ. We all decided that’s what we needed to do. we needed a Christ centered Companionship that was based on Christ. Im so grateful for the gospel and the understanding that it brings. Another experience I had was on Saturday all of us were teaching an investigation and both us and the Elders totally messed us I mean It was BAD we fought the whole time with him over the Book of Mormon. Right after that we went to Zone teaching and It was about Teaching with unity, both your Companions and the spirit. It truly was what we needed to hear, and out lesson that night we talked about how create effective lesson plans that both teach and invite the spirit. Each day here bring a miracle. Yesterday was a turning point for me and I really want to give this my all! I am so excited to be a missionary. My Favorite this is putting my tag on every day and I am so thankful for the blessings of being a missionary. I have learned so much, more than I ever thought I would! I love you guys so much and miss you, But this is where I need to be now! The Lord called me and trusted me and I want to do everything I can to be worthy of that trust This Gospel is true and It blesses the lives daily if you trust in the Lord!
I Love you too the moon and back
Love, Sister Owsley


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